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Mission Map : The Wolves of Winter (Soviet mission)


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Mission map for anyone running Red Alert2 , you will need the Soviet mission Disc. The Zip holds the sov01t.map file and the ra2.csf string file. Place these two files in the Westwood Red Alert2 folder. Then launch the game and select the Allied Mission. There is also a read me file and mini map included in the zip.

Once your finished playing this mission simply remove both these files and the Red Alert Game will be restored.

Name: The Wolves of Winter
Size: 60x60
Players: 1
Theater: Tundra

To play this mission:Extract the contents of the winzip file into your 
Red Alert2 Directory.Launch the game,select new campaign for the Soviets.
The game will then launch.

Info:After a succession of crushing defeats,the Soviet war effort is losing 
it's momentum. The conscription rate has declined with the Soviet people evading 
conscription and the opportunity to serve the great Soviet empire.
It has been decided that the Russian people need a quick victory that will 
re-kindle their fighting spirits.
Your mission is to take six of our newest recruits and make them into heros 
of the Soviet empire. Your conscripts will be sent deep into Allied territory, 
Iceland to be precise, where the Allies have established a small and lightly 
defended observation post. Send our brave Soviet soldiers into that base using 
the limited resources available. If you succeed in shutting down the power to 
the base, we will airdrop a small taskforce of engineers,which should be used 
to capture and hold the allied airport to the east of the base.
Further intelligence suggests one of our loyal Soviet comrade's is being held 
prisoner somewhere in this base, find and rescue him and your chances of success 
will be greatly improved.
Failure will not be tolerated, give the Soviet people their victory.Make these 
soldiers into the Wolves of winter.......or face the consequences!

 Objective 1: Infiltrate and power-down the base.
 Objective 2: Capture the allied airport.
 Objective 3: Destroy all five flags.

Ok so there u have it,this is my fifth single player mission for RedAlert2.
A RA2CFS file has been added.If you wish to install this please back-up your
original CFS file as the text of the mission has been altered in 
order to fit with the maps theme!

Ive recently played this, yet another unit based mission, use your Soviet Conscripts wisely, garrison, tents and bunkers as you advance into the map. Time your moves carefully, especially whilst moving under the bridge to the north, and navigating your way through the guard post gates. An IFV can be captured, to aid you in your mission, but its not vital. Likewise the Crazy Ivan unit, may speed up your destruction of the base. Capturing the Allied Barracks and Oil Derrick is one of the better ways to win through.





SCRN0014 (1).jpg

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