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  1. Many times I go to play with AI then suddenly the game freezes and stops working, I lose the game and time to record it! what can I do and how to fix it?
  2. I make a video experiment to see the benefit from IFV+GIs or (with infantry in) rush, and there was something that surprise me with the president when he gets into the IFV.
  3. Advanced Tutorial - Making a trigger tagged to a cell on the ground to run an action In this video tutorial, we are going to learn how to run the trigger when infantry come near or cross over cells on the ground, and to make that trigger works we have first of all assign the country to the players and computer (AI) like player 1 should be America, and player 2 should be Russia,etc. I make everything ready for the tutorial, I shorten time of the video. We will make some triggers and events while the player moving forward and go across the map. The Triggers which will run through the game: - Run the trigger of the tanks to attack the player. - Run the trigger of the infantry to attack the player. - Run the trigger to destroy the attached Barrels. - Run a transporter to take soldiers to the safe land. - Set a timer: * If the timer expires player loses. * If the player reached the safe area he win. Watch the video:
  4. Looks cool map I will test it soon, thanks a lot.
  5. Watch the video https://youtu.be/IEmOv5pV8UQ
  6. Veterans vat for infantry I was playing the Jamil mode from long time and soviet have the cloning infantry factory which If you put unit inside it the unit out with veterans, so I like to share this feature with you guys so you can add the code to your maps like survival maps. Watch the video how it works: https://youtu.be/FvpTrCOBe7E Download map under the video
  7. The secret is the secret, 2v2v2v2 camps or 4v4 map 2-8 Download the map: yosef anan 2v2v2v2 camps.map
  8. Watch this video: also you can download the map under the video and take a look how it's works
  9. Hello dude! long time didn't see a new survivals map from you! I hope to post new maps for fun soon. 😘
  10. You can make a new one but looks like spy! Like James Bond 007 😁 jb_007.map
  11. Last map I posted here "Battle of Destruction" if I put "check on" on the box of the trigger of the reinforcement I will have an error when it's time to run the trigger in the game. Can anyone find out the reason? 🤔
  12. *New Map* Battle of Destruction v01.2 New custom map and new gameplay style or tactic, I didn't put the tech units on the first version because it small map and it will be a short game with the OP units like Apoc or Prism tanks etc.. and anyone who plays faster than other players will win the game in 5 minutes, it's not about using the tech units it's about how to use the normal units to defend the flags and to attack the other flags, it's not a normal style or tactic, it's a new tactic. After last Livestream by @Kikematamitos we talked about the map, so the map has been edited, read the following tips: If Your flag has been destroyed, you will be destroyed too. You can Click to repair the flag. You can use the force shield to protect the flags. Super Units or Tech Units have been reduced to 1 or 4 . All Sides Has Allied Airforce Command Headquarters. 3 crates will appear on top and bottom which contain: Upgrades unit armor and Upgrades unit firepower and Veterans. 60 cash for 100 delays from an outer source. Tech building gives you oil derrick. Full image of the map: map preview on CnCNet client: Watch the video to see battle field. Download the map: yosef anan - battle of destruction v01-2.map If there are any Idea to make the map better and more balanced please tell me. Thanks!
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