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Mission Map : Terminal Lunacy (Soviet Yuri's Revenge mission)


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Mission map for anyone running Red Alert2 , you will need the Yuris Revenge mission Disc. The Zip holds the sov01umd.map file and the ra2.csf string file. Place these two files in the Westwood Red Alert2 folder. Then launch the game and select the Soviet Mission. There is also a read me file and mini map included in the zip.

Once your finished playing this mission simply remove both these files and the Red Alert Game will be restored.

Name: Terminal Lunacy
Size: 80x70
Players: 1
Theatre: Lunar

To play this mission :Yuri's Revenge mission disc required. Extract the contents of the winzip
file into your Red Alert2 Directory.Launch the game,select new campaign for the Soviets.
The game will then launch.

Info: Acting on information retrieved during the fall of one of Yuri's bases in Yakutsk-Russia, the Soviets
directed their satellites towards the moon. After an intensive search of the lunar plateaus they detected power 
emissions from within a crater. This was Yuri's hidden moonbase, a small fortress built within a crater on the moon
for the purpose of experimentation. The moonbase housed some of Yuri's latest creations, weapons unseen or tested in
the field. From this location Yuri had planned to launch a pre-empt attack and then follow through with his 
latest weapons of mass destruction.
The Soviets quickly assembled and dispatched an elite corps of Conscripts to attack the base. Whilst distracted by 
the attack a small force was to infiltrate the moonbase and destroy the experimental laboratories along with the command centre.
We have recovered evidence to suggest that some of Yuri's latest weapons are machines of mass destruction, Cyborgs.
It appears that Yuri had been experimenting with on his own followers, stripping their minds of any vestages of humanity and
replacing their limbs and organs with cybernetic implants. Equipped with lethal weaponry and without any remorse or conscience
these Cyborgs are extremely hostile, plan your operation with care.
We have also enlisted the help of Boris, hero of the Soviet people. It is vital that he is returned to the USSR to continue 
operations against the enemies of the Soviet empire. Do not lose him!   


I had fun playing this again, some 18 years after I originally wrote it. Essentially its a puzzle mission. The Arnie-like cyborgs are a real pain, some have desolater weapons, others fire lightning bolts. You do get to control your own at some stage, and its vital to completing this mission. The map plays between two main areas, and you at times pass through one area, only to return later to get at those structures which were unattainable the first time round.

Hints: Try to hit the Arnie Cyborgs with Boris as they move. Getting the first shot in, will win through on the patrolling Cyborgs. Use your own Arnie Cyborg to destroy the stationary ones. Your own Cyborg will not recharge its health, however there are plenty of health crates to be found, (by destroying pipes, hedgehogs ect),  it might take  a few attempts to work out where.

 Objective 1: Destroy Yuri's Space Command Centre.
 Objective 2: Destroy the Cloning Vats.
 Objective 3: Destroy the Missile Silo.

 Objective 4: Keep Boris alive.


Ok so there u have it,
A RA2md.CFS file has been added. This will overwrite any other RA2mdCSF.file which you may of installed in your 
RA2 Folder from previous downloaded missions.The file contains text which been altered in order to fit 
with the maps theme!
Explanation: The Sov01umd.map file when placed in your RA2 folder preceeds the standard Yuris Revenge game disc missions.
This means that the first mission played when the game is launched will be this mission. To restore your games
original first mission simply remove the Sov01umd.map file from your RA2 folder.
The RA2md.csf file contains the text for this mission, it also preceeds your game disc csf file. As above once you have
finished playing this mission remove the RA2mdcsf.file. This also causes your game to revert to reading from the mission 
disc as opposed to reading data from the RA2 folder.

Terminal Lunacy.zip






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