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C&C: Red Alert Online + Expansion Pack: Red Dawn by EA


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[u:1rywbr6m]Well... my favourite game goes to EA!!!![/size:1rywbr6m][/u:1rywbr6m]



[u:1rywbr6m]Red Alert Online[/u:1rywbr6m]


Welcome to the Second Cold War.


Russia is in shambles. Stalin is dead and buried. The people of former Russia are split, looking for a new Premier. All the while, civil war is breaking out between the Soviet bloc nations, and the Allies look to deliver the final blow from their newfound seat of power in Moscow. Tensions are rising as the Soviets give their final defense against the incurring Allied forces. Choose a class, customize your equipment and help your compatriots dominate the globe in this Massively-Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter of epic proportions. There's only one question:


Whose side are you on?


* Players can pledge allegiance to ten different Allied nations and ten different Soviet bloc territories, including Britain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Siberia, and Korea; each has its own racial bonuses.

* Over 10 basic character classes to select from, but crosstraining is possible and there are "veteran" classes, providing many potential skill paths for your unique military career.

* Players can either directly travel to adjacent territory, or queue up for paradrop farther behind enemy lines or closer to the rear

* That's right, you can build permanent defenses and bases! Compared to the RTS though, this is a slow process, and buildings are very vulnerable while under construction. [ed. construct a forward command post, then go from there]

* This is a heavily team-oriented game on a large scale; your country's success depends on you! Form an organized battallion [ed. player guild] or team up with another to form a brigade [ed. alliance].

* Earn medals and awards [ed. Just like APB] for access to upgraded equipment and munitions suited to your play style.



[u:1rywbr6m]Red Dawn[/u:1rywbr6m]


The war isn't quite over yet, comrade.


The Reds are retreating, unified in defeat, but the Soviet bloc still has a few tricks up its sleeve, and this time, they're not alone. Time to get back in the action again, soldier!


* New Allied and Soviet nations to play as, including Japan, Korea, and Egypt!

* Now less walking! More classic vehicles from the Red alert timeline, including extended air forces

* Practice with your friends on the all-new Skirmish server! [ed. think private server, but legit]

* Mount your enemies' heads on your wall with our whole new Dogtag-camâ„¢! Take your picture and carry it with you throughout the war!

* More regions to wage war in, including Africa, East Asia, and even some special areas! Can you say, "Comrade Cosmonaut"?

* Improved squad system keeps the ranks in check, adding even more tactical possibilities to the ongoing battles.

* New unlockable weapons and ranks![/color:1rywbr6m]


my dreams come true!!! u will be able to build structures like in battlezone... OMG

1st i wanted to mod it but EA will do it, hehehe!





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