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  1. Out of sync is usual pathfinding issue. Its deep inside the engine to my knowledge
  2. Very nice, thanks askeladd, i really appreciate all the help! Just a reminder to myself: I wanna change back some civilian vehicles. accidently used the same code. found so far: Car, TruckA & B, Trains anyone else noticed something else?
  3. Alright i thought it would be good to start the new year ending what i've been wanting to end a few years now lol: Release all my ts modding knowledge and inputs. I might still take me a while cuz it includes making videos on map making and to include this topic and all the new stuff that has been added: Most of all of this is all part of XTX - eXtreme Terrain eXpansion! Its all uploaded now, and you can make maps with these. Bittah has been helping me to hack final sun (with all the latest hacks) to make it where everyone can just use cncnet's final sun and use this. But for now you have to add rules.ini, temperat.ini and all the ecache mix files that are in the expand.mix files inside the MIX folder. I wanna make this very very noob friendly, but for now check this topic. For simplicity it is most likely gonna be a Standalone final sun to create maps, and i will put that in my upcoming videos too. Stay tuned Oh and here are all the new stuff already to add in your map if you already have the ecaches and ini files in the tibsun folder for final sun to read: xtx Civlians.ini Red tiberium.ini Tiberium sparky crystal.ini xtx civilian buildings.ini xtx new trees and rocks.ini xtx civilian vehicles.ini
  4. Garisons.ini This includes 2 triggers for garrisons for only spawn 1 and 2, also included the Vulcan Fortress (weaker then original) Only need 1 engineer like the oil derricks. I tested a bunch using the only garrison codes TS has: Hospital and armory but they glitch together with this trigger, so just need 1 engineer Easy stuff; Just double click on the garrison building and add attach the trigger.Also, to this messages I attached the map that has oilderricks and the garrisons, 2peaks, ra2 maps originally. If anyone wants an 8 player one, please let me know i could make it pretty quick. And also saved this for future use : City Buildings light up When its night (When added the day and night loop) Attach the 'attach' trigger to city buildings after you added this inside final sun. Download: Day and night buildings light up.ini (it includes 2 triggers and adds a glow and power to all CITY buildings) Here is a little trick on how to quickly attach triggers to all city buildings: First, attach the trigger to a single City building, save and then open the map file use Ctrl+F to find the tag [Structures] and find the trigger tag u attached copy (ctrl C) the tag, and use Column selection (holding alt) to get as many buildings as u can for the proper paste. If its easier for you to make all buildings in map have the same trigger, you also select everything under [Structures], press Ctrl+F, click the tab Replace, Select the checkbox "In Selection", paste "0,None,1,0" and replace with: "0,Triggertag,1,0" . Easy peasy 2peaks.map
  5. Better yet, here i made a Standalone Final sun for Cncnet that includes all the mods, version for now, for my fellow map makers https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HY_ldhqVFitNVNTtR6uD6xvONETJdACf/view?usp=sharing plz check if it works. It needs some work still tho,
  6. wow thats a lot overlooked thanks for listing that out! Ok so 1 of those ecaches can be deleted, The assets just need the rules, place in tibsun folder to make final sun read it (but dont play with it) rules.ini I have to find the snow.ini, i can't believe i didnt check the snow theatre lol. ok wow thanks for checking, i'll delete those bad files yeah i was hoping i could still find those but i guess i delete those too.. thanks mate
  7. Yeah ts client is great, its made so anyone can make their own modded ts version. U can just tell yoir friends to use that one instead and play online on ts client. But yeah everyone is on cncnet client. And they're basically the same, but cncnet is very well made by funky to avoid cheating. Ts client can be edited very easily and even add checkboxes and such. But funky is not gonna change his client so he aint gonna respond. Everyone is discussing this for years... it is how it is and its pretty good tho lol, people just prefer cncnet
  8. Merry christmas yall! I gave the terrain expansion to the admin, all ready to upload! The pack turned out to be only 3mb! Hopefully they will upload it soon So much more civilian stuff! Look at all those city buildings, city vehicles, streetlights, houses, warehouses. And here a pic of all new civilians: Some of the stuff ingame: The shiny sparky tib tree is made by MerceaOfRivia, donated to us. He is very generous! Humble had an idea for a tiberium spike as building to be a capturable TS's oil derricks, and Mercea just made this by coincidence, so we added it. It might be cool with an active Dollar sign on top A lot of cool stuff can now be made, thanks everyone for your generosity, Aro,LKO,team black,Mercea, and all others !
  9. Thanks. Yeah i play without sound a lot so i always forget about fixing sounds lol
  10. Holland

    5 TS Mods

    yeah man, that would be really cool. Too bad we need permission, but we might get cabal and forgotten faction
  11. Ah, i did some research after reading your message. Indeed, it does has some of its art, thanks for letting me know! I really thought it was just fan art, didnt second guess it at all. Ok so we can scratch that, too bad tho. I looked forward to it. Hopefully we can still get the forgotten made by SuperJoe. We can already make a nice Cabal faction, if anyone is interested in helping me gather some nice units and/or make some cameo's for a nice faction. lemme know Also i'm not sure if the imperfections in XTX are ever gonna be fixed. They have minor little weird errors as u can see in the pic, especially the big concrete cliffs, we might just put it out there whenever (or if, ever) its ready to upload.
  12. All hot air balloons Hot air balloons.ini Owner=Special, TechLevel=-1, Prerequisite=GADEPT Change these if you wanna be able to build them, right now its for city's for a trigger And here the mod that will insert hot air ballons AND already have them flying across the map Just place the waypoints 8,9,10 and 11 after adding this ini file into final sun: Hot air balloons loadable fly to waypoints 8 9 10 11.ini Hot air balloon 1 starts from waypoint 8 and goes to waypoint 9 Hot air balloon 2 starts from waypoint 10 and goes to waypoint 11
  13. Hi guys, so i want to get everyone's attention on what i've been collecting for a possible new update. First of all, CnCnet's TS has come to attention to the makers of TS Extreme Terrain eXpansion (XTX) , and would love to give all of the assets to cncnet. https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=47457 (see link) (click to enlarge) I don't have this whole complete set, But this is what i have right now: All terrain and vehicles are part of XTX, all the trees and most civilian buildings are collections from ppmforums, free for the public. Some work still need to be done, before i wanna give this to xme or funky to upload it. So far all of this, compressed is 1.86 MB. Second, I'd love to upload some more shp's and voxels, already pretty well balanced out by mod makers, including the following factions: SCRIN (from the mod "True Power") The Forgotten (from the mod TS Reform) And I want to make a real good Cabal Faction, collecting the best stuff from the following 3 mods: (true power, tiberium future a dying world, and Crystallized doom): Obviously keeping all the Blue cameo's, and only keeping the best ones. Since these are gonna be a bit more in size, we'll have to really sort them out. Don't worry if you don't like any of this, it is all gonna be optional and insertable in maps only!! Anyway thats it for it, just wanted to show you guys, and wanna hear your respond.
  14. Thihi yeah i was just poking fun at you, sorry. This request does sound like a very difficult hack to perform (i have no idea) perhaps a donation will motivate someone that can hex it.
  15. Holland

    5 TS Mods

    Uploaded some more GIF/screens throughout the comments ^^^ 😁
  16. Sounds cool, let us know when you made it 😁
  17. I've never seen that working ever in tibsun bro...
  18. its hard to record all the action. u really gotta try it. i enjoyed making it tho. demo version for now. /map af85b82cd2630c17e86d44475bce76fe2cc43fa5
  19. Its really freaking hard, its game over when a civilian dies. there are 20 civilians on the map, trapped. rescue them before the lava kills one of them /map af85b82cd2630c17e86d44475bce76fe2cc43fa5 PICK START 1 ! NO AI lava.mpr use these settings (no ai) AND START 1 !! lava.mpr
  20. This is a collection of all multiplayer co-op, towerdefense, compstomps, frogger maps, and all fun maps created by map makers over the years. Each map is converted into a campaign map and modded for Single player. Download is in this link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberian-sun-mini-games/ Fresh new TS client is downloadable here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberian-sun-client/downloads/tiberian-sun-client-530-no-videos (Extract ts_client, then extract mini games files into ts_client, or get first version 'minigames tsclient included') + a vulcano eruption rescue mission (v1.03)
  21. Mr popo throws a bag of some of his explosive poop at everybody bro, when you deploy him, him shoots fireballs out of his behind.mr popo GOLEM.ini Found some ini's at twisted insurrection too, gotta go through them cuz someare for twisted insurrection, im too lazy to seperate it rn lmao srry Uncrushable Infantry.inShroud Regrows.iniReveal Shroud.iniNo Silos.iniNo GT Units.iniNo Factory Bonus.iniNo Epics.iniNo Engineers.iniNo Baddie Crates.iniMessage delay 3 min.iniInfinite Tiberium.iniImmune Harvesters.iniHarvester Bounty.iniHarmless Tiberium Lifeforms.iniFree Radar.iniFlybug.ini I'll add them in the new version of MOD INI's full pack soon, also need oilderricks in there, the oilderricks in the MODS v1.3 needs the spawn, the one in the topic is good now. ill do it later Base Decals.ini Capturable Defenses.ini Disable Super Weapons.ini Disable Support Powers.ini Storms.ini TPI.ini
  22. I love Viscowner, he loves all td maps indeed. I wanna give him huggie cuddles for being a td map girlfriend🥰. Also snake17 and ptapiok are my td buddies as well. Some others too but these guys were there for me when i was testing the map Maze Waves Ya ya ya
  23. I love the idea, love the colors too. Great fresh new creativity. Thanks for sharing!! Keep it up
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