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  1. There is the CFE Mod in the steam workshop that does both of these things.
  2. Any chance of an update? Seems the EXE is not working anymore. Same with the one from my mod, looks like everything needs repackaged.
  3. Has anyone else been able to try it out? I have come up with a list of corrections for a possible next version: -Make a new title screen, but I'm no good at that sort of thing -Need to add the correct EVA voice for "Mission Saved" -May redesign in game menus -The CS and AM missions need to be removed or updated for mod compatability -The correct Mammoth Tank needs to be added -I think there is an updated Desert theatre to add -RAED has some issues that need fixed -Add single player missions, I remade mission 2 and 3 is in progress -Add new multi-player maps using alternate terrain theatres -Clean up the directory -Making a user manual -Urban/City areas a possibility -Look into getting Armageddon V playable on CNCNet, but I'm not sure how to do that at all. Would anyone be able to talk to me about getting that working? I'm also planning to get some new screen shots posted and possibly videos with sound.
  4. Thanks for checking out the mod! I was also pleased with the mammoth tank result. Wait, that's the wrong Mammoth Tank! That's not supposed to be there. I'll have to fix that if there is an update. So were you able to play or did Windows not let it run? I made this on a Linux computer so I'm not sure what Windows and its software thinks of it. However, I did fire up my old Win7 computer, Downloaded this, and gave it a try. I didn't run in to any issues like that. It's probably because ra95.exe is modified but not sure. I can assure you there are no viruses attached. I did notice the colours scheme was off because I disabled DDraw so you may need to re-enable that on Windows if the colours are off.
  5. Necro Posting to announce this mods release. See release thread. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7418-armageddon-v-is-here/
  6. The new Red Alert mod Armageddon V has finally arrived. Its been sitting on my computer for a year untouched. If I was still working on something a year ago, I have forgot what it would have been. I fired it up, played several games over several days, and everything seems to be in order. Things to note: Standalone. Nothing to install. Unzip and use ra95.exe There is no new title screen Make sure Use Small Infantry is NOT checked in game settings Features select music from TD and TS Includes the new terrain theatres There is 1 new GDI mission available from start new game There are several incomplete/planned missions still in the folder I remember mission 2 being complete but its now missing Includes a version of RAED that works with the mod for creating missions There are several mega maps at the bottom of the list using new terrain theatres. There is a story in the readme folder, intended to be followed through with the missions I made a youtube channel with some short video clips to check out before you download, but they have no sound...So imbed code doest work. you can click the link then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rk-tRMjw6YA&list=PLqh4G_tBnFKmKrq7C0HBQl00K2mIqG06e Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fmnz8s8blt66m39/Armageddon V - Beta Standalone.zip?dl=0 Let me know if you have problems downloading from my dropbox account. I dont know if I'll work on this any further. Maybe. Maybe not. I think this would work with cncnet somehow, but I know the version in the folder is old. Have not tested. Old related mod thread here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/5527-armageddon-v-the-aftermath/#comment-45759 Acknowledgements and such: Allen262 was a big help answering questions and I used some of the C&C GFX from Red Dawn. Tschokky who I think made the new terrains used in the mod Iran for hacking ra95.exe and opening new modding features White made a lot of the infantry GFX OpenRA and mods for some other miscellaneousness GFX
  7. Time to get back to work on this. I'll post an update in a week or so. I did use a couple sprites from a Sim City sprite sheet, if that's what you meant.
  8. Wait a second...you never saw Terminator? :laugh: Anyway... I cannot wait for this release. You're doing what I've always wanted to do with RA. And last I checked the registration process for Halloeyes openRA sprites is broken so you cant download anything.
  9. ROB

    Allied/GDI Airfield

    Thanks guys! When I find time I'll try improve the control tower & smooth the buildup. I was also thinking I could add a small radar dish to either complement or replace the windsock. I did end up putting this in my Mod, looks good, the make anim is not so bad in game But if you do Improve it, that would be awsome you might be able to use the small radar dish from the TD Nod Airstrip.
  10. Hmm, actually I like that Tech Center icon better. Yellow is more fitting for GDI and I have been going for a desert/barren theme with most cameos here. That missile tower cameo I used for Arm. 4. :laugh:
  11. It was set to elapsed time 0, made no difference. Prebuild makes no difference. The formation was working fine before, it makes all units go the same speed. I had autocreate disabled and that makes no difference. Only units already on the map are used. AI wont make anything. Im done with this nonsense, already deleted all scripting. shelving the map and moving on...in a few days when im not pissed at it anymore. Its like there is an invisible variable keeping AI from making things. It does not matter how many triggers or teamtypes you change, something gets stuck somewhere in the map bits. I've seen this over the years. Only way to fix it is to start over. EDIT: So I remade all triggers/temtypes related to USSR production and nothing happens, disproving my theory. :ranting: stupid ridiculous. If nothing is technically wrong. Are there multiple versions of RAED? Perhaps I have a buggy one. scg01ea.ini
  12. I cant even believe I'm having this sort of issue. This suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason, I only added 2 looping patrols. It should be working, I can find nothing wrong in the logic. Been fighting it half the day and ran out of patience. AI wont build new units for teamtypes. I don't think it's a production or Autocreate issue, I set all that correctly. I'm ready to delete the shit and move on, I'm not doing something twice from scratch. Can anyone see anything wrong maybe? scg01ea.ini
  13. WEEKLY UPDATE Kind of a slow week, been binge watching Stargate The 1st 2 GDI levels are nearing completion. Been experimenting with https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=4789.msg36279#msg36279 I Have not made any new maps this week. I switched a couple SHP buildings I did not like, such as the TS Civilian Radar array, it was too pixelated and difficult to tell what its supposed to be. You can see it in the 1st screenshot above. I made a few more cameos and noticed the Hunteer Seeker cameo is too big! I decided I think I will release this in Chapters otherwise it might not ever get done, its just too much to do at once and I don't want to loose motivation. The 1st 5 GDI and Nod levels will be released with the Mod and that will be the 1st part of the campaign story. Probably the torpedo defense for sure, maybe others. I reused a few that I found floating around, some I just remade or altered like the Ion Cannon. Most seem to be screenshots or CGI renders from other C&C mods. You know what was funny though, I was searching for a pic to use for a Destroyer. The one I picked, apparently you or Puma also picked in the past because it was already in PR :laugh: I just looked for it but I guess I deleted it.
  14. I watched the video. Seems you're right about the honest john missile, especially if that faction already has the SSM launcher. Machine guns on aircraft's also seem useless to me. I think the decision would depend on what other air units the other factions have and what sort of weapon is really needed for balance. Maybe if that faction does not already have an artillery unit, the ballistic explosives would be the best choice. If there is already an Orca with hellfire missiles or a similar unit, the tank shell weapon would seem redundant to me, regardless of who owns it. It's also probably unrealistic that a player would attack SAMs with a helicopter even if the weapon is effective. Im not sure if C&C mechanics differ much, but in RA I find any AP warhead launched from an aircraft to be generally ineffective against moving targets. I'm leaning towards the artillery shell weapon. Maybe a fifth option could even be a HE missile if you wanted accuracy opposed to a ballistic shell. Any weapon with a HE warhead I think would be the best option, seems to be the most "useful". Even against moving targets with heavy armor the spread of the HE warhead with high enough damage should do more damage that a missed AP shot.
  15. Wow... I never realized that, I don't actually play RA much. That seems like a huge oversight. Having something like SC supply depots would be an interesting way to overcome that. Maybe RedAlert++ can implement maximums per player.
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