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  1. Link our CnCNet accounts to our phones
  2. I don't get why the video renderer affects your sound? Is your audio coming out of your graphics card? Anyhow, if dkeeton's suggestions doesn't work, try these: In RA2'S opening menu, type 'hires'. You should then hear a beep. Now go to options and you should have more screen sizes to choose from. See if any of the new ones fix your problem. In Win10's Settings -> Display, make sure that 'text, apps and other items' is set to 100%. In ra2.exe's properties (or whatever file you use to load up the game), click 'Change high DPI settings' and play around with the settings there (don't forget your original settings incase you have to change it back!). In CnCNet, try Windowed Mode -> Borderless Windowed Mode You mentioned that using ts-ddraw, then changing to cnc-ddraw, then going back to ts-ddraw worked but disabled your sounds (which is frickin weird ); while in-game, alt-tab out to Windows then have a look at the Playback devices and try a different device (again; don't forget which device you're using before changing it!)
  3. Does this mod have single player campaign? Or do you know other people, besides it's creator, have made their own single player missions for it?
  4. I got inspired, so I made one of Tanya, using play-doh...
  5. If you're talking about a bot that builds bases and an army, no. There has never been one created for the original TD. But in saying that, after playing around with single player mode for a while, there's really no better way to learn than jumping into multiplayer online games, losing (a lot) and learning from each loss.
  6. Oh oops, sorry , should be available now (I had it set to 'private').
  7. Here is failed attempt #9 (and still counting)... And here are the previous 8, also FAILED, attempts... Failed attempt #1 Failed attempt #2 Failed attempt #3 Failed attempt #4 Failed attempt #5 Failed attempt #6 Failed attempt #7 Failed attempt #8 Maybe another hundred or so and we'll get there.
  8. Did you intentionally make the final version 9-11, or was it just pure coincidence that this map is about a tower that's under attack?
  9. You can fit tanks in the Nighthawk? It won't be able to carry all that weight; it won't be able to take off!
  10. But the last time Egypt was flooded was 11,000 years ago! The MCVs will have to chronoshift back in time to play on this map.
  11. I just re-played the Yuri campaign (Soviet missions) and just now realized that that tower is from the moon mission. I thought you created it yourself when I first read this topic .
  12. Yuri's got nothing on this^ guy 🤣
  13. ZhanWings: "All your clans are belong to us!"
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