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Oil Derrick in The Center Remastered "New Map"


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Oil Derrick in The Center Remastered
Because most players love to play oil derrick in the center I make this one with two versions one is modded and the other is normal or standard, also I made one for 4 players and one for 8 players:
For the Normal map (Yosef Anan - Oil Derrick in the Center Remastered v1.3) nothing is change.

Here is the map:
yosef anan - oil derrick in the center remastered v1-3.map

But for modded version (Oil Derrick in the Center Remastered v1.2.0) you have to read the following:


* "Flak track is Open Topped", 6 passengers can shoot.
* Available units: Spy, Robot Tanks with a laser weapon.
* Guardian GI can Occupy the Bunkers and shoot missiles.
* You can click to repair the bunkers.
* Soviet Sentry Gun and Allied Pill Box can promoted to Elite "120mmE"
* Outer source of money for all players, $200/100 delay 







Here is the map:
yosef anan - oil derrick in the center remastered v1-2-0.map

Finally The normal map for 8 players:
Yosef Anan - Oil Derrick in the Center Remastered v2 x8
Here is the map:
yosef anan - oil derrick in the center remastered v2 x8.map

Watch the video


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