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  1. is this the map you told me about my friend?
  2. Nice work, and welcome to you with us.
  3. @Grant Good work dude, also if there are away to save the PM of Cncnet and the chat of the room and the main chat when I be online on cncnet client.. I sometimes need to see what we talked about, also some links we missed. I remember the hotmail msn save them on PC as notepad and you can open them from the history of the msn and can show them from msn too. Can you make that too for us?
  4. YosefAnan

    PUBG Map

    I make it on Island Thanks my friend, I appreciate that from you.
  5. @Kikematamitos Carlos Make a video explosion experiments.
  6. I am in Now .. Join me to talk.
  7. Thanks dude.. I will try it
  8. good work my friend, I will try it today
  9. good work my friend
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