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    yoyo, mentioned and quoted a vid f ya here :) 

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      :D Cool, thanx. Glitches are always fun to mess around with.

  2. Here's a RA2 glossary I made a few years ago on another server, which I'll update when I get a chance:
  3. No problem.
  4. For pure Red Alert 2 (which is not supported on this server) it 's usually 'game.exe' and 'ra2.exe'. For CnCNet's RA2-Mode or Yuri's Revenge it's 'clientdx.exe' for the game lobby and 'gamemd-spawn.exe' when in-game. But unless you're doing something unusual, like changing shift + ctrl to just one key, you should be able to remap the keys in-game.
  5. Red Alert 2

    You have to be more specific; what are you installing from (CD ROM? The Ultimate Collection? Downloaded?) How far do you get with the installation? Any error messages?...
  6. True, but I've seen this effectively executed with just conscripts (which are cheaper), in Marko's last stream in fact, which might be why people still prefer Iraq. Although maybe the blast radius isn't as large as with terrorists though. Why not try it against those Chinese yes guys when you play them next to make your TOE games even more fun to watch .
  7. Personally, I think the only things that should be modified are Tesla Tanks Terrorists Tank Destroyers Demolition Truck Grand Cannon The Yuri Faction RA2's been around for almost 17 years and yet nobody has come up with a way to use the first four units effectively enough so that more people will be willing to choose their respective countries on a regular basis. France's Grand Cannon and the Yuri Faction on the other hand are a little too effective that nobody using a different country wants to play against them.
  8. Ha ha yeah, good old toe on xwis. I played a few of those games, and after each one I'd get kicked for breaking another rule that I had no idea about . I think if I played 100 games I still wouldn't know all the rules.
  9. Looks good. It looks like a maze-like single player mission that's been turned into a multiplayer map . And I get why there's a tech power plant (to harness the power of the Reichenbach Falls, in real life anyway), but I'm not sure if it's worth fighting for on this map though. And it kinda sucks that the waterfalls don't gush out in RA2/YR. I like how you can't just get the bottom section straight off the bat (except for the airport) due to the sniper and howitzers, you'll have to fight both the other player as well as AI for it. This minimizes 'dog luck' at the start of the match, which can sometimes be a game decider. It's also good that it allows for both land and naval battles, and the limited amount of resources forces the players to choose their units wisely. Allies have a pretty noticeable advantage at the start though; they can quite easily and quickly capture the tech airport by transporting an engineer with the nighthawk with nothing to stop them except a little sniper, which can easily be killed by the nighthawk. The 3 howitzers suddenly become their friends as they are now guarding their airport for them. They won't be able to place down a refinery just yet though, they'll have to first clear trees and ore which is good, otherwise its an inevitable win for the allied player I think. Also, if you're using America, you'll have double para-drops on a map full of cliffs. Mirror matches might be more suitable for this map. Just one problem though; I can open the map in-game just fine, but I can't seem to open it in FinalAlert or zzattack's Map Renderer though? Why is that?
  10. Mine is set up with a HDMI cable (HDMI to HDMI) and 4k resolution on both Windows desktop and screen (automatic). Never mind, thanks anyway. YouTube does allow videos uploaded in 4k resolution to be shown in 4k resolution, it has done so for a while now. Here are a couple of examples: There are actually plenty of video websites that have 4k videos, including my favorite porn site
  11. Cool, my Windows Magnifier finally has a purpose! RA2/YR keeps crashing every time I try to load it up in 4k (on my 4k tv). How do you do it? I'm jealous But wait... how come it wasn't uploaded in 4k quality? The maximum setting you can set it to in YouTube is 1080p?
  12. That's really strange. Can you please upload a screen shot of this? And also, check that your desktop text/app size is set to 100%.
  13. Looks like only 1 from wf. Not to take away credit for your win, because you did play pretty well, but green and orange were carrying pink the entire match. I could imagine them constantly messaging him to do certain things, before finally giving up when their ore ran out while Yuri was still making brute-dollars . That well timed double-team on pink at the start was a huge set back for them.
  14. Oh ok. So with the exception of YR, the games use a mixture of both relay and p2p connections, and in the same match if need be? Cool.
  15. Ah ok. Which one is CnCNet?