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  1. WTF MAP

    Ok, thanx. The "V3 Rocket" Launcher (and I emphasize the quotation marks, for those who haven't tried this map yet) is the best so far (I'm literally laughing as I type this).
  2. WTF MAP

    This map's frickin hilarious
  3. Tiberian Dawn playthrough with fun facts :P

    Click here to watch Episode #02
  4. (work in progress)... EPISODE #01 EPISODE #02
  5. gaming foot pedal

    I did, but I only took a glance Oh ok (just read it), there are advantages. For RA1 for example, you can macro the entire q combination thing (W, E, R, SHIFT+1, CTRL+1, Q) into just one pedal, or remap hard to reach keys like the move key (M) in the original Starcraft 1 (which are not normally remappable), and probably many other uses. So that said, I retract my verdict... CHEAT! (Yes I know, it's new years eve and I'm at home typing this on my pc. After the recent uber-frightening robbery, we've decided to stay home as much as possible until our house is covered with roller shutters, cameras and screaming alarms! It's also good for when the zombies come .)
  6. gaming foot pedal

    Motorsports, particularly car racing games for when you're driving in stick shift mode. But obviously not a cheat in this genre because it's part of the game .
  7. gaming foot pedal

    Unless you don't have any arms, I can't see the point of using pedals for rts games; no advantage whatsoever, and therefore not cheating.
  8. I spoke to the insurance assessor earlier today and it looks like all our stolen items will either be replaced with brand new ones or the newer version if they're unable to find an identical one! Thank you burglar(s), thank you for my new stuff and new car, MERRY XMAS!
  9. One of the scariest times in my life... A few days ago (Friday, morning to be exact), my house was broken into and robbed. Here's the super scary part: what they took was RIGHT NEXT TO MY WIFE AND ME WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING!!! FFFFUUUUAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! My wife and I are both fine, thank god/allah/budah, but all sorts of scenarios are still playing out in my head (even as I type this) of what could have happened had I been awake and tried to defend ourselves. He/they (I don't know how many) took our wallets, phones (iphone 7+, iphoneX and Samsung S8), sets of keys to entire house and two cars (stole one of them... my fucking Holden Commodore SS VE V8... AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!), then made several hundreds of dollars worth of purchases. All that was done in the morning between the hours of 6:30 am and 10am! The burglar(s) managed to quietly break into 3 locked doors, including our bedroom (again with my wife and I sleeping in it, and tv was turned on quite loud, as usual, which is probably why we never heard anything). I've never once been robbed in my life, and the first time happens like this... jeeezus. The police found my car yesterday, but as expected, with several damages. Why couldn't they just take it for a joy ride but leave it intact so that they can steal it again at a later date... stupid asshole(s)). Forensics found no fingerprints though . We've reset all our bank cards and the bank said that all our stolen funds will all be reimbursed, we've disabled the IMEI numbers on the stolen phones, and all the stuff that was taken from inside the house will also be replaced by insurance and I've purchased a new vehicle. So we're slowly recovering, both the stolen goods and emotionally. It's all partly my fault as I live in a fairly wealthy area where most houses are double-storey, including mine, and have a fairly large block of land with a swimming pool (those thieving pricks probably went for a dip first before taking off with my car ) which should have been a good indication for me to upgrade the security (which was practically none). We've lived in this house for over 6 years now with no problems. I guess we've just been lucky. In conclusion, Christmas is coming and burglars want free presents and free money to go and buy presents, so make sure to stay safe and alert guys... RED ALERT! We're now going to go into maximum security : double locks, alarm, cameras (connected to our phones) and roller door shutters on all windows. I'm also thinking of getting a dog again, but I never really wanted to after my last one passed away. Or I could move back to America where guns are a lot easier to get, then I can just shoot them (oh wait, my green card is expired ). But what if they shoot us first.... :o Nah, I think I'll stay in Australia and just go into hyper defensive mode like some C&C players like to do .
  10. I don't think any of the vids there will have copyright claims. Besides, if they did, YouTube will just stop monetization for those particular videos. That's too bad, those 1.5 million views, that the channel currently has, could have been a lot of free money .
  11. Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA)

    First of all, thanks again for another big update with all the new missions, units and fixes; my weekend is all set . But just a couple of things... Weird 'Restart' button error and bug: 1.Main Menu -> Load Game -> (choose saved game) -> Abort Mission -> Restart -> internal error. BUT Main Menu -> New Mission -> (choose mission) -> Load Game (of same mission) -> Abort Mission -> Restart -> no problem. 2. Main Menu -> New Mission -> (choose mission) -> (load a DIFFERENT mission) -> Abort Mission -> Restart -> loads up the PREVIOUS mission . Could 2 be related to 1 perhaps? I'm not sure if the previous versions had this problem. Requests: I know that I probably should have asked for this before the release of the latest update, but I only remembered now : Any chance you guys can make the 'invisible', for a lack of a better term, waypoints (currently defaulted to Q) changeable? I'd like to be able to change it to Z, like in RA2/YR, or SHIFT like in Starcraft 2. I don't really use the 'fixed' waypoints (currently defaulted to Z) except in Tiberian Sun when making flying units patrol areas. Also, same with the attack-move hotkey (currently defaulted to Ctrl + Alt), can we have this changeable as well please in the next update if possible? I'd like to be able to change this to just ONE key instead of two, like A or something.
  12. You can also donate to CnCNet through their YouTube channel by clicking or watching the entire advertisement (depending on the type of ad) every time you watch one of their videos. Videos with no ads and ads that are skipped don't pay a cent. I'm not too sure about overlay ads though. But that said, I'd advise against going through their video list and just clicking or watching the adverts without actually watching the video, as YouTube might get suspiscious. In short, just watch what you would normally watch, but click/watch the ads from now on!
  13. Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA)

    You can release the latest version now because it's December 1st somewhere in the world right now
  14. Where can we get/install Ares from?
  15. What's the point of playing if you know you're going to win.