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Giants of war Alterations


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TS ww style gameplay still beats giants of war gamestyle imo. But since this map is still many players favorite, we have to deal with that. These giants alterations were born out of a boredom for this map, just something different. lol

These are 18 different maps!!


I made just some gifs of a handfull of them.


First of all, introducing (just finished )


When your team secured all 4 spots, all team players will have DROPPODS charging!!

When the opposite team Enters one of the spots again, Droppods will be paused. When they secure all areas, they will be swapped for the other team!!

(left is Blue, right is Red)




Enjoy!! map is the rar file on top ^^

See next message for images



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Giants with hot air balloons, anyone can enter



Giants with boats, lol



A giants with mix up of units

mixupgdi.gif.616c4245484f630ec54f7040bd9e5fc0.gif mixupnod.gif.affc778e5165d10395c5ec540704978c.gif

A giants with super speed build 




Giants of Roars (3 new units each and new entries)



Giants 2 vs 6!!  the 2 players on right side gain special forces lol



Giants quick match... where everyone starts with mk and cc lol, can only build 1 canon lmao





also  included, a giants jungle

Where green tib is normal tib

and u can build out for blue tib


in the back is a oil derricks for extra money

cuz we know giants players love moneyjungle.thumb.png.22342f39d5ea394f8a131cca4fd90665.png

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And, its gonna be chrismas ofc... a snow giants.. crash free this time lol



In the download pack (on top of first message) also includes a Giants with Vet patch and re-deployable oblisk, a giants without mods, and a few other modded versions

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