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  1. Well worth a download, with plenty of surprises, some of which I've never seen before.
  2. I'll stick with the Ai for now, and see if I can fix this myself. It gives me a little longer to turn it into something, as there's lots of loose ends with regards to the win conditions. what with me keeping adding stuff too. Great shame about the Radiation, I was hoping to do something different with a separate colour. Has given me the glimmering of an idea for another project though. Searched through a few forums for this and saw nothing which made me think it was a no go. As for the Paradrop, hmmmm, guessing adding a paradrop to a separate building is just going to give me the same troops too if its owned by the same house as the Airport. I'll have a think about that. Once again thankyou. If you would like a look at it, I've now got a basic full mission, that runs ok. Ive still got variables to add, along with sounds, texts, crates ,detail and bridge repair triggers. Ive fixed up a second cargo plane that repeats on a building exists/not exists trigger. My only bug on that is it needs directing to a waypoint. Your probably going to scream at me if you see what Ive done.☠️
  3. I'll stick with the Ai for now, and see if I can fix this myself. It gives me a little longer to turn it into something, as there's lots of loose ends with regards to the win conditions. what with me keeping adding stuff too. Great shame about the Radiation, I was hoping to do something different with a separate colour. Has given me the glimmering of an idea for another project though. Searched through a few forums for this and saw nothing which made me think it was a no go. As for the Paradrop, hmmmm, guessing adding a paradrop to a separate building is just going to give me the same troops too if its owned by the same house as the Airport. I'll have a think about that. Once again thankyou.
  4. Im having some success, but it seems that after an initial onslaught there's a lull in attacks, (More a yawning chasm), is this because I started dictating conditions as to what team is being built? (Does that interrupt the ai, so it stops?) Couple of non related questions, is it possible to have two radiation colours on a single map? I know how to change the colour, but was wondering if it can be duplicated so you could have a second colour for another use, just by ini editing. Oh and if I don't work it out by trawling through the rules, im thinking 'pilot' or crewed, can I have a mixed paradrop without two planes flying overhead from the tech airport. I could fake it with the cargo plane maybe?
  5. Amazing! Great work on 53 and 54. That would mean surrounding a building with Celltags, (just almost as good, providing the Unit doesn't get killed before it enters. Im guessing that placing a building directly onto a celltag, voids that celltag from working.
  6. This gets more and more interesting. I ought to run a side project of test each and every trigger so there's an example of what does work in RA2 and what does not. Is there a list of these working actions that aren't in the editor? (Unless your refering to the YR ones of sending tanks to Tank Bunkers, Units to Garrison ect? Thanks for the quick test, bit of an afterthought after I wrote a disable/enable trigger for my objective. Least the building does not exist trigger works. I only ever used Finalsun editor once. It kinda killed it for me not being able to add texts at the time. There was a mission kicking around, I wrote. At the moment my Ai seems to be building teams in order. it has a preference for terrordrones though.
  7. I might be a bit too novice for your creative hub, just yet. but thanks for the invite.
  8. Oh right thanks for explaining that, I guess one of the keywords I read into it was 'Lottery', implying it was more down to chance that Ai when it came to creating teams. However now youve given me a much better idea of how it, 'should', work least it gives me more insight and a rough idea of how I should be translating an idea with the editor. Once again thanks. Completely off topic ive discovered that Event 2 Spied Upon fails to work in RA2 as does Event 53 and 54 respectively Spy Entering as House and Spy Entering as Infantry..... both would of been fun to work with, but Ive found a work around. As an afterthought, can a building be modified so it can be entered by a Spy but not an Engineer? Spyable=yes Capturable=false would this work or do both spy and engineer use the same capture logic when it comes to entering a building? Your asking RaVaGe, about the Weighting not working Im guessing here.
  9. And still I didn't give up, I swapped the '10' for a '0', to see if that would make it work, I swapped the Building name for the number on the list along with it. So I think Ive now tried everything, and eliminated that Action for RA2. Next one Ive found not working is an Event Spy Enter as infantry. Just doing a little each day adding things , its slowly taking shape. Still got a load of others I need to upload.
