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  1. why do you need that question to ask me?
  2. yes it is real and you get %100 money back from anything. think about industrial plant that reduces cost and refund still %100 yeah the bug was familar to red alert's sandbag bug
  3. for who responsible of fixing this bug i just post this here to let you guys know what is going on in CnCnet nowadays. Why? This community needs love, so i do. As far as i know people are doing this bug for a purpose to get free money from nothing (sometimes useful though) for example selling your unecessary lazy miner will do so. i hope i am right place to posting this here The Soviet side gets the most effective benefit from selling a unit if you have industrial plant. its like grinding mcv exploit most people when get YURI and SOVIET side they build industrial plant and grinder and then make alot of mcv for 2,250$ grinding it for 3,000$. +750$ income from only just building a unit! You gonna have fast and cheaper mcv if you have more war factories, think about your income and ruining other player's game. just think about it HE IS A PRO BUG MAKER THAT YOU SHOULD SEE HOW HE IS DOING IT! CLICK HERE TO SEE ENTIRE EXPLANATION OF THIS BUG! i have also created gifs for you so check out to copy it for somewhere else for who those who did not click that link ill just leave here
  4. Is there any way to put your own customized cameos on your map? If it is possible, it wont be counted as a modded game because it's just a map file. According to: "Compression If FrameHeader.Flag have second bit set, compression is used. if (info->flag & 0x2) { // with compression code } else { // without compression code } First method: The first two bytes of the frame data indicate how many bytes are in the line (that is, how many bytes of the frame data represent a whole row of pixels). This count includes the two bytes that say how many bytes in the line (for example if the value was 8, there would be 6 bytes of pixel information until the next line). After this, there is a series of bytes indicating which index of the PAL file the colour is. In any case where the colour is 0x00, then the following byte indicates how many pixels of colour 0x00 (transparent) are to be written. For example, a line might read: 07 00 00 09 53 00 9C This would be 9 pixels of transparent colour, colour 0x53 in the pallette, and then another 0x9C pixels of transparent. This format repeats until all the lines in the image have been accounted for." This doesnt tell you about cameos but it should be used as other purposes aswell. What do you think guys? I think this is possible to make your own customized cameos on your map. You create a cameo image edit,it and then link it's bytes to your map. References will be bytes of pixels
  5. i was looking for any possible way to make [TIBTRE01],[TIBTRE02] or [TIBTRE03]'s generate GEMS instead ORE. Is it possible? i look up ore varieties that contains [Aboreus], [Cruentus] , [Riparius] and [Vinifera] example image;
  6. Is there any possible way that ra2 support multi core for the future? In my opinion my expectations are great in this community, i believe someone will solve this problem for all of us.... And that day is coming For those who dont know what is multi thread and what it does, if it is able to help ra2, you should know when you play survival map and it is so damn slow but your computer is a monster. I bet even if you have quantum computer the game will slow down because of you are playing old game
  7. thats so true. bug appearing if there are many units
  8. HELLO I've some made and re-made some epic maps in here so then i have decided to upload here, check these out. METALED'S DEATHPITT ""Name=Metaled's DEATHPITT - R3MAST3R3D"" EDIT BY ME Tiberium Trees ( Ore extractors ) extraction speed capped at it's maximum level. They are working extremely fast without exhaustion. PREVIEW metaled_remastered.map ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ METALED'S DEATHPITT - ANTI RUSH BARRIER """"Name=Metaled's DEATHPITT - R3MAST3R3D [ANTI-RUSH]"""" Tiberium Trees ( Ore extractors ) extraction speed capped at it's maximum level. They are working extremely fast without exhaustion. metaled_antirush.map ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ISOLATION """"MapName=[8] Isolation - R3MASTERED -""""" Lots of players playing it but they have no idea whats this one taste like; Fixed cliff's positions to make them more and more logically replaced in where exactly they should be. Added waterfalls Fixed Oil Derrick's locations All civilian units removed Spyplane has 2 mins cooldown Psychic Reveal is now 3mins cooldown Replaced Spysat around the map for lazy scouters Removed gems and replaced additional ore extractors Some movement bugs are fixed (when moving through cliff using slopes does units stuck isolation.map ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PREVIEW ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ YURI'S BRAIN """"MapName=Yuri's Brain"""" fun map, more likely Each player has Oil Derrick and Spysat behind their starting location. Oil Derricks are generating 150$ per delay. Spy available in Soviet side Normal Power buildings are generating 25$ per delay Nuke Power generating 75$ per delay Boomer has now 1 missile launcher Boomer's hitpoints reduced dramatically Gap Generator has 5 build limits. Grand Cannon has 7 build limits. yuri's brain.map _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ENJOY!
  9. were you playing his hosting room and his selected unique map? im suspecting the map. it may be cheated, i mean if play with map codes of inside of it to put chrono commando can be build from yuri barracks that will be possible for player1, and if the player1 is hosting your game so thats cheated map i call. no one can use any kind of programs or tools to cheat this game otherwise it cause error and all players gets reconnection error.
  10. are you sure that u did change the map name to ".map" ? i mean these are basic issues i have had those problems before. i forget how did i solve my problems, make sure you changed the map name. try this one |||| |||| \||||/ walls of jeric.map also i have found your map in cncnet maps database that i have found this inside; GameMode=other changed into this GameMode=standard, navalwar, cooperative that will solve your problem
  11. you know what? i have an another bug aswell, there you go: you have to be last one standing (if you die, game ends) when last one of your building (it has to be building) killed while you are hitting surrender button it will get reconnection error. you have to do it right time, i mean instant hit ESC and Hit ABORT and then SURRENDER while YOUR building is killed it is proven by me
  12. "if we had the source code" said a mental psychic illusional hypermagically orderer lord...
  13. I think the problem is warheads. if you made any changes boomers weapons warhead in old versions, they might be sharing with v3s and dreadnoughts weapons too, can i see old versions of this patch? there should be something about these warhead stuffs, or maybe cncnet client is not actually using recent version of your yuri patch because there is nothing about these warhead of v3-dreadnought stuffs in this code
  14. @RaVaGe i dont think its about client i have never missed updates, i know many people had the same issue and complaining. What am doing right now is letting you know all of these things, dreadnought and v3 rocket laucher is kinda nerfed in that patch. you may fix it or not, just know that. but, if you fix those problems it would be reallly really cool..........
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