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Most stable update for TFD?


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What is the most stable base version of RA2 and YR that I can get out of the TFD compilation before adding CNCNet to it?The patch I've been using (don't remember from where) is called: tfd-103-rev4.exe

It includes a NoCD patch, but otherwise still has issues like error reconnecting or not even starting a cooperative map game.

So which is the best patch that will make the base game the most stable?

I'd love to see the answer to this question stickied or put into the FAQ, by the way :-)

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It's generally not useful to apply one patch to something only to then apply another one. It's difficult for people making such patches to take into account all possible patched variations, so most will assume you start from the base game with nothing applied to it.

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Thanks for the reply.

So you're saying it might be better to install TFD from scratch without additional patches and then to install CNCNet on top of that - correct?

Does CNCNet include a NoCD patch? If not, is there one you can recommend?

One of our laptops doesn't have a DVD Drive, and I'd have to reconnect an external drive each time we want to play.

(I have duplicate physical purchased copies of RA2, YR, and TFD, so this really is about convenience only)

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