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  1. If you already own some; congrats on tripling your money in the last couple of months! If you don't, the price is likely to come back down again soon, which is a good time to enter. When it does: Buy as much as you can afford to lose. Don't look at it for 5 years (because there will be some pretty scary drops along the way!). Buy me a beer - you're welcome. In a few years time from now, bitcoin would have increased in value so much that this next (possible) crash will seem minuscule, therefore, even if you buy now and not wait for the price to come back down, in the long term it wouldn't matter. But that said, it's probably too late to get rich if you're only starting now (unless you want to risk a large amount, but just make sure to ONLY THROW IN WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE!), but you can still make some damn good profit in just a few years time. Just looking out for my fellow gamers! DISCLAIMER: This is not professional financial advice, so don't hunt me down and kill me if I'm wrong! (but I won't be 😉)
  2. Just played this for a few hours... It's perfect for when you just wanna mess around and have a bunch of TS' Titans along side RA2's Kirovs going head to head with the Scrin, or maybe chronoshift several disruptors to the back of the enemy base! (yes, I abused the hell out of the debug mode). Excellent mod, can't wait for someone to make single player missions for it.
  3. all01t.map / sov01t.map - copy into your RA2 folder (not maps/custom, just the root folder) along with any other file that came with it, load up the game using the original executable file and start the allied /soviet campaign, depending on the map. These files will not work in CnCNet. all01umd / sov01umd - same as above except in YR. To play the original RA2/YR campaigns again, simply remove the files you copied. Any other file name can usually be played using CnCNet in skirmish mode, which are usually accompanied with special instructions regarding which faction, country or settings to use.
  4. http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=yr&age=0&search=funny
  5. This topic reminds me of what I said years ago when this map started becoming popular. Very nostalgic .
  6. That's strange, speedcontrol has always worked on TFD version, it's the version I used for years, until the xwis.net version was created. I don't know, all I can think of is that you haven't added speedcontrol correctly. Does your shortcut look something like this: "c:\games\tfd\red alert 2\ra2.exe" -speedcontrol Note that it must be after the speech marks.
  7. That address should be fine (offset is part of the address). Sorry I didn't see this^ earlier; you only need to hex edit if you're using the Origin version of RA2. With any other version just add speedcontrol to the shortcut.
  8. Maybe you're changing the wrong memory address. It's different for each game. Which address are you using?
  9. You can do it on YR using Ares' 'Map Snapshot' feature, but I don't know how to do it on RA2. It's kinda glitchy though, so after generating your map, you'll have to add things like map preview size, map name and game mode for it to work. Sometimes it still won't work so you'll have to fix it up using Final Alert.
  10. Sorry guy but unless you're running an older MacOS, like Funky mentions in that^ link above, you might have to settle for the cheap imitation... err.. I mean.... ' modernized' version of RA called OpenRA (if you haven't already). But jokes aside, despite it being heavily modified compared to the original, OpenRA is actually pretty good. (Sidenote) Even the new remastered version doesn't support Macs for some reason, despite the fact that some of the OpenRA developers helped to work on it.
  11. Since none of the RA guys here are replying (probably too busy playing Remastered ), my best guess is if you want to modify the single player campaign values, you'd have to open and modify each of the campaign files, which are also ini files (which are probably overriding rules.ini values), using XCC Mixer. The original campaign missions are located in (RA1 folder) \ main.mix -> general.mix scg....ini = Allied missions scu....ini = Soviet missions Make sure to back your files up before making any changes.
  12. I'm not exactly sure, but In RA2 that's^ what it stands for (rate of fire), I'd imagine it's the same for the predecessor.
  13. Oh wow... he is better than most people that have NO disabilities!
  14. The grandfather of MOBAs. This game should be next in line to be remastered, or maybe even gets unlocked once you've completed the single player campaign.
  15. So we can play all these fan-made maps in 4K??? Very cool
  16. You'll need more information: Did you get the map from this topic, or somewhere else? (provide the link) If you can't find the link, please attach the map files here so that people can test them out. When does this error occur? - Is there something happening during the game that could possibly be triggering it (too many units on the screen?). Does the map even load up?
  17. All the pros will make you forget about the cons ...
  18. When the hell will btc dump back to below 6k, I want to buy some more but still waiting for a big sale .
  19. I've killed/destroyed/captured everything but my game still hasn't ended! Maybe if I destroy all the trees too...
  20. maps01.mix maps02.mix mapsmd03.mix
  21. fir3w0rx

    C&C sprites?

    I prefer to use SHP Builder... Using XCC Mixer, EXTRACT(right-click) the SHP/sprite from conquer.mix, then open it up in SHP Builder. From there you can EXPORT individual frames, animated gifs or an entire sprite sheet...
  22. I don't know too much about ini or mix files, all I can suggest is to download the version from the download page then install it into a different folder. You've probably downloaded a mod, or maybe modded it yourself which could have affected it.
  23. I don't know about the first question, but I'm guessing you've found your map in-game? You should add instructions like; "You need starting units, otherwise you won't be able to deploy your mcv!"
  24. The question was about Tiberian Sun. But maybe YR ini files are very similar, i don't know.
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