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  1. The Flame Tank video doesn't have any screams... it's a test in a seemingly abandoned village.
  2. Well, I never used OS SHP editor, really. Much easier to convert to sprite sheet and edit that in a normal editor. Though, free editors that decently support paletted images are getting more rare every year -_-
  3. No, you said the ellipse tool was breaking the RA1 type .shp. So I suggested using TS type shp in OS SHP Editor instead, and converting that to TD shp with Engie afterwards 😛
  4. You know, editing weapon stats is totally possible... I can tell you everything you need to know on that. And the bare value dumps are already available. http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/inirules/
  5. Well, it's not an editor. As the name clearly says, it's a file converter. As for the colours... SHP files don't have colours. If you want colours, you just need to add them yourself. It's not exactly hard. Open an image that has a 256-colour palette, click the "Save" button next to the greyed out "inbuilt palette" dropdown, open the dropdown with palettes and select the "Create new..." at the bottom, give a name, and save it. Or just, y'know... drop a C&C palette into the program's folder. I got a set of editing palettes handy. Engie will read the ????conv.pal ones Mind you, you can just edit your file in SHP editor, save it as TS SHP, and use Engie to convert that to TD/RA1 SHP afterwards. That should work fine. Doesn't even matter if you can't view it in the correct colours; as I said, SHP doesn't save colours anyway.
  6. Um. There is no such thing as a "new RA1 type shp". The SHP format of C&C1 and RA1 is identical. SHP Builder has always had a tendency to corrupt C&C1-type SHP files, though... Try using Engie File Converter?
  7. Do note there is some detail setting in the game that makes these detail animations not appear.
  8. Got my hands on an ISO of the Japanese Covert Ops disk. Sadly, though, it does not contain Japanese briefings for the Covert Ops missions. Anyway, added it to the topic post.
  9. Doesn't the CD installer still work, though?
  10. The only C&C game that uses CD audio tracks is the Sega Saturn version. To play DOS C&C, I see no reason to use a Windows '95 machine. I'm fairly sure Win95 was never able to display graphical DOS content without switching to fullscreen mode anyway. My advice, just use DOSBox.
  11. I transcribed the full lyrics a while ago, after finding that exact scene. Here they are:
  12. Nyerguds

    C&C sprites?

    Wait, what? That's not a normal part of a C&C95 installation... Uh. For C&C, it's just in there with all the rest, inside conquer.mix In RA, the infantry are in lores.mix/hires.mix if I remember correctly, for respectively the original DOS infantry and the ugly upscaled versions of RA95.
  13. Oh, yes. That is true for all double-firing weapons. If for some reason they stop in the middle of a salvo they will continue with that single shot. The constant desyncing is new though. Haven't seen that
  14. Come now. That also means you skipped Warcraft 1 Dune II doesn't have multiple unit select. Heck, it doesn't even have a context-sensitive mouse cursor. It's the descendant of BattleTech games, which is really more like RPG/adventure games, in that you control one thing, and use buttons with different commands on them. The idea of the context-sensitive mouse cursor was actually conceived when they had to simplify the controls for the Sega Megadrive version of the game. That's... not a bug... it's just the same firing logic used for the Mammoth tank. They have dual rocket launchers, which need to reload between shots I've seen this, but only when either trying to move it too far (I think they have a maximum action radius?), or when having a group selected that's deemed too large for some reason. My point is that air units are generally a lot faster than ground units. So the one air unit that can scout is only about as fast as a ground unit. That's a good point... it's actually very sad to see how a lot of very nice features, like the little action cutscenes before and after missions, and such details as individualised voice sets (per actual individual, not per type), got reduced as they made new games. RA2 barely still has any action cutscenes... As I said, that change was made in the Firestorm expansion pack, so if you install a plain old vanilla CD Tiberian Sun, you will have the old behaviour. The fact everything can shoot through it is weird though...
  15. The main advice I could give is... start with Dune II. I'm serious, by the way. When you start, it will barely seem like RTS at all, and you'll have to get used to the way the game works. But if you go up from there, to C&C1, then RA1, then TS, you will not see shortcomings. You will see improvements. So what exactly is the Orca issue? Jumpjets are the only air units with full sight range. Their speed is the payoff for that (see next point) Westwood never wanted air units to be for exploring. This is a game design decision. This is very clear from the way they have no sight at all in C&C1 and RA1. Anti-armour weapons are anti-armour. If they changed that and made it good vs infantry as well, infantry would be come completely useless. This pretty much happened in Red Alert, and it was not a good thing. Terrain stopping projectiles is annoying, yes, but there's no much that can be done about that I think. It's just how the engine works. Unit voices... variety? Really? In C&C1 the only unit with custom voices was the commando. Nyerguds's Rule #1 of playing old games: DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT FEATURES THAT WERE ADDED IN ITS SUCCESSORS. Firestorm walls don't stop missiles since the firestorm patch, because they made missiles pretty much 100% useless in multiplay. It also doesn't stop energy weapons like lasers and the Distruptor. but besides that, it should work fine...
  16. On,e immediate issue I can spot with that is that SS was ridiculously unbalanced; the units with spray weapons (flame/chem) and the dinosaurs could never get range upgrades.
  17. They said they have the C&C1 source code and are basing it on that: I've seen it more closely, but I'm behind an NDA, so this is the best you're gonna get until Jim gives the official word.
  18. I see them. It's called detailing. If you want all that smoothed away you might as well just upscale the 1995 graphics... That said, some tweaks were already suggested internally; it makes little sense to have screw slits in those big ones.
  19. I told them several times, but the simple fact is, the game engine's cells are square...the actual cells would have to be 5x6 to really get around this issue 😕 As for the art, honestly, I think it looks great, though there have already been further internal comments on the design. What the heck are you talking about? "subtly implies that this will be a different game engine-wise"? wtf. No. It's the C&C1 engine. How would art even imply this.
  20. @FunkyFr3sh Well, the code starts at 0044AB83. First it differentiates between funpark and normal. It seems the spawn chance is 1/1000 for normal games, and 1/450 for dinos. The actual call to the randomizer is at 0044ABA3. If the test fails, it aborts. Then once again it checks if funpark or normal, and if funpark, it creates an object for one of the 4 dinos. If not, it jumps to 0044ABF6, where it creates an object for the visceroid. Then it picks a random location inside the map bounds and spawns it. The simple fix for all this would be to replace the first funpark check by your own check, and make it either abort, or jump on to selecting the value "1000" to check. #EIP=0044AB83 cmp byte [????????], 0 ; your variable for disabling visceroids; "not 0" would mean they are disabled. jnz 0044AC80 ; abort jmp 0044AB9C ; set eax to 1000 and continue random spawn check This would end up being just 15 bytes: Offset 3AF