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  1. Renegade Idea

    I'd prefer Dune 2 - The Building of a Dynasty to be made into a fps, only because it's the original. But Dune 2000 would be cool too. Although, I would rather see BFD:WOA completed first because of all the work that has already been put into it, and also the fps version of RA2, which is looking pretty damn awesome so far.
  2. I've just tried both donate buttons again (here and main page) using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer; they both worked (I didn't actually donate this time, but it went into the payment page just fine). Only Firefox doesn't seem to work for me and keeps giving me the error message: "Sorry - your last action could not be completed". I've already cleared my cache and cookies, restarted the browser, googled a little for a solution, but unsuccessful. No big deal though, I'll just use the main page next time.
  3. The 'Donate' button at the bottom of the forums don't work for me, and probably others too. I was able to donate via the main page a couple of weeks ago though, but I doubt that everybody knows about that or would bother looking for another donate button. Some people have probably clicked on this one down below and thought "Hmm... doesn't work. Oh well, more money for smokes and beers ".
  4. Marko(Iraq) vs MustacheX(Yuri) on Heck TL vs BR

    No offense to MustacheX who looks like a good player, but Marko (if that was really him) was just messing with him, probably just killing some time while his Heroes of the Storm game was updating , I mean, he was using IC'd tanks to scout ffs! Not to mention not expanding his base, among other things. Btw, Yuri moving down to mid on Heck early in the game is like taking a Nuke to a fist fight . I was waiting for the brute dollars to start pumping out right after mid gems were gone because apparently they weren't enough . Still a fun watch though, thanx for the upload.
  5. this yuri faction,how to beat this retarded faction ?

    I think war miners don't get used enough against Yuri. They're immune to mind control, good against brutes, good for killing slaves, and they auto-repair. Plus if you can make them elite, their machine gun turns into a cannon! You'd still have to mix them up with other units of course.
  6. Peculiar Things About RA2/YR...

    Shouldn't tesla troopers be immune to tesla coils, lightning storms and other tesla troopers? If anything, these things should make them even stronger.
  7. Resize Minimap/Radar

    You don't really need a radar screen in RA2/YR (not even a small one) because you can scroll around the map so fast. But if you really want a larger one, you can do something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu0SspVsAJk I used a tool called Real Time Zoom but I'm sure there are others out there. Windows 7's Magnifier doesn't seem to work for some reason; it doesn't refresh while you're playing.
  8. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    I can do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV-PZVzN6do
  9. Oops, wrong topic (post removed)
  10. Peculiar Things About RA2/YR...

    Bug: The ejection-seat mechanisms on the jets don't work. You can even hear the pilots trying to eject when going down; "EJECT, EJECT!", "BAIL OUT!". Probably the same people that made the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 made these eject mechanisms.
  11. Thank you

    The 'Donate' button works on the main page but not here on the forums.
  12. Peculiar Things About RA2/YR...

    If two yuri clones mind-control the same person at the exact same time, will that person have a split personality?
  13. Peculiar Things About RA2/YR...

    Ah yes, yes, of course, just like in Stephen King's Langoliers! I like this explanation.
  14. [Survey] What side do you prefer to play and why?

    I like using allies, not because I'm good or I suck with them, but because they have more fun toys to play with. (I haven't voted yet because this option wasn't available)