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New Final alert 2 Video Tutorial - Trigger & Tag (Advanced Tutorial)


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Final alert 2 Tutorial - Trigger & Tag (Advanced Tutorial)
This tutorial from final alert 2 Manual 

Creating & Using Triggers and Tags

In addition to events and actions triggers also have a structure called a tag associated with them. Tags are identifiers for the triggers; they tag them for use. The trigger editor with Final Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge TM automatically sets up and handles tags for you, but it is important to understand their purpose to accomplish many tasks. One common such task is a trigger that will fire when an important unit is destroyed, such as Tanya.

Step 1: Create A New Variable

Trigger: Set up a local lose variable after Tanya is killed
Create a new variable called "Tanya lost" using Edit-Local Variables

Step 2: Create The Trigger

Create a trigger with the following attributes:
a. Name: "Tanya Killed"
b. Event: "48 Attached object destroyed"
c. Action: "56 Set local" parameter is the variable you created

Step 3: Adjust Tanya’s Attributes

Place Tanya on the map under the human player's control. Double-click on Tanya to bring up her unit attributes. Now change the "Attached Tag" property to "01000001 Tanya Killed 1".

Simple, isn't it? Structures and vehicles can also be attached to a tag, in addition to any Teams you have created. This is how the player wins when the Kremlin is destroyed (same event "attached object destroyed") or after a paradropped Yuri is killed. Many actions also use tags, such as action 14, "Give attached objects to house".

Original tutorial writer: Thalassicus

Watch the video to the end ?
Map Name: Nuclear Winter - by Kyle Belrose - Download the map under video in the description 


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