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  1. I refuse to answer questions 2 and 3 because they aren't officially asked by EA (no EA tags) On a serious note, I'd like the technician's potato gun to be upgraded to... I don't know... literally anything else! Even a butter knife is more harmful! In saying that though, if this will actually be a remaster with optional things, then the remaster shouldn't be touched except for audio, visuals and more fps, and for the options... the more the sweeter.
  2. EA_JimternYesterday at 8:45 AM Skrimish has been one of the top requested modes / features, so we'll certainly be taking that into consideration (From the Official C&C Discord channel)
  3. fir3w0rx

    Stan Lee passes away

    Even gods die - Death of the creator...
  4. I haven't played much TS online, but I've always thought that on a large map like Terraces, any sort of rush would be easy to defend against because you have a lot of time to prepare before your enemy gets to your base. What are some good ways to defend against a 1-ref-rush anyway; vulcan cannons? Laser turrets? Crush infantry with harvesters? What units will you usually use to rush with Nod?
  5. fir3w0rx

    Red Alert 2 Videos

    Can you do a video comparing no miners, just tanks straight away 1 miner then tanks 2 miners then tanks 3 miners then tanks 1 tank then miner (some people cancel their tanks then make miners as soon as they realize the enemy made miners first) I've always wanted to know how many tanks each scenario would produce after, say, 5 minutes? Preferably mining only ore, no gems or oil derricks.
  6. EA should just give up and sell the C&C franchise to Blizzard . They'll make more money doing this, than creating another failed C&C game. Blizzard will then breath new life into our favorite C&C games... these guys know how to do a remaster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2zfx5hQ3CE Not to mention the all star line up of games under their banner: Starcraft (remastered), Starcraft 2, Warcraft (1,2 & 3), World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo...
  7. I was just looking at the comments section of this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rrv7_aUphYQ The amount of hate EA is getting . Come on Jimmy, time to win your fans back!
  8. Yeah I know, I replied to it. But that was still part of the announcement, really. After that, nothing. There's a very noticeable difference between true fans that work on the C&C games (staff, modders, map makers here and other communities) and those who work on them because it's their job. Not that there's anything wrong with it though, we all have to make a living. And I'm glad EA still hasn't given up on the franchise after several failed attempts .
  9. There hasn't been any communication from EA (Jim Vessella or Greg Black) since the announcement, more or less. I've checked OpenRA forums and Discord, EA C&C's Reddit and Discord, and of course this forum and the CnCNet Discord. Maybe EA has scrapped it . I hope not. I'd be happy whether it turns out to be a remaster or a remake. But I wonder how un/successful it would have been if, after cancelling Dawngate, they instead made a MOBA with C&C vehicles instead of heroes!
  10. fir3w0rx

    KKND2 Krossfire PC

    KKnD (built on the OpenRA engine) is currently being streamed (by SoScared): https://www.twitch.tv/soscared
  11. fir3w0rx

    Save skirmish games

    Mine saves but crashes when I try to load it. But when I copy the save file to my original installation of YR, it works. Must be something wrong with the cncnet client's load function.
  12. 3, 5 and any other map with an odd number of players will be difficult, if not impossible, to balance, but surely there are 6 player (3v3) maps out there that are. But that said, I'm aware that you're talking about TD, but I used to have a lot of fun on a 1v1v1 RA2 map called Canyon Fodder. It was never fair, but always fun . So are they worth making? Yes. You mean The Alamo (RA2)? Yeah I think that's a pretty fair 1v1 map, up until mid-game anyway. But I think I would prefer 2 oil derricks than 1 oil derrick + an airport, especially since this map's oil derricks pump out 2.5x more than the normal ones.
  13. I've wondered this for a while now, and even more so recently because of all this remakester talk. Even with all the added features: better graphics, huge maps, AI can build bases, and so many more, people still play the original online. Not that there's anything wrong with it, and I'm sure they probably switch between each game from time to time, but I'm just curious. Also, what would need to be changed to encourage you to play DTA, and only DTA? (only referring to online play of course, as single player missions are different in each game).
  14. I think when it comes to additions, the more the awesomer. Unlockable vehicle skins, 5v5, AI can build a base... whatever. Even something crazy like a drop-in-drop-out feature so that 2 guys can jump in the middle of a 1v1 match and make it 2v2!
  15. If the original artillery tank fires at a 15° angle of trajectory (or whatever it is), but EA made it fire a 14.99999°... the hardcore fans will know it! . My point is that they can never please the hardcore fans 100%, but I think they can come close. Hell, I'm not even a hardcore fan but I've noticed in OpenRA that, unlike the original TD, if a soldier is under fire, double-clicking to stand up and run does not work, the poor little soldier will just keep crawling. Trying to attract the millenial fans that play nothing but Fortnite and/or MOBAs will be the main problem, and most likely what EA will be more focused on (much larger market = more $$$). The former is hopeless imo (unless they decide to remake Renegade sometime soon), but the latter, I don't know, maybe EA can add a MOBA mode and resurrect Sole Survivor or something, but obviously much more modern, like Switchblade, but top-down instead of first-person.