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fir3w0rx's RA1 Video Replays!


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I used to play a lot of RA1 in single-player mode and currently I play a lot of RA2 online. I've just recently discovered that RA1 is slowly re-building their community so I joined and started playing a few matches just for old-time sakes! Here are a few matches that I've recorded...


Here's my very first online match... (sorry about the resolution, I forgot to adjust my recorder)

RA1 - fir3w0rx(me) vs 1up


Here's my 2nd...

RA1 - fir3w0rx(me) vs Vassallo1


Here's one where I actually won!..

RA1 - fir3w0rx(me) vs cornuto


Sorry, I just realized that there's a "Red Alert Series Discussion". Can someone move this post please, thanks :).

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