  10. Your quite right, although the action is in the FA2 (original release) editor, it does nothing. I've just been experimenting. Interestingly enough 01000022=1,125,10,20,0,0,0,0,I it gives a number to the building. '20', --- but changing this to NALASR, made no difference. It fails to fire. So no having tried a number of permutations it looks like it doesn't work in the standard RA2 game. Base Nodes it is then......
  11. Just been going over this amazing cataloging of pretty much everything, , are there tutorials on 'Weighting', or is this something you just knock 100 off and experiment with yourself. Also it says Weight: sets the weight of the team at the start of the map. should always be less than max and more than min , yet the set-up always displays the same weight as the WeightMax, as seen in the example (shouldn't it just under this if Im reading it right?). Noticed this tiny typo. 124.... should refer to undoes trigger action 123. Never the less an impressive summery of everything 123) Mind control base of... all buildings owned by the house specified will change house to the owner of the trigger 124) Restore mind controlled base to... undoes trigger action 124 and restores "mind controlled" buildings
  12. Hi, Ive just come up yet another action that should work, but now does not. I know it works on a YR Single Player Mission because Ive used it. However now it comes to repeating the action on a Red Alert 2 map.....it doesn't work. The Action 125 Build Building at..... (Waypoint & Building type from dropdown list). Ive tried different Events, and re-written the Trigger under a couple of different conditions. Ive looked at the coding in word, and all appears as it should. My only thought now is that the inclusion of Base Nodes on the map may have cancelled this action. Is this a known issue? Here's the coding from the problem map. RA2 01000147=5,125,10,NAFLAK,0,0,0,0,AR,125,10,NAFLAK,0,0,0,0,AS,125,10,NAFLAK,0,0,0,0,AT,125,10,NALASR,0,0,0,0,AU,125,10,NALASR,0,0,0,0,AV 01000152=4,17,0,48,0,0,0,0,A,112,0,48,0,0,0,0,AW,80,1,01000151,0,0,0,0,AX,53,2,01000147,0,0,0,0,A 01000157=1,125,10,NALASR,0,0,0,0,BF And here's the code from one that works, YR. 01000093=3,125,10,TESLA,0,0,0,0,BC,125,10,TESLA,0,0,0,0,BB,11,4,A24,0,0,0,0,A Aside from the building type nothing seems amiss Could this be an example of the Code requiring the Waypoint Number rather than the two Letter code? As the Waypoints are 43,44,45,46 and 47. And I don't see those but do see the number '10', repeated.
  13. Fun map that's not too demanding. Plenty of hidden crates, no base building required. Just added the screen shots.
  14. Ok I understand, yes I keep going back to that guide. Now Ive a more practical idea, I'll read it again, so something should stick.☺️
  15. So the second or third houses need identical Base Defence Teams, or just Base Defence teams set to the same Max=. Im gonna have to write all this down, lol
  16. Yes it built both base defence teams. I now have a little understanding. Unclear on weighting ect, But I guess I'll get more into that as I get comfortable with this cleaner method of bringing Units into the field. Once again thankyou for taking all this trouble and time to explain it all, its going to be a while before this current project is finished, but you will be the main contributing factor in it's completion once its done.
  17. Ok yes I understand. So Ive now written two Base defence teams, one consisting of a few Flak Troops and Conscripts, the other of 3 Rhino Tanks. Both are scripted to move to own buildings. Ive written the Ai triggers for this and altered the AI trigger to Action 13 instead of 3. Fingers crossed I'll go see what happens. Many thanks again. So here's what it did. It produced the First Team that was left alone, the Conscripts with the Engineer. It then produced the Base defence team, with the Flak Troops and Conscripts. That was all, no Rhino's. The Cuba Base I left alone and it did what it was told to. I'll go look at my trigger again. --- My bad I hadn't altered the 0 house owns the conditions field.
  18. Just looking through it now. Im still unclear as to the reasoning behind this Condition being Great than or Equal to, meaning, the base has to own '1' of this building to make the team, so you find the building in the drop down list. In my case NAHAND the Soviet Barracks? That right, shouldn't it need power too? Hang on your says Tech type, mine says Unit type.
  19. Ok I see some of the problem here. As I was using the original Final Alert2 editor. Its not got the Ai Triggers it only has the Trigger Enabling feature. Only the Final Alert YR has.
