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  1. 100 Tesla Trooper vs 200 Tanks - Fun & Experiment Watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VEZxCvmK7c&t=14s Support me with sub and like and share. Thanks a lot. with love.. Yosef
  2. Maze Mission New map mission for fun, interesting mission. No image for the map lol. I can't show you the way Rule: * Just keep moving to the exit of the maze to win! Download from mediafire yosef anan - maze mission 1-3.map Watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3bl6irfB2k
  3. YosefAnan

    WTF Man?

    Good work my friend
  4. Nice work my friend
  5. is this the map you told me about my friend?
  6. Nice work, and welcome to you with us.
  7. @Grant Good work dude, also if there are away to save the PM of Cncnet and the chat of the room and the main chat when I be online on cncnet client.. I sometimes need to see what we talked about, also some links we missed. I remember the hotmail msn save them on PC as notepad and you can open them from the history of the msn and can show them from msn too. Can you make that too for us?
  8. YosefAnan

    PUBG Map

    I make it on Island Thanks my friend, I appreciate that from you.
  9. @Kikematamitos Carlos Make a video explosion experiments.
  10. I am in Now .. Join me to talk.
  11. Thanks dude.. I will try it
  12. good work my friend, I will try it today
  13. good work my friend
  14. great work my friend .. I will try it too
  15. looks nice map, I will test it..
  16. Normal damage. And at the same time iron curtain save your CR, so don't reback it.
  17. YosefAnan

    PUBG Map

    Player Unknown Battlegrounds Map Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge - PUBG Map Rules: Money from Outer Sources 75$/100 Delay. The crate should be off or it will be not fair game. Version 1 without MCV. Version 2 with MCV later after minutes. You have to choose where to drop before the timer expires and loses radar and spysat. You have to Search for Barracks & War Factories. After some time you will have a notification that you can buy MCV for version 2. Map Render. Map Preview: watch the video: Links: Version 1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/zcmpy9x3kxs3tiw/yosef_anan_-_pubg.map/file Version 2 https://www.mediafire.com/file/cq1qm382q9a2xbb/yosef_anan_-_pubg_v2.map/file yosef anan - pubg v2.map yosef anan - pubg.map
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