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  1. Have anyone noticed that dreadnought and V3 Rocket Launcher's missiles were changed too? I think this patch contains only Yuri side but it's not. Dreadnought's missiles are more weaker than normal when patch is on Same as V3 Rocket Launcher And both of these units weapons are not dealing the same damage when patch is on Missiles have no longer exploding. Elite dreadnough, elite v3 etc... ------------------------ Boomer is okay but Dreadnought? Why? @RaVaGe
  2. [NEW UPDATE] TIPS * To prevent the bug, vehicles should not be destroyed while turning their bodies. Rate of turn body does not work. Even if you let them instant turning, the bug is happening. * Also another preventation tip for survival mappers is, draw a lane with single passable straight cell covered with impassable rocks or put whatever you want next around to %x1 cell i promise you wont see any bug
  3. [2] Tsunami Removed player locations and their islands. Added Cliffs and a Waterfall. Added tiny shores scattered around the map. Oil Derricks are no longer close to each other. PREVIEW [2] Tsunami.map
  4. That is not about 'making TD map' like i said this problem cause every single map any time. This is nightmare for any map author. Just trying to know and share this problem in this community as much as i can. You still taking personal all of these things, okay. Good luck with that.
  5. @Ezer_2000 WOULD YOU PLEASE? Stop talking about misunderstood things???? You look like hallicunated just stop, i want to solve this problem and you are ACTUALLY spamming here. Go get some doctor please. Everything you said are good ideas but DONT ENOUGH. I think the reason is you are gathering post count here.... i am gonna report you [NEW UPDATE] Changed vehicles locomotor into infantry locomotor. It didnt help bug still appearing
  6. I think there are some DUMMY unit appearing when vehicle destroyed and its "Immune=yes"
  7. Sorry @Ezer_2000 that doesnt like anything to me. Like i said battle fortress doesnt even drive over or clear bugged cells. Plz dont upset about it there is nothing to do with it. I just wanna trying to solve this problem or just prevent it, there is no point argruing with "clear-drive over" meaning...
  8. Yeah just like this. Thank you!
  9. same. If this problem solved, it could be revolution guys. I'm still trying to find it
  10. Nope..you just misunderstood thats not going to happen you forgot OmniCrusherResistant code for tha
  11. here you go. spy can enter your refinery, no cash will be stolen. enjoy!! I tried that i can solo it starting with 100k cash. mini_tower_nosteal.map
  12. I have just tested six times. The bug is still appearing and nothing is changed, units are still cannot pas through the buggy cell I have used: OmniCrusher=yes Crusher=yes MovementZone=CrusherAll Each code separately i mean; one by one and all in one together. If i used wrong codes or something missing, slap me According to these codes; Units are able to crush any enemy vehicles but something is missing. Is the dead cell a vehicle? Or any unit?
  13. Hmmm... That dead cells dont have side is brilliant idea. I am going to test with everything i know. Updates will be noticed here thanks!!
  14. ANOTHER UPDATE Tested newly created map with NEWURBAN theater. Test was successful, no bugs appeared but; Converted my some of survival maps into newurban theater, it did no effect. bug still appearing
  15. [NEW UPDATE] I've tested X-Arena Tower Defense map 8 times, no bugs appeared! There is nothing to do with map height, lowering or increasing map height does not prevent that bug happening
  16. I dont know, OmniCrusher just crush enemy vehicles that i know. Even if it crush friendly units, that is not going to let disappear that bug anyway just thought it was related with source code thats all. and questions in my mind... Using omnicrusher only let that unit can pass though bugged cell i assume
  17. Yea but i disagree with this. I think OmniCrusher does not crush friendly units Excuse me but what is that mean? I think EA lost source code of the game so it means you cant just know deep things. Or am i wrong? Could u explain me those things cuz im really curious
  18. thats veeeery clear now...if that theory is true but im not sure that is a theory lol all of this makes sense now. In this reply you have made i am assuming infantry units dont leaves their ghost" corpse" when they killed at that moment i think only vehicles cause that bug btw how did you made that clear answer? where do you know that stuff?
  19. THIS POST IS EDITED This bug's causing reason is explained in the first reply, also gifs may help you to understand it. These images shows explanation of the bug; example gifs: this gif shows vehicle occupying two cells when moving "1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2" also very similar one here tiberian sun, i think its the same thing that both of these games using it and i have no idea what that is. Game engine? Source code? some main execution game motors? i have no idea (TEST RESULTS) I've tested X-Arena Tower Defense map 8 times, no bugs appeared! But the author said "Bug sometimes appearing in X arena TD" My Calculations were wrong, or i was lucky to didnt get any of bug There is nothing to do with map height, lowering or increasing map height does not prevent that bug happening Converted my some of survival maps into newurban theater, it did no effect. bug still appearing Using "OmniCrusher" code does not effect anything we have thought the blocking bug cell is some kind of dead cell and the game engine thinks there are still something after living unit is dead. So I used OmniCrusher code to any vehicle units into my map for crush dead cells. It didnt work, it should have but it didnt. I think bug is some DUMMY unit or what so ever and its immune to any damage. It means you cant kill it you cant pass through it. Changed vehicle units locomotor's into Infantry locomotor, it didnt work. The bug is still appearing. This bug may happen any map in any time, there is nothing to prevent it as all i know. Especially freaky spammed units are exists. JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW This record shows the vehicles occupying two cells when they are moving certain location. If they killed some moment while occupying two cells, the bug is appearing
  20. LOOK AT THIS IMAGE, THERE IS SOMETHING AND BLOCKING CELL, CAUSING UNITS STUCK. ANYONE KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THIS? MY CLUES; EVERY MAP HAS THE SAME ISSUE WHEN MAP HAS TOO MANY UNITS AT THE SAME TIME OR NOT. DOESNT MATTER YOU CAN'T BUILD THAT CELL WHEN IT APPEARS, NOTHING CAN PASS EXCEPT FLYING UNITS... THATS TERRIBLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN EVEN IF YOU PUT ; SpeedType=Winged no hovercrafts no robo tanks not even chrono teleporters can pass that thing or sit on that thing.... Thats not going to solve anything they are stucking anyway... If anyone out there somewhere, please help this issue or bring your idea I think thats a smudge but invisible, i have tried clear all smudge trigger in FAYR2 doesnt work
  21. thanks for everything sir
  23. Upload reason is urgency its still playable though [2] EvilHeat - v0.1 (edit-Testmode).map
  24. try to put AnimationProbability=0.999 Results will shock you up. i use my own maps with that code yes, both. as the second guy replied; Side note: if you're looking for a drill that generates gems, go to rulesmd.ini -> [Tiberiums] and change Riparius to Cruentus. But this will change all three of the TIBTRE##s (drills).
  25. i can make that happen. doubling hitpoints and sightly increasing tower's damage points
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