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Realmz (an old liberated top-down RPG)


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This was originally posted at Abandonia Forums. Personally I've never heard of this game before, but it must have been quite popular. Looks rather fine too :) It was released as freeware by the developer in 2008.

Realmz: "Abandoned Freeware" RPG


Well this is most peculiar case.


Realmz is indie Mac/Windows RPG from 1994, with official scenarios/expansions being released up to 2002.


It was developed by a guy called Tim Phillips and published through his company Fantasoft.

(He also published some games for other Mac Indie Developers, including the original Exile Trilogy by Jeff Vogel.)


In November 2008, Tim Phillips released the full version of Realmz (Mac & Windows) as a free download. Plus the registration numbers for the commercial scenarios/expansions made available to everyone on the Realmz Yahoo Group.


However, Fantasoft's website has since expired.



Realmz Wiki Page

Fantasoft Website (Expired)

Archive of the Site

The official website is down but has a functional mirror, which can be found here. The links at the downloads page there are broken though because they still point to the old website, but the files are present on the site. The correct links are as follows:


Realmz v7.1.2 Demo for Windows

Realmz v7.1.2 Demo for MacOS

Windows version registration codes

MacOS version registration codes

Realmz Version 7.x.x to 7.1.2 Update for Windows

Realmz Version 7.x.x to 7.1.2 Update for MacOS

Realmz Version 7.1.2 to 8.0.7 Update for MacOS

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