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I was thinking about having a full Tiberian Dawn SP campaign made by the community itself. So this is the first napkin ideas about it.


We would have to choose first the side of the campaign.

For a sample purpose, i've picked GDI.

| Game Level     Map Area    Unit in Focus     | Theater  

|  01 |  34x20=680  |  MiniGunner  |  ?   

|  02 |  36x23=828  |  Grenadier  |  ?   

|  03 |  38x26=988  |  Hum-Vee  |  ?   

|  04 |  40x29=1160  |  Medium tank  |  ?   

|  05 |  42x32=1344  |  Bazooka  |  ?   

|  06 |  44x35=1540  |  Orca  |  ?   

|  07 |  46x38=1748  |  Boat /Hover  |  ?   

|  08 |  48x41=1968  |  Flame-thrower  |  ?   

|  09 |  50x44=2200  |  Commando  |  ?   

|  10 |  52x47=2444  |  APC  |  ?   

|  11 |  54x50=2700  |  A10  |  ?   

|  12 |  56x53=2968  |  Engineer  |  ?   

|  13 |  58x56=3248  |  Chinook  |  ?   

|  14 |  60x59=3540  |  Mammoth  |  ?   

|  15 |  62x62=3844  |  MSAM  |  ?   

* I sense I am missing someone ...


It would work like this:

[*]Teams would work in groups of 2 or 3 - a map maker (bin file), a mission maker (bin+ini), they are both the alpha testers and a beta tester;

[*]I've imagined the size of the maps to make the first missions resembling tutorials level and the last ones, the larger battles. Also the innitial maps are more focused on infantry, therefore it won't be a pain to walk all map. The game level could also be related to the BuildLevel;

[*]The Unit in focus is the idea of creating a plot where this unit will play a more central role, but you can count on any other unit, as long as you'd count on a limited number of them. The stock campaign works like that;

[*]Whenever you post anything, don't reveal the end of the story. If needed, PM me;

[*]Optional: if we are to have a single row of 15 missions it would be placed on the New Missions Menu. If in the other hand we would have paralel missions, than it would be a MOD  to override the stock campaign;

[*]For Quality assurement, I'd advise to have a campaign final beta tester (certainly not me);

[*]We have 4 theaters and almost 10 colour schemes, lets use it wisely;

[*]We will set out after we have all creative teams stablished to their mission levels;

[*]Taking this as an example, we would have the GDI Campaign week: after everything ready, we would launch the campaign, play and discuss it, one by one, after a week.


I know we are all overwhelmed by work, but it's not for the next weekend, we can take a time.

The main purpose is to have teamwork and maybe create new mapmakers (although we are not short in SP missions ehehehehh)

Note that this post is a "think-out-loud" one, just have created a framework to base our discussions, everything is opened so far.


Finally, if we have adhesion, it will be a lot of chat about it, more players coming along waiting for the final release and it will be fun.

Let's discuss the idea for the moment.


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