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  1. Is this one of those 1000 apm maps? I still can't do that frikkin gold challenge one
  2. I did CS a while back and if I remember correctly, reverse engineering was never taught (maybe it's changed now though, I'm not sure, but I doubt it). But hey, maybe some of them do/study it in their spare time so... why not! But I think you should ask the CnCNet team for permission first.
  3. Hifi should do it just to piss Olaf off (jst kidding, Olaf's alright). What about the rest of the CnCNet team? I'm sure Nyerguds, FunkyFr3sh or Rampastring could look into the YR code (matrix-style ) and reverse the hell out of it if they wanted to, and make bots that match players and randomize maps and so on, or some other solution. I'm aware I'm making it sound a lot easier than it is, but if they wanted to do it, from what we've seen around here, they more than likely can. I'll even match the above offer and add another $400usd to it ffs ... seriously. So any takers? $800usd can make your wife/girlfriend/(boyfriend?) very happy; an expensive date, or new shoes, or jewelry, or another Louis fucking Vuitton wallet...
  4. is a site for people who like the green stuff (I'm not talking about tiberium). They smoke together in front of their web cams and talk about whatever I was just logged on there and they seemed pretty cool. Just don't view their web cam unless yours is also turned on, they don't seem to like it, bad ethics apparently .
  5. All NAVAL units on LAND maps (except for amphibious ones), and all LAND-based units on water maps. And also DEAD units, you can't really do much with them. Campaign - units you have to rescue such as Dr. Mobious, Einstein, Tratos... Multiplayer - The Medic maybe? At least the Technician has a gun, and is free!
  6. Grant won't do it because he doesn't want to be the one responsible for killing
  7. Do you have both integrated graphics and dedicated graphics? Also, you'll need both RA2 AND YR installed for the CnCNet Launcher to work.
  8. You can no longer install from original RA2/YR disks, but this guide will help you get around this:
  9. Very nice! Another solution to add to my library . Well, I'd like to think we all contributed to lead to that solution But regardless... ENJOY!!
  10. So... does YR actually work now?
  11. I do but I've never had to, and frankly I'm afraid to try it On my Radeon (Crimson) settings, which is the same as yours, or similar: Preferences -> Radeon Additional Settings -> My Digital Flat Panels -> Custom Resolutions. Try it at your own risk, then let us know if it worked! What about the game itself (YR)?
  12. Sorry buddy, either constantly bug Rampastring^ everyday to modify the YR menu, or use another monitor/screen that is capable of the 800 x 600 screen resolution.
  13. YR is indeed playable at that resolution, and much higher too, but only while actually in-game (with all the tanks, planes and so on), but not at the MENU. RA2 has no problems, which is why you've been able to play it. I've been able to play them at 2560x1440, but not any higher for some reason (I've been trying to play at 4K resolution, but both games keep crashing when I try to go higher than 1440p ), but that's another story. The problem isn't that RA2/YR can't be played on a full HD monitor at higher screen resolutions, the problem is the MENU for YR, which is unfortunately FIXED at 800 x 600 resolution. Take a look at my display settings: This is the entire range of my tv screen's capability. It is currently set to 1080p (or Full HD). I can set it from a low resolution, all the way up to 4k (4096 x 2160), and everything in between, mostly. Notice how even though my screen can go up to a high 4k, it can also go all the way down to a low 800 x 600, which is what is required for the YR menu. If you check your display settings, yours will more than likely only have 1024 x 768 at the bottom, which is the LOWEST it is capable of, but not low enough to play YR. Keep in mind that these games are very old and were developed at a time when full HD monitors weren't around. To my knowledge, it is unfortunate that up to now nobody has been able to resize the YR menu
  14. I think this is your problem right here: 'LOWEST'. The game is trying to set itself to 800x600 which is below the limits of your monitor. Try another monitor, even your tv for now just to see if it works.
  15. You can still block the warfactory with a tank even if you wall it like this. But for some reason you cannot block it with a miner, which is good. You cannot do it with refineries though, both tanks and miners can still get in. That's not alting. You did not press 'alt', you pressed 's'. That's... uhh... s-ing Yeah that was a big wtf moment . A squid-firing dreadnought - I have to learn how to replicate that .