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  1. There's really nothing else you can do to see the difference, none that I can think of anyway. My best guess is that Westwood/EA staff were probably going to do something different with each one but forgot all about it, or were told to move onto their next project. I didn't think you would actually do it .
  2. [YR Map] Aurora (2-8)

    Use this map renderer.
  3. I doubt it, but who knows. Why not try it? Leave your game running for a while (on max speed) then check it from time to time to see if any of the mines have been permanently depleted .
  4. Added Prima's C&C Red Alert Advanced Strategies (1997) and Tiberian Sun (Prima's Strategegy Guide)(1999)
  5. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    Yeah I didn't really give my original list enough thought. I just wanted another big map, besides Heck, that a lot of people liked to play. @dkeeton Any update on this scenario/map-list thing? Is this still happening?
  6. Survival Maps by Dctanxman For Yuri's Revenge

    But I downloaded 'Get To The Chopper' from your Dropbox link (in the first post) after you posted this... Is there another link to your survival maps?
  7. Survival Maps by Dctanxman For Yuri's Revenge

    I was solo playing your newest version of your 'Get To The Chopper' (III) and it still seems very buggy. Speaking of which, I was abusing these bugs yet I still could only barely get through their front door I might just try a run 'n' gun approach when my time is running out, but I have to figure out the least dangerous path first. Here's me abusing the glitches and still failing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6iWfE_WHvA
  8. I'd like to fill the first page with as many links as possible to websites with RA2/YR maps, whether they be skirmish, campaign, survival... whatever. So feel free to post some links so that I can add them, thanks .
  9. Survival Maps by Dctanxman For Yuri's Revenge

    This is what happens... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdpLdVVEw-s
  10. Survival Maps by Dctanxman For Yuri's Revenge

    Really? Which settings do you use; how many starting units? Credits? Country? Spawn location?...
  11. Survival Maps by Dctanxman For Yuri's Revenge

    These maps need instructions for dumb-asses like me. Like the mini-campaign 'Get To The Chopper III' for example; it took me a while to figure out that spawn location 5 is for the bad guy/boss, not me , and that it needs a minimum of 4 players to challenge him, otherwise the game will crash. Kinda sucks because I want to beat him by myself .
  12. Yep, I see. I have to insert 'Prerequisite=GAWEAP' beneath all the units that I want available when you only have the Allied Warfactory and no other structure; seems straight forward enough. Cool. Although, if I were to make a complete mod using my multi-transforming-MCV unit, I wouldn't want higher tier units available straight off the bat though. The players would have to somehow earn them, whether it be by making a Battle Lab, or by some other means. Otherwise some of the lower tier units will never see the light of day.
  13. I did exactly that (as well as add the 'Reveal all map' trigger and sped the game up), but I could not tell the difference between the three. I also completely mined all three drills then observed them again, but I still could not see any difference between their mining rate.
  14. I know, it was just a quick mod. I'm aware that if you deploy it as a battle lab, for example, you'll have that tech available, but then if you later want to change it back into a barracks or warfactory, you'll have to lose the battle lab . Plus many other issues, but I think it would be fun! I'll try your code when I get home later. What does it do?