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Anyone having luck playing RA2:Yuri's Revenge? My friend and I tried a couple of times, but it seems that it disconnects us moments before the game starts. Strangely, however, after hours of sifting through websites and downloading some files, we got this to work, but just for a one game, then the problem returned and I couldn't manage to find another solution. We have no trouble playing RA2 though. Perhaps there is something to do with the protection with the game, but is there a more certain way to avoid it? Thanks in advance!

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Did you try to turn peer-to-peer in the settings off? Start cncnet.exe, press settings and uncheck "use faster peer-to-peer connection" (both of you should do that)


This is only for testing, your game might lag if you turn it off but if your game starts when it's turned off then it's a port problem, follow this tutorial after and enable the faster peer-to-peer connection again:



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