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High Resolution Scaling?


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I'm curious if there is any way to scale up the game similarly to HD patch for HOMM3? Playing in 3840x2160 on 27" monitor is quite unpleasant - everything is too small. I can drop resolution to 2k, but then it becomes blurry.  In Heroes 3 there was an option to upscale the game while still using 4k resolution. 


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Yeah you can do that. I assume you're trying to play on CnCNet, right?


  1. Go to your game folder, open the "INI" folder and then open "cnc-ddraw.ini" in notepad.
  2. Set "width=3840" and "height=2160" and save the file.
  3. Start the CnCNet client.
  4. Click "Options"
  5. Select "Display" and under the render options, select "cnc-ddraw (d3d9)"
  6. Set your in-game resolution to "1920x1080"
  7. Click Save.
  8. Play a skirmish game via the CnCNet client and test if it worked (Note: the gameplay will be fullscreen, but the options menu is not, that's normal...)



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same problem for me


I am on a 1920x1080 resulution on my monitor.


But the buildingmenu is to small on the right side, I wont to try 1280x 720 or something like that. 


But I want to play 720 in FULLSCREEN


What I have to do?


I get with 720 only a window on my desktop. 

2021-02-11 16_56_15-Window.png

2021-02-11 16_56_45-YR Client.png

2021-02-11 16_57_00-cnc-ddraw - Editor.png

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