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Issues with Custom Maps


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Hello, everyone!

I'm new to the forums, so I appreciate the help of anyone who has anything to advise.

I've been trying to play some downloaded custom maps from CnC Maps, such as Walls of Jericho to play on Yuri's Revenge though the CnC.net client.

However, after following the instructions to change the file name to .map from .yrm or .rar or whatever it comes in, and then placing the renamed map in the Custom directory in the RA2 folder, the maps do not show up. I've also checked the game modes to see if the map will show up in another mode, but I still cannot find it.

I downloaded another map, the hill conquer (sic.), and went through the same process with it as well, and I can't find it either, except for the game modes airwar, navalwar, and nuclearwar, even though the file says it should play in Standard. Now, the CnC.net client doesn't have standard anymore, so I thought changing the map's game mode in Notepad to Battle (replacement for Standard after the latest update) would work, and it still will not show up. I've searched the internet for anyone having this issue, and all the suggestions I could find are things I've tried.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?

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are you sure that u did change the map name to ".map" ? i mean these are basic issues i have had those problems before. i forget how did i solve my problems, make sure you changed the map name.


try this one




walls of jeric.map

also i have found your map in cncnet maps database that i have found this inside;


changed into this 

GameMode=standard, navalwar, cooperative

that will solve your problem

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Thanks, Tutankhamun 

I actually figured out how to fix it last night, and it pretty much involved doing what you said. I did edit the file name to .map, and at first it wasn't working, and then I downloaded another map and the Standard Mode appeared. The maps were there.

The issue with walls of jericho was pretty much what you said. For some reason, the one off of CnC.Net came as rar file and I couldn't edit its mode through notepad. I downloaded it again from MediaFire in a .yrm file and the switch to a .map file worked. Weird.

Thanks a lot!

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