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  1. No, not open source (would have been great though if it were).
  2. fir3w0rx

    Red Alert Festive Cheer

    Cool. But I prefer commentary (like in your Total War vids), but still good.
  3. fir3w0rx

    New Twitch Livestream page live

    https://www.twitch.tv/ladyb She plays mainly Rivals but I'm secretly trying to get her to play the classic C&Cs .
  4. fir3w0rx

    Make red alert 2 a 3D game

    Yeah, you'll need a much more modern engine. I'm not a big modder, but from what I've seen, Starcraft 2's modding capabilities are pretty good for rts mods.
  5. Good point; if old mods, aren't compatible with the new engine, people that play the fan-made stuff will go back to the original; the community will be divided.
  6. fir3w0rx

    Remaster Update and Community Council

    I bet some of the devs have started, and are still, playing online (incognito) both at OpenRA and here. They'd be silly not to imo.
  7. Just a reminder during this holiday season guys: whether you're going to be home or not, don't forget to lock up! (thanks for reminding me about this post @Ezer_2000 )
  8. fir3w0rx

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    Oh wow I feel so special . Just joking, I know you mean all of us mod fans. Ah, ok, I didn't see that. I plan to stay home most of these holidays so I look forward to this .
  9. fir3w0rx

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    I hope you keep the same level of enthusiasm until you've completed it; there have been countless mods that seemed promising at the start but barely even made it past beta, or even alpha, stages. Can we see some gameplay videos, or pictures of the units (even hand-drawn concept art would be pretty cool) that you've created so far? How come you haven't put this on moddb.com? Are you going to release a beta version before the holidays? Have you made any other mods?
  10. fir3w0rx

    I just noticed that waypointing planes is possible

    Dammit I'm too late!
  11. fir3w0rx

    Get A bilibili account

    Thank you for the information. I am aware that there is a search function, but because most of us cannot type in mandarin, the videos with mandarin titles will be difficult for us to find. I think you should make a list of some good Bilibili channels with content that are not available on YouTube (I am sure there are many more than just the two that you have linked in your post). By the way, you forgot to add a link to the Bilibili homepage.
  12. fir3w0rx

    [4] Storm

    Ah ok. But that's extra work that seems unecessary, but I'm sure there's a good reason.
  13. fir3w0rx

    [4] Storm

    Open your map with a text editor (with no formatting) like WordPad or NotePad then add 'Author=' to the [Basic] section. For example: [Basic] Author=CCCP84 I'm not too sure about better previews though, all I know is that the CnCNet client automatically generates them using the map rendering tool that you can download from here.
  14. fir3w0rx

    Death Resurrection game mode for Yuri's Revenge

    I didn't realize Jesus was a zombie. In the name of the father, the son, and the holy zombie!
  15. fir3w0rx

    Red Alert 2 Videos

    Awesome! While there are many other factors, I think you've covered the core of my query. So 1 extra miner, at the 4 minute mark, gives you 18 tanks but with NO money, while 1 tank THEN 1 extra miner also gives you 18 tanks but with $1000??? Very interesting results. Although I think making 2 extra miners gives the best outcome though. 3 banks up too much money but not enough tanks.