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How to display long text message in Final Alert 2


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I would like to display a message in the top left corner of the screen after a trigger.

With the action 11 Text Trigger...

Unfortunately I only can use few letters without a space like:

Where to set all the texts?

MISSING: Objective_01:_dest


I would like to display like :

Objective 01 : Destroy Soviet Units


I know that you can modify message in the .map file but you can only set an ID fo the text.



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You’d need the .csf file to accompany your map. That holds the game texts, that can then be edited and shipped with your map.

If I were wanting a long text I’d be setting it up in sentences a few seconds apart. 

Once you’ve used a string editor to modify the text or add to it. The csf file is left in the RA2 folder. Then the next time you launch the final alert editor your new strings/texts will display in the drop down side window when using a trigger action 11 Text Trigger, you then simply select it and it ties your text to that map. 

Remember though that csf file now has to accompany the map file whenever it’s downloaded. In effect unless your placing both files in an expand.mix. 

.csf files work well if it’s a SP map, possibly not so well with MP as it would need to be downloaded or uploaded and I’m unsure if MP map servers support them. Privately between two players it would work. If the .csf was downloaded from another source if it couldn’t be supported on a game server.

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