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  1. Upload reason is urgency its still playable though [2] EvilHeat - v0.1 (edit-Testmode).map
  2. try to put AnimationProbability=0.999 Results will shock you up. i use my own maps with that code yes, both. as the second guy replied; Side note: if you're looking for a drill that generates gems, go to rulesmd.ini -> [Tiberiums] and change Riparius to Cruentus. But this will change all three of the TIBTRE##s (drills).
  3. i can make that happen. doubling hitpoints and sightly increasing tower's damage points
  4. i have no idea it just came up with new patch and i dont know how to fix i have reinstalled the whole game it didnt work. I'm getting reconnection error while starting building power plant proof (i have no idea what does this do) SYNC_CNCNET0.TXT
  5. thank you! as you can see this image shows no land units can pass through from there, except hovercrafts. And the reason that why i did put Tech power plant in to that spot, because the spot has much more big open water space than the others, it also has tight morocco & spain pass into its safe sea. oil derricks are cannot be rush-destroyed by navy units and he can push his nearest enemy's miner using that cliff. its all calculated bro also this
  6. Sedona Pass - Ice Age Converted snow Added Ice Cliffs frozensedona_fixed_navy.map
  7. Greetings Commanders As all we know there was a map called "Sedona Global Warming". I have considered that people are playing it too much then decided to change it for fair playing. Changes Fixed all cliffs (example; Added slope sets on unfair spots for backdooring Added Tech Secret Lab Left Bottom and Right Top spots. Added Tech Power Plant to Bottom Left corner Gems balanced Ores Balanced Fixed ore tree's locations (was extracting ores outiside of the map that cannot able to mine it) Tech Oil derricks are now seperated to each other (prevent mass destruction) Added cool preview Added Waterfalls and Cave features Many movement imparing bugs fixed (ordering unit after it stuck) Balanced Unfair advantages on map set Preview ------------------------------------------ Information ---------------------------------------- globalwarming3.map
  8. you have to uninstall all net.framework products in your software and install the 4.5 version again
  9. @RaVaGe tsunami is unbalanced i hope you fix. many players are playing that map aswell. there was an issue in position bottom right. each spot has 2 oils nearby to the sea but that spot has oils far away from the sea and no one can rush with naval destroyers to kill that spot's oils. there is also another issue in same spot. front shores. sometimes units are stucking in that shore when tried to move from there. and position top right has many ore than others. bottom left position has seperated oils, not next to each other so its different from other spots.
  10. cXn Arena just in case, dont enable yuri rebalance patch because this one has its own changes in it. Nothing can pass through the pavement roads Custom Changes Grand Cannon Build Limit reduced to 1. Attack Range reduced -%17 Gap Generator Build Limit reduced to 1. Gap radius reduced -%20 Oil Derrick Will not explode when destroyed Wont leave rubble when destroyed Generates 200$ per 15seconds Ore Purifier (build me if you can) All sides able to build Generates 100$ per 6seconds Resistant Engineers and Spy Maximum build limit is now 3. Yuri Prime Moving speed sightly reduced Magnetron Moving speed sightly reduced Attack range reduced -%25 Yuri Clone Size increased 5. Battle fortresses will able to garrison only single Yuri Clone in it. Genetic Mutator Recharge Time increased 2mins. (7 minutes to charge) Mutating area reduced _________________________ cnx arena1 _nerfed yuri.map _________________________ __________________________________ this one has not yuri changes. i didnt touch yuri in it. you may taste cnx arena_classic.map __________________________________
  11. thank you, we'll meet in the client then
  12. HELLO COMMANDERS! I present you a new oily map classics with infantry mode Only infantry units allowed You may play with Crates mode on. CHANGES This is farm house, it known as Construction Yard Army Tents as Barracks This building provides you paradrop. Paradrops also showing its timer You will be able to build super weapon when Super weapons mode is on There will be only one Superweapon, Genetic Mutator Powers are generating cash and it has build limit (13) IMAGE OF THE WHOLE MAP PREVIEW oil_legacy_infantry.map
  13. the map has been updated, deleted old and buggy attachment in the topic. Fixed Chrono commando's randomized spawnings A little balance changes (New) Units will be promoted instantly when killing a single unit
  14. Hello! And here it is, my first survival map that i have ever made. I wont share any information about details of the map in here, you can pm me for that anyways. Dont get shocked when you expose some bugs. this is my first survival map, MSG here and let me know and thanks @YosefAnan for fixing JUST a little crash error in this map Also thanks @Boggle04 for minor ideas RULES Each player must be in same team AI has to be in spot 5 Crates off Cash - doesnt matter you will get robbed anyway Yuri ReBalance patch should be Off Superweapons on or off, it doesnt matter BASIC TIPS Build miners at starting of game for earn money quickly You will have 10 minutes for preparation, be fast Operator will tell you the remaining time Dont worry, ore trees will extract ores incredibly fast without exhaustion When you have enough money to spend, build basic buildings like Yuri Battle Lab, Robot Control Center and Ore purifier. Try to build your own Oil derrick and you have to! You wont be able to move or build on sandy terrain, build a little away from pavement roads for prevent explosion damage You will have no iron curtain or any other taking damage preventation sources that save the Jefferson Memorial Dont get close Jefferson memorial with any of your elite units, because its dangerious. they may accidently one shot that building There are 20 waves, it means 2 levels. When fnishing level 1, you will get promoted infantry veterancy. Use tesla troopers wisely TO PREVENT SLOW SPIKES (also known as "lag". but it isnt lag) I SUGGEST YOU TO USE VOLKSWAGEN MOVE YOUR EVERY UNIT IN IT SO YOUR UNITS's MODELS AND ANIMATIONS WILL DISAPPEAR WHILE THESE ANIMATIONS AND MODELS DISAPPEARING, WARHEADS OR PROJECTILES MAY CAUSE SLOW SPIKES WHEN INSIDE OF VOLKSWAGEN's UNITS ATTACKING AN ENEMY. STILL, THIS IS YOUR BEST OPTION IT'S WELL CALCULATED BY ME. LETS SAY YOU HAVE 50 TESLA TANKS AND ALL OF THEM ORDERED TO MOVE SOME LOCATION. WHILE THAT MOMENT, A HUGE WAVE IS SPAWNED AND THEY ARE COMING, YOU WILL GET PROBABLY SLOWED DOWN. YOUR BEST OPTION IS BRING ALL OF YOUR UNITS IN VOLKSWAGEN'S INSIDE FOR REMOVE THEIR MODELS AND ANIMATIONS. YOU GONNA HAVE ONE UNIT MOVING AND MANY TANKS IN IT. ACTUAL VIEW OF THE MAP PREVIEW ON CNCNET enjoy here is save_the_memorial_1.map link
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