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RA1 Custom map doesn't load


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Firstly I want to praise the mods/ops of this site and all the work you guys have done for cncnet.. <3


I've had a search and scan of the repair bay but can't seem to find a similar problem to my own so here goes..


The Problem:

RA1, custom map which I created in the terrain editor (EDWIN).

Map saved in game directory MAPNAME.MPR

Map appears at the bottom of the map list in game in the skirmish/new network game... stuff.

When I start, no error dialogue is shown, the match/skirmish loads as normal.... But it's the wrong map :\


I am not crazy.


What I've attempted:

Checked the map re-loads and re-saves with EDWIN

Fresh install of RA1 from http://redalert1.com/

Different custom maps (including some from this site) also fail to load (ie wrong map)

Installed RA1 in a different locaion from my first decade box.... it loads the right maps.. (but I don't want to use this version because it is poo......)

Praying to various deities

Crossing my fingers.


What I'm going to try next:

See if map PACKS will load (from .mix files)


Big thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this, any tips/tricks/solutions appreciated.



(26 year old long-term fan of C&C genre on both PC and playstation platforms. I once owned a playstation mouse just to play Red Alert Retaliation hahaha.)





RA1 from http://redalert1.com/ all custom maps aren't loading correctly, wrong map loads in stead.


(EDIT: I just wanted to add that this problem persists on a second computer.)

(EDIT2: oh and one computer is W7 one is XP. thanks)




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Don't mix different types of installations in one folder or else it might mess up the order of the map files in the list. Can I know why you don't want to use the redalert1.com version? If it's because there is no aftermath inside then visit http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/ and download the full game from the second link, it got aftermath included.

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Thanks for your reply, Funky!


I feel I should clarify, that I only installed TFD version to TEST the map once it failed on the http://redalert1.com/ version.

And it was in a different location (in fact an entirely different hard drive).


My problem is occuring on the http://redalert1.com/ version. And on multiple computers, with multiple custom maps.





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