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  1. YR & RA2 mode, what needs updating!

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned (tldr): In the building/training tab, you can cancel a whole bunch of queued up units by just hodling down shift then right-clicking twice on the queue. In original RA2, you have to right-click every unit that you want cancelled.
  2. https://youtu.be/igh9iO5BxBo
  3. Lets talk about noobs

    Yeah I agree. As mentioned above, helping them improve in a competitive, quick match style will encourage them to play more of those types of games. It's the same with anything else really: the better you get at something (whatever it is), the more fun it becomes. Or you can just trick them into playing with you... then rape them! (I mean in the game, not literally). Kind of like this: https://youtu.be/KAJd2DJHztE?t=64 (I'm not saying they're monkeys, it's just an analogy)
  4. Lets talk about noobs

    I think their basic mentality is: Why have fun later when I can have fun now?
  5. Unanimous Change

    (Read with a high-class British art-analysing accent): Ah yes, "The YR Lesson of Dr. FlyingMustache" - a Rembrandt classic. It depicts Dr. FlyingMustache pointing out one of several parts of the game that may need some attention. Representing the seven Allied and seven Soviet campaign missions are the seven men with different, yet similar faces (both campaigns run in parallel with each other). Or is it Windows 7 staring at how bad future operating systems are for this game? And finally a book with all the rules (in INI format) sits at the side, awaiting the amendments. OR... is it just a bunch of old men poking around the inner workings of a dead game?? (which cncnet successfully revived).
  6. Unanimous Change

    MO is a totally different game. But in saying that, imho, MO is what RA3 should have been, it just lacks cut-scenes and modern graphics. It's kind of like an alternate-alternate timeline . Yeah I agree, these should have been buffed by EA/Westwood. They're only good for providing extra power for tesla coils. I think it would have been better if this post was a poll; it would have been a lot easier to see what people agree on the most. The way it is now, people will post a list of things to nurf/buff until the cows come home (then get grinded). We should buff cows too!
  7. Unanimous Change

    Trump's wall will be completed before that^ happens . Making the game free-to-play and open-source would be nice. But changes in terms of game-play... umm... buff hardly-used units (terrorists, tank destroyers, demo trucks...)
  8. WTF MAP

    Ok, thanx. The "V3 Rocket" Launcher (and I emphasize the quotation marks, for those who haven't tried this map yet) is the best so far (I'm literally laughing as I type this).
  9. WTF MAP

    This map's frickin hilarious
  10. Tiberian Dawn playthrough with fun facts :P

    Click here to watch Episode #02
  11. (work in progress)... EPISODE #01 EPISODE #02
  12. gaming foot pedal

    I did, but I only took a glance Oh ok (just read it), there are advantages. For RA1 for example, you can macro the entire q combination thing (W, E, R, SHIFT+1, CTRL+1, Q) into just one pedal, or remap hard to reach keys like the move key (M) in the original Starcraft 1 (which are not normally remappable), and probably many other uses. So that said, I retract my verdict... CHEAT! (Yes I know, it's new years eve and I'm at home typing this on my pc. After the recent uber-frightening robbery, we've decided to stay home as much as possible until our house is covered with roller shutters, cameras and screaming alarms! It's also good for when the zombies come .)
  13. gaming foot pedal

    Motorsports, particularly car racing games for when you're driving in stick shift mode. But obviously not a cheat in this genre because it's part of the game .
  14. gaming foot pedal

    Unless you don't have any arms, I can't see the point of using pedals for rts games; no advantage whatsoever, and therefore not cheating.
  15. I spoke to the insurance assessor earlier today and it looks like all our stolen items will either be replaced with brand new ones or the newer version if they're unable to find an identical one! Thank you burglar(s), thank you for my new stuff and new car, MERRY XMAS!