  20. Ok, here it is in a very basic form, no Locked input, No scrolling, its just the Player and 3 Ai teams, one of which does its own thing with the MCV despite being told otherwise. I may end up just forcing Russia to build it. You will see there are a few Ai teams and triggers. All buildings produce their Units and follow their scripts, that's not a problem. I just can't get my head around what exactly isbasedefense means, and why it needs it? The patrols belong to the third house, (possibly why the MCV sat on Waypoint 16 just deployed instead of following its script. all01t.map
  21. Well its sort of working, but I don't really think the Ai has a hand in it. You see I turned off the global Ai, so the Ai now just produces its harvesters, and builds its structures. No random units are produced to defend its base. It builds the teams I tell it to, but only if I instruct it to in a trigger, by using the Action 4 create team..... (It creates the team, the team follows its script and thats it). Literally, the Ai does nothing else, no other units are produced. Is this what Im aiming for?
  22. Thanks McPwny Im starting to get my head around it a little now, and Id like to understand it so keep trying different ideas just to see what works and what doesn't , it certainly makes for a more 'random', game. Never quite knowing what's coming for you. At the moment the only thing that gets me is the wait. The AI seems to take a fair amount of time building these complicated teams, only to send them out and get destroyed by an enemy Unit that just happens to get lucky. It also sent a single Kirov, by the time it got to me Id built enough SAM sites to bring down a fleet. Map size is 130 x 110. Having added the Global AI would I have to delete each team to remove it, or might it be simpler to start from scratch and never initiate it. (Assuming Im understanding that Global AI is AI trigger types Enable? This wouldn't be hard as Ive not done that much.
  23. Ive started looking into this McPwny, Ive had some success, but do have a few questions that may confirm or add new information with regards to allowing the AI to control its House. First off Im using the original Final Alert, as Im not doing anything with YR. Would I be better off using the YR editor and just setting it to Red Alert2? Would this give me more options, just a thought. Secondly, Ive got the AI House Russia to produce Units, however I did initiate the 'Use own AI Triggers', option. So of course its happily running its own teams across the map and ignoring the scant Units I told it to build. Third one. I set up a second Enemy house, however for some reason the Pre-placed MCV failed to follow the waypoints in script and simply went for the Deploy and success. At first I though this could of been a problem in the waypoint path, (a blockage, or too narrow a channel). However on placing the MCV next to its deploy spot, that's just what it did, deploy. It then went on to produce its base node buildings, but stopped at producing Units. Given that the MCV was the only Unit belonging to House Cuba on the map, does it still confuse the AI? Would I be better off simply placing a Con Yard. I understand that if I want patrols ect they must belong to a 'Third House', so no to confuse the AI. I'll just ally them, ensuring the conditions exist for a win. However if I were to force the third side to 'change house', at some point would that upset the AI also?
  24. Having gone through this again, I can honestly say I found it hard and frustrating. So here's a little help. Firstly there's lots of money hidden in crates. You just have to find those crates. Destroy the Water Tower to the North, a Pill Box in the GI camp close by, Pipes in the South East by the Soviet Radar Tower, one by the Engineers and another towards the West which appears when Garrisoning a building. There's more hidden around the map. There is also a Reveal All Crate hidden in the park to the East, i think you have to destroy the park benches for that. Here's a trick Id long forgotten about. Once Yuri is free, use him to mind control a yellow Bus. Its great for driving through the Allied base, and you can put Units inside it, like the Engineers. Then they are undetected. (Use the Flak Troops that lurk around a northern building to protect Yuri from air assults). One annoying think is the repeating Prism Tanks that appear out of nowhere, down by the Soviet Conyard. I ought to take a look at that as it makes little sense ,(I think they were supposed to Chrono in),and causes the mission to become intensely difficult.(Build two telsa coils and keep an eye on them to hold back the attack). There are some Tesla Tanks located to the west, your best grabbing these with the Yellow Bus on route to the Nuclear Power Plant. Use them to knock out a couple of those Prism Towers by the Ore Purifier, otherwise risk loosing the reactor as you capture it. Prepare to defend it well with sentry guns. Another hint, is in the map title, stick to using Tesla Tanks, and capture that airport to the north to gain some much needed Tesla Troops. Building a Tech lab is only going to bring you trouble. Its challenging but rewarding if you beat it.
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