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Game types for YR


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Just thinking with the level of skill modders have these days, what game types would you like to see? I have a few ideas I wonder if anybody else has any. Maybe some of these can be implemented even!


1. Team support game - ideally it would be a 3v3 with two players starting a 1v1 then after one minute an MCV paradrops and two more players are in the game and after another minute the final players would paradrop in. I think this would add a cool team dynamic, and could be pretty fun. I’m sure it would have to be map specific tho.


2. Another team support game- ideally 2v2 but where one player starts with a premade(good) base. And your ally starts with just an mcv! You would have to turn off unallying to stop allies from engiing there allies service depots. Or put the three engi rule on as well. I think this could be fun depending on how the premade bases are designed! 


what are your thoughts, any ideas??


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