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  1. U can use green blue and red tib tree in cncnet ts, just add the ini to your map, the ini entries in art.ini are already there in cncnet TS. If ur making ur own mod, make sure u also copy the bigblue codes from firestrm.ini into art.ini. in tsclient they're both already merged. So i assume ur using vanilla TS. I recommend using ts-client or cncnet tho. If u want more help come on discord, i rarely check this forum anymore https://discord.gg/cTVFvKA
  2. Does the 'Fonas and blue tib trees.ini' not work? Are u using cncnet?
  3. [AllyBySpawnLocation1] A=0,1,2,3 B=4,5,6,7 Description=East vs West [Basic] AllyBySpawnDefault=1
  4. dp DOMINATION.ini For if you want DROPPOD domination in your map. instructions inside the ini file
  5. Looping train: Looping train wp8 to 9.ini - after INI insert, simply place waypoint 8 on locomotive, Waypoint 9 somewhere else on the tracks, and u got ur train riding. QUICK N EASY YOU'RE WELCOME! 😁 Gif shows: When double clicking vehicle, Insert the ID of the follower. You can view vehicle's ID in bottomleft corner when hovering your mouse on it. Second, remember u can use the XTX trains: You can also use the XTX trains: XTX trains.ini the cncnet finalsun standalone i put together will make it easier to place them on your map, but you still have to implement the codes ( this ini file) anway. Alternatively u can add this ini, and just use normal locomotive and traincars, and use for example the code Image=GDIENG(gdieng = gdi locomotive) Let me know if u need some help with it.
  6. Simply all units buildable for both gdi and nod added in a bbg4 for anyone who wants mod ini: nod gdi units mixed.ini bbg4: Big Bluntz Green 4 Factions merged.mpr
  7. No idea really how these scores are calculated, but its definitly something fun to figure out. In rules.ini, there is a 'points=xx' value under each unit/building entry. Here's rules.ini : https://github.com/LipkeGu/TSIniFiles/blob/master/rules.ini u can use find (ctrl+f) to find whichever unit, u'll find the points there
  8. TO-DO LIST - Repair original voxel replacememts (trucks,train,etc) - Repair art entry's for LKO's assets (NASILO, FLH for Fortress) - Add assets from mod 'TS Dusk' (made by ..) - Add custom Map animations - Add Nolt's oilderricks - Add Mircea's donations (Chopper, boulder) - Add assets from mod 'TS Crystallized doom' (old version) (by... ) - Collect all files from choosen assets - Get the rules and art for them ready -Add akshati's naval assets, get other boats ready, make more naval buildings - All boats and structures by akshati art and rules - Add a waterborder to the SHP building files to buildings that will look good on water - Create/find more weapon animations - Make naval harvy harvesting anim prettier -Add new tech centers and new canons - Get all missing XTX ready - Graffitti on small vertical concrete cliffs - Finish larger vertical concrete cliffs - Test underground concrete tunnels, find accurate codes (temperat.ini) - Get all new .tem files ready - Prettier clear tiles, deserty clear and sand. - Add custom image fonts on clear land (50% done) (arrows, letters, numbers, symbols, animals, skulls, etc) - Mirror them - Make crystallized seaweed/moss for on water - Photoshop awesome stuff on the (XTX) concrete cliffs After upload: - Create insertable INI Files for the new assets - Update topic "Adding mods with Final Sun" - Update CnCnet Finalsun Standalone - Create naval map with working scripts for naval harvy and turn it into INI (maybe) - Create video on new stuff - Create topic on ppmforums to show what we got. - Create topic on ppmforums research, to find out if there is a script for naval harvy to return to ref.
  9. I wonder if someone ever completed the mission?
  10. this one too Giants with tunnels. Barriers will turn on after few minuts... then later turn off again i think, i dont remember lol giantstunnel.map
  11. Dude these actually look really really good in game. Definitly gonna play snow giants this month to increase the christmas feel, lol small resolution for screenshot purpose lol
  12. And, its gonna be chrismas ofc... a snow giants.. crash free this time lol In the download pack (on top of first message) also includes a Giants with Vet patch and re-deployable oblisk, a giants without mods, and a few other modded versions
  13. Giants with hot air balloons, anyone can enter Giants with boats, lol A giants with mix up of units A giants with super speed build Giants of Roars (3 new units each and new entries) Giants 2 vs 6!! the 2 players on right side gain special forces lol Giants quick match... where everyone starts with mk and cc lol, can only build 1 canon lmao And also included, a giants jungle Where green tib is normal tib and u can build out for blue tib in the back is a oil derricks for extra money cuz we know giants players love money
  14. TS ww style gameplay still beats giants of war gamestyle imo. But since this map is still many players favorite, we have to deal with that. These giants alterations were born out of a boredom for this map, just something different. lol These are 18 different maps!! Giants.rar I made just some gifs of a handfull of them. First of all, introducing (just finished ) GIANTS DROPPOD DOMINATION!! When your team secured all 4 spots, all team players will have DROPPODS charging!! When the opposite team Enters one of the spots again, Droppods will be paused. When they secure all areas, they will be swapped for the other team!! (left is Blue, right is Red) Enjoy!! map is the rar file on top ^^ See next message for images
  15. Hell yeah free money Who wants some free money
  16. Felt like making another one: A Fresh New trigger that already has Elapsed Time Event, and Reinforcements at waypoint Action, with its own Teamtype, TaskForce, and Script. 9 Pieces of them .All uses unique ID's, so nothing will overwrite (don't use the same one, or u will overwrite, ofcourse.) All Assigned to eachother already! Just for a nice quick fresh starting template, time safer. insertable triggers time elapsed team.rar (Tip: add all 9 of them on start of your map, for fresh map scripting) Just to clarify with this gif: This is just an easy time safer for map scripters that uses teamtypes
  17. You're fine bro! Cncnet support mods too! Check out this topic There is a little button (if you check this topic) that will say -warning- or -no cheats-. If there's a warning its just up to the other players to check the rules inside the map. Other then that, Funky did an amazing job on keeping it cheat free. There are a massive amount of modded maps on cncnet man! Anyone can make their own balance and gameplay. Btw cncnet also allows custom map preview so u can even list all required info in the image if you want to. It needs to be whitelisted first tho, and it will then also be marked as -no cheats-. See this topic
  18. really awesome bk!! love these.. something fresh for everyone! real good! probs to all the makers if they ever read this here i can share some too, some cool loadingscreens: and some nicer black sidebar images: Download in this pack: sidebarstuff.rar U can place those PCX image files in MIX folder but u gotta add those sidebar images into sidec01 and sidec02 with XCC Mixer. enjoy
  19. Not sure, maybe try a different renderer? They always take some depending on how much stuff was going on in the saved moment. Are playing ts-client?
  20. What do you mean exactly? Change the unit colors to gdi or nod pallets? There is only pallets for units, buildings, cameos, temperat etc... Do you mean stuff in the Sides.mix ? Also what do u mean accurate campaign unit colors? Theyre already accurate... Ooh you mean to view them in xcc mixer? You can use ctrl + ] and ctrl+[ to browse to the right pallet.
  21. U gotta put your map inside a folder in the /Maps folder, u can create a new folder there too. Not sure what you mean with black square, can u show a screenshot?
  22. Crystallized doom.rar I would appreciate help from people who know how to handle INI and MIX files: Extract the units you want and all file related, (no sounds). It be great too have a seperate (ini) file with the rules of an individual unit, and include its weapon and dont forget any particle and listed particlestyem) (remember u can list with letters too, example: [VehicleTypes]Mod2=Mod2 it don't have to be numbers ) attached file (this message) includes art.ini, rules (and a test map) and ecache from the old crystallized doom. Its too much for me too do by myself, and the package is too big to upload it, this version of Crystallized doom has a lot of stuff that already in expand11. So goal is to keep the size low. Don't forget about the weapon's anims. just posting this image again cuz it has all the ones we can get: (that tripod we already got)
  23. We can totally do that. I'd love to just copy some factions from some mods, but we need the permission. But these guys are unreachable. here take a look in this topic: If we could get a team going working on a faction, that'll be great. After 20 years modders could definitly balance a faction out. And there has been pretty well balanced factions already, its just a matter of asking modders around. Perhaps someone could donate.
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