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How to order to move units after a trigger?


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First Way (Theres others). , If this is a single player map, you would Create a Taskforce consisting of the same units as the ones on the map, and a script telling them to move to your waypoint, and finally the team and check prebuild, but you would leave its start waypoint blank.

Next you would write a Trigger and use 4 Create Team, and link this to the above team you created. 

What happens, is when the trigger is sprung, providing you used the same units and house, the Ai recruits that team already on the map, and sends it to your waypoint. This is just the crude basics of it.

If the units were not built by the ai and preplaced on the map Id opt for a second house, different to the Ai, and ally the two Houses together and have it the same colour, this way it creates the illusion of the same Ai house, but makes it easier for your Trigger to find them. If they were built by the Ai, it gets slightly more complex. Id still have the second house, but script the ones on the map produced by the Ai to change house to the second one, before your trigger fires to create the team that moves to the waypoint.

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