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Why Tech Secret Lab is not working ?


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i did a really poor Research on it , but i feel like back in the days they were like tons and tons of info on it, why i cant find a simple solution to How to Change Special Units to the Stupid Tech Lab ? if anyone can Explain Really Detailed on What and How its going on there like , Editor / Triggers / Files , please !!!

PS. If you wonder what im trying to do , is just simply , make the !S! Lab give 1 addition infantry unit is that simple !

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I think your looking for this: Hopefully Ive got it right.

[CASLAB] ------ Your secret lab

SecretInfantry=TANY (So this would give whoever captured it the ability to build Tanya)

so if you paste the above into your mapfile with wordpad or notepad that will give you an infantry type. More information below.


These three would be used to allow the designer to override the normal secret lab process and specify what unit the building allows
This will probably be overridden for use in specific maps. Note that only one object can be given by the secret lab, if more than one is specified, only one of them will actually take effect


Replace the units below with what your wanting to add.




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