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  1. you are trash talker and jealus
  2. cool, i will finally block some dog-like trash talkers
  3. 'GET SNEAKY POSITION' Check out these description below; Objectives & Tips & Information: You have a house which you can train only infantry units. (yes, as barracks) You can also garrison your house. (initiates are best) The special units are too expensive, so your house produces +350 cash per delay. There are two Oil Derricks in center of the map, so capture them and get +350 additional cash. (If necessary, fight for them) One Oil Derrick gives +350 additional cash per delay get the other one! Grow fast! Maximum player number is 4. It can be Free For All or 2vs2 or 3vs1 (If you are not experienced dont try 3vs1) Playing this map lasts 20~40 minutes. (If you are not rusher, or your opponent) One the other thing is, there is a forest that you can hide your single unit in it. (Many units pays attention in same area, try to separate them) House can be destroyed instantly using SEAL's C4 or Chrono Commando's C4. House is very tough, hard to destroy by a hand, siege your opponent house with your ranged units (dont forget to support them) and wait your best chance. There are walls scattered each player's positions. Use them wisely Dont forget to cover your special units against crowded ones. They will die eventually if you dont... (use cheap pawns, as conscript, brutes or tesla troopers) STATISTICS Special units: ---- Chrono Commando; Cost: 15,000 Armor: Heavy (plate) Hitpoints: Normal (210) Build Limit: 2 ---- Rate of Fire: Very fast (10) Range: Far (10) Damage: Good (180) ELITE Range: Very Far (14) Rate of Fire: Extremely fast (7) Damage: Very Good (210) ---- BORIS; Cost: 20,000 Armor: Normal (Flak) Hitpoints: Rough (360) Buildlimit: 1 ---- Rate of fire: Fast (20) Range: Far (12) Damage: Good (190) ELITE Range: Too far (14) Rate Of Fire: Very Fast (17) Damage: Godly (320) ---- SPY Cost: 35,000 Speed: Fast (7) You can spy your enemy using this dude. Very risky but worth for rank up your whole infantry (especially Boris) -------- SNIPER; Cost: 11,000 Armor: Normal (flak) Hitpoints: very low (135) Buildlimit: 8 ------ Rate of Fire: Low (100) Range: Too far (14) Damage: Good (165) ELITE Rate of Fire: Good (70) Range: Most Ranged (17) Damage: Most damage (340) ---- OTHERS GI & CONSCRIPT (support) Cost: 100 Armor: Normal ( Flak) Hitpoints: Average (180)----190 for conscript (gets two shots with sniper) ENGINEER (support) Cost: 100 Armor: none Hitpoints: 100 tips: use this guy for instanty repair your house, other garrisoned buildings and your oil derrick(s) BRUTE (support & offensive) Cost: 3,000 Armor: Heavy (plate) Hitpoints: tough ---750 Move Speed: Extremely Fast (10 as ifv) use this guy to kill easily single tagrets as snipers or boris (dont use against seals or chrono commando) this guy is just tank...use this wisely TESLA TROOPER (support & offensive) Cost: 1,350 Armor: Heavy (Plate) Hitpoints: Rough (400) --- Rate of fire: Normal (60) Range: Close (5) Damage: Average (90) --- ELITE: Rate of fire: Fast (40) Range: Good (10) Damage: Hurts (130) INITIATE (offensive) Cost: 350 Armor: Normal (Flak) Hitpoints: Weak (170) --- (not necessary unranked) ELITE Rate Of fire: Very Fast (10) Range: Away (8) Damage: Normal (90) DESOLATOR (offensive & defensive) Cost: 9,000 Armor: Heavy (Plate) Hitpoints: Good (250) Buildlimit: 2 ----- Rate of Fire: Fast (50) Range: Good (8) Damage: Extremely Good (200) ---- ELITE Rate Of Fire: Extremely Fast (35) Range: Too Far (13----unranked sniper is 14, unranked Boris is 12) Damage: Most Damage (340) SEAL (offensive & defensive) tip :use this guy against tanky ones Cost: 3,300 Armor: Normal (Flak) Hitpoints: Weak (170) Buildlimit: 15 ---- Rate of Fire: Extremely Fast (9) Range: Close (6) Damage: Very Good (200) ---- ELITE Rate of Fire: Extremely Insane (7) Range: Good (9) Damage: Insane (280) There are two offensive units more; Flak trooper and Guardian GI, use them for AoE (area of effect). Elites are too strong especially flak trooper. Also Virus is available here, she greets you with her high rate of fire, low damage, and medium range. Dont feed your opponent to get his elite units. My ink is ending here i present you few screen shot of some games below; Two oil derricks in center of the map with farms also walls Whole Map looks like this one below; Garrison your House SUPRISE HULKS! We came for assault four of you! This is my first map that i ever made. YOU CAN PLAY WITH CRATES MODE ON. MCV WONT APPEAR, NO VEHICLES TOO. BUGS OR SOME GRAPHIC MISTAKES MAY BE HAPPEN, GET PREPARED FOR THAT. huntersinforestv1.2.map
  4. hey guys, almost of my 700 games are started but none of them were fnished, any suggestion for this? i played alot of game with multiplay. but there is no such statistic for my cncnet profile? help me 2 solve this please
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