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Red Alert Scenario Editor Won't save?


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  • 5 months later...

What did u do? Mine does it sometimes. Last night I worked for 20 mins on a mission. Saved it went to copy amd paste but the modified date was still 2 days ago. Wtf is that? I launched raed from mu task bar but why would that matter its only a shortcut.


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If you click save with RAED it will kick open a OK box with "Saved" or "Error". If your not seeing an Ok box with "Saved" or "Error" the mission was not saved at all.


Also if you get a an "Error" in the Ok box your in trobble. This mean that RAED messed up bad as it has corrupted the mission or map. What you need to do is go to File and Save As. Save your mission or map under a different file name. You shold get a OK box with "Saved". Now find the old corrupted the mission or map and delete it. It is no good as RAED was unable to write any data into it. If you open it in NotePad you will see it is blank.


Now you can rename you Save As file to replace the corrupted one.

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