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  1. But that doesn't mean that they're the top 10 because they're using more expensive mice. Case in point is the guy who's ranked 6/7 that you mentioned; which proves that you can be in the top 10 with a generic mouse 😉 Absolutely. I'd prefer wireless for anything else, but wired is more reliable for gaming in my view. That's all fantastic on paper, but you mentioned jittering, which could be due to signal/battery issue. Try adjusting DPI for a smoother movement/more accuracy. Click the "+/-" buttons on your mouse once at a time and test it. Good luck
  2. I was gonna mention that option as well; not to say that there's no need to anonymize nicknames, but the contrary. "No spawn previews" was meant for the same reason, but it's not enough, because even when it's used, you still can recognize who's who (Tab to check color/nickname). The new feature would be a better alternative to "no spawn previews". Anyone can change their nickname anytime, including trolls, obviously. That's another issue that needs to be tackled. There's no need to change your nickname, unless if you're gonna troll others or to avoid being targeted (which can be done by the suggested option). We don't want players to change their nicknames, we wanna know who we're playing against, only before the game starts, to give an equal chance to all; for fairness. This is happening to many people, including myself and friends of mine, which are not all pros. We're not getting ourselves into games, we're hosting them. Those "repeat offenders" are the ones that are getting themselves into our games, just for harassment. It happened to me many times, and I've seen it happen to others. They join with different nicknames and target a specific player and then they quit, which ruins the game, because they're not playing to win, they don't care about the game, their only goal is to troll; to make someone specific lose, which is not fair. That would be OK in normal situations, but not when you're being targeted by people who play 1v1 in FFA, as I just mentioned. 1v1 and FFA are two different games. They play 1v1 in FFA for "revenge/payback" or for the "fun" of agitating others. Yes, such people exist, unfortunately. They ruin games, and that's exactly what they want. Yes, but not always. These are dirty games and dirty games are not welcome. If they're playing to win and that would help them win, fine, but they're not, which ruins everything. What would you say about "rivals" in any sport that would participate in games just to attack and handicap specific participants? fair game? Same thing here. Yeah, but we're not talking about the most famous players only. You would know how good a player is when you play against them, and they're not all widely known. You beat those sore losers once or twice and they start targeting you for beating them. That's what we're talking about. It's not a problem for known players only. It could happen to anyone.
  3. Hi, mate 🙂 I agree with you. Right, and that's why I didn't say bad but average Wireless/more expensive/non-Chinese are not necessarily better; these are all misconceptions (BTW, I think wired is better for gaming). We all know that the Chinese are selling exact copies of American products for cheaper prices. Chinese will always be cheaper than the brands, even if they're just as good. I know you're not gonna like this answer, but there is no specific mouse that pros use. I assume that each one of the top players uses a different make or model, yet they're all good. You're welcome Np. I like detailed answers
  4. A good player will be good with an average mouse, and a noob player will still be noob even with the best mouse in the world. It's not the mouse that matters.
  5. Great suggestion! Everyone is supposed to focus on the strongest, most threatening; not player/team X, Y, or Z, so no need to show the nicknames. You attack them for what they do, not for who they are! Anonymizing nicknames in all games is important, to make it fair.
  6. Yeah. Cheating is still possible on CnCNet. The anti-cheat mechanism does prevent the most common ways of cheating, but cheaters are finding new ways. I played with two on separate occasions; Both used different modded units.
  7. No hurry 😁 Better late than never. This takes less time than other things already done. BTW, the codes don't have to be related to unit names; just random/serial codes. Here's my first attempt 😅:
  8. Thanks 🙂 Exactly. Barely take any space. I mean, a cameo is like 4 KB! 😃 Who cares if they add all the cameos in the world!
  9. It's possible if someone from CnCNet dedicates a thread to that, in which they would take new cameo packs from any map maker who would like to add new cameos to their new map (or anyone who has good new cameos) and add them to the client in future updates, exactly as they do with new maps. Map makers can't add new cameos simply by modifying ArtMD.ini (because other players don't have the new cameos, so they won't show up), but CnCNet can do it for them by updating the client to include newly-added unofficial cameos. That would solve this issue for interested players, and yet make no difference for non-interested ones. There are many good fan-made cameos available already. They could add them, so that we would have a wide variety to choose from. It's not complicated as it may seem. Just some new cameos with new codes. Even if there would be some duplicates with different codes, so what? that's nothing to care about. Then it would be so easy to use new cameos; simply copy the code of the cameo you wanna use and give it to your unit in your map.
  10. I have no experience with neither ARES nor FA2, but you can try this with FA2: When a specified unit is killed (Event: 7 Destroyed by any house), trigger the following: Action #1: 125 Create Building At... (house) Action #2: 60 Sell building Make it recurring. Supposedly, you (the house) would profit from automatically selling that building every time the assigned unit is killed. Create a new trigger for every house (player), so whoever kills the specified unit gets "the bounty". I'm almost certain you can make the building invisible too, so that it doesn't look weird or cause any issues (error, lag or whatever). You may need to use a special building (whichever/small hut) with another trigger and make it belong to you (attached to you/buildable by you only), to ensure that the money goes to you when it's sold (in case that simply placing the building on your spot doesn't make it yours).
  11. It's intended to be that way We want players to rely on less-effective anti-air, to keep the balance between offense and defense, and to maintain the risk factor (of losing your defense at any moment) It's already hard for them to reach each other's bases. Adding more anti-air units (like the Soviet Flak Track or Yuri's Gattling Tank) would make it too hard and not fun Neither the V3s nor the aircraft would be effective against them. Offense would be much more costly, while defense would be much cheaper (you wouldn't even use any of the static, power-reliant anti-air), the result would be a boring long game BTW, Power generated from Teslas is significantly reduced, to require players to build more to power up their anti-air (which increases the importance of every single Tesla). Players who rely only on Tesla, are more likely to face power outages, especially in a case of a nuke strike, and for those who use nuclear reactors, the risk would always be there, even without a nuke strike. Needless to say, with every nuke reactor you make to ensure that your defenses continue to work and production goes smoothly, you're putting another nuclear bomb in your base. Risky situation in both cases. BTW, AirWars 2 is in the making. It's supposed to include several types of rocket launchers & 10 types of aircraft + New types of Anti-air. Thanks again. I appreciate it
  12. That's not exactly what I said. There's even a map category called "Airwar" (which I didn't know about before making & naming this map). Of course there are other maps that focus MORE on the aerial side, but still allow you to use tanks, troops, and perhaps naval units. What's different about this one, is that it's totally dedicated to aerial stuff. Everything else excluded. Thanks 🙂
  13. Haha. You deserve the praise 😀 At least for your patience Even if this one doesn't make it, I'm hopeful that AirWars 2 will 😀
  14. Hello, everybody. I'd like to share this new map with you. It's called: AirWars. A small map, made by the father of small maps; @YosefAnan. BTW, he's the nicest, most tolerant, helpful and cooperative guy you could ever meet/work with. I described the concept to him and he made it quickly and efficiently, but I kept delaying the release of it for weeks for further testing. It's the first and only map (that I know of) to focus solely on aerial warfare. Images and map design are Yosef's work. I just changed some game settings. Available units are: Black Eagle, Harrier, Chopper, V3, Boris + all 3 types of anti-air. No tanks, troops, towers... etc. Side doesn't matter. All players get a Soviet MCV with exactly the same units; No specialty. As noted in the preview: - Tesla Reactors generate money. - Nuclear Reactor doesn't generate money, but it provides Force Shield. - V3 can hit anywhere on the map. - Choppers serve as anti-air when deployed. - Black Eagle is stronger, more powerful, fires 1 missile per mission. - Harrier is weaker, less powerful, but has unlimited ammunition (meaning it could fire multiple missiles without having to return for reload). Make sure you extract it to the custom maps folder (\Maps\Custom\). Hope you like it __________________________________________ Edit: Seems like patching is inevitable. AirWars 1.1 is here. What's new: - No engineer (Machine Shop is pre-acquired). - Boris is twice as strong. - Less money from Tesla. - Deployed choppers can no longer kill Boris or destroy V3 launchers. - Harrier is now stronger, more powerful (still not as strong and powerful as the Black Eagle). - "Base-walking" or expanding into nearby spot is impossible. - Fixed a bug which prevented players from watching the game after losing. AirWars.zip AirWars.zip
  15. That is possible already. If any of the players is streaming the game, an unlimited number of spectators would be able to watch it (without added lag)
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