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Removing Custom Campaigns


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Hi guys, I just downloaded the map pack containing a ginormous amount of maps hoping to add more skirmish maps so I can play offline.  Unfortunately, I was not aware that it included custom missions. Now I can't play the original campaigns because they are replaced by custom campaigns. 

I'd like to ask your help. Is there any way to remove these custom campaigns and revert them back to the original allied and soviet campaigns? Thank you. 

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Sort files by name in ra2 folder.

Delete all files named as all01* sov01* trn01* (numbers can be different, * - rest filename part). Because they are being loaded instead of original missions.

Original RA2 / YR single player mission maps filename list from http://www.yrargentina.com/old/index.php?page=tutorials/campaigns :

RA2 Allied Mission 1 ---- All01t.map
RA2 Allied Mission 2 ---- All02s.map
RA2 Allied Mission 3 ---- All03u.map
RA2 Allied Mission 4 ---- All04u.map
RA2 Allied Mission 5 ---- All05s.map
RA2 Allied Mission 6 ---- All06u.map
RA2 Allied Mission 7 ---- All07t.map
RA2 Allied Mission 8 ---- All08u.map
RA2 Allied Mission 9 ---- All09t.map
RA2 Allied Mission 10 ---- All10s.map
RA2 Allied Mission 11 ---- All11t.map
RA2 Allied Mission 12 ---- All12s.map
RA2 Training Mission 1 ---- Trn01t.map
RA2 Training Mission 1 ---- Trn02t.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 1 ---- Sov01t.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 2 ---- Sov02t.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 3 ---- Sov03u.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 4 ---- Sov04s.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 5 ---- Sov05u.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 6 ---- Sov06t.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 7 ---- Sov07s.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 8 ---- Sov08u.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 9 ---- Sov09u.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 10 ---- Sov10t.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 11 ---- Sov11s.map
RA2 Soviet Mission 12 ---- Sov12s.map
RA2YR Allied Mission 1 ---- All01umd.map
RA2YR Allied Mission 2 ---- All02umd.map
RA2YR Allied Mission 3 ---- All03umd.map
RA2YR Allied Mission 4 ---- All04dmd.map
RA2YR Allied Mission 5 ---- All05umd.map
RA2YR Allied Mission 6 ---- All06umd.map
RA2YR Allied Mission 7 ---- All07smd.map
RA2YR Soviet Mission 1 ---- Sov01umd.map
RA2YR Soviet Mission 2 ---- Sov02smd.map
RA2YR Soviet Mission 3 ---- Sov03umd.map
RA2YR Soviet Mission 4 ---- Sov04dmd.map
RA2YR Soviet Mission 5 ---- Sov05umd.map
RA2YR Soviet Mission 6 ---- Sov06lmd.map
RA2YR Soviet Mission 7 ---- Sov07tmd.map


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