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  1. I'm recently using fa2sp. I've created some maps and all of them got the same issue. Some players don't have mcv at start at their spot also they see undiscovered terrain at start of the game when there are 7 people in 6 map assuming 1 is spectator. I've checked map's ini files located player's locations i see there might not seem anything wrong. Could anyone tell me why is this happening?
  2. firs go your crash logs and remove/backup them somewhere else. and then open the client again let it be crash and there should be one log appear send me here put your \Client\ClientCrashLogs here let me see
  3. The original game could be okay without bugs. I actually don't want any additional game mechanics for ra2yr. I like original, and keep it that way without bugs/glitches. Also this is the right way otherwise it would be an another modded ra2yr to play which is another game like mo
  4. I think it's about your drivers. Because I do have win10 aswell, I had no issues before
  5. yes. There's a command for it. First off, you gotta be host in CnCnet client. It doesn't work offline. Or you could use LAN mode instead and create a lobby and then repeat these: paste your map into .../Custom folder turn back the client and type /loadmap mapname (extension doesnt needed. example "/loadmap dryheat1") seach your map in the list. you got the map it requires .map extension. .yrm or .mpr not allowed
  6. First of all what I'm going to tell you is most of these maps i do not own. I edit them for the idea of making able to play for the community players. If everything is just fine, let's get started Oil in Corners & Center - Remastered & Accelerated - [ x2 ] in this map everything is doubled. veteran levels deal more damage, speed faster and even stronger. Build speed is doubled. Superweapon recharge is reduced half special abilities like spyplane or yuri reveal cd and force shield reduced by half. Increased money income. Psychic dominator has a delay when fired x2-2.map [6] Oil In Corners & Center Original [x2] In this map everything applies in x2 conditions. Except there are tiny changes have been made. Apocs, Tesla tanks, Tank destroyers able to fire while moving. x2-6.map [6] Oil In Corners & Center Original this one has ability to hold 6 players in it. same rules apply as 4 player one original6.map [4] Oil In Center - BASIC EDITION - v3 In this map nothing gives money except oil in the center of the map. You must struggle to having an army. Selling your essential buildings might be your major solution Few changes were made in this map. Tesla tank cost reduced $1000, apoc $1500, grand cannon $2500. Tank destroyer is now damages as Rhino does. Grand cannon range reduced basicoil.map Oil in Corners & Center -- Classic v1 In this particular map there is no money resource except oils. Each player has oils behind their spot. There is a solution for who lose their oils. Beneth these oils there are ore extractos. If they destroyed ore drills appear. To give a hope classix1.map [4] Oil In Center - CLASSIC - In this very particular map: Nothing is really changed. Everything is like vanilla except Grand cannon has $2500 cost and reduced range In these maps you have to be your exact planning god. Use your limited money wisely. Sell your unwanted buildings when you able to get some units. Have an army, prepare your enemies classix.map Oil in Corners & Center -- A VERY SPECIAL VERSION -- a four legged version of the eight 4special.map Oil-In-Center [8] STAY CROWDED [FINAL] a very basic map may cause ultimate massacre with 8 8oil.map [8] OIL IN CENTER - A VERY SPECIAL EDITION this one give you no money from powers. there are ore drills behind each spot special.map Boggle04's Oil in The CenterX6 Oil & Gold [EXTREMELY COOL EDITION] players may face themselves in the great center of ore fields. tesla tanks apocs tank destroyers able to fire while moving. dominator has delay oilx6 extremely cool edition.map [6] Sedona Pass - Farming Powers I turned this map for 4 player oil map version rules apply there are no ores. a mega, megawealth mode i can say. sedonaoil.map and finally; Oil in Corners & Center - Adventurismic Modded - [-x2-] v4.3 i hope you will get used to it when you playing this 4modded.map
  7. so you mean you sent me your messege and you are right because of your private messege is privileged? just be gone bye
  8. @Ezer_2000 copy paste reason is for make sure two teams have balanced space on their own cliffs. I also do not claim that I'm master of mapping. excuse my work, they are not perfect like yours (if you have any instead) @Ezer_2000 your arrogant comment have spotted. this is not the community of slaves that you can beat every day. we make our own way and we don't need people like you talking like that. learn politeness, do not try offending people just be human
  9. Money on the map= 160k Ore drills total=8, the other 4 are working faster multiplied by x2 eyes.map
  10. For some reason i realized that the yr patch 2.0 does not make any difference for dreadnought missiles and v3's missiles compared the old one. I have just made a GIF to make clear for what i was trying to tell for all the time. I hope this one solved. Here I am now, bringing this issue to this community again. IT was the same for @[CC] RaVaGe and it's the same right now for you @burg93 We all do appreciate your precious unique work but this one might confuse some ppl as you can see the gif below, while patch is on is affected dread missiles, and the other hand off yr patch 2.0 doesn't affect it the holy gif
  11. this would be revelution, my friend. but it will take long time i suppose
  12. i cant really remember but it was like a tiny slope cell that i had changed
  13. [8] Greenridge Mountains Money on the map=817k Tank destroyer is able to shoot while moving. Can damages infantry and buildings, terror drone included. Movement speed increased rate of turn body increased Apoc can shoot while moving Tesla tank can shoot while moving Oil derrick gives 40$ except 20$ there are lots of cliffs reason i made is to make it complex and difficult for any player. sneaking around is now easy but it may hard to catch by a player so. and those cliffs can be used defense or offence aswell by using paras or some choppers, can be easy to basewalk green.map
  14. I already have all the information about scrips and fa2yr. In Hollywood and Vain campaign, civilian units go inside Yuri grinder but i couldn't find the script. The reason I'm making this is bring community a new mechanism for every kind of purposes it will be very useful for map makers. So the basically how do i set a unit to get into Grinder. It literally works every kind of buildings not for grinder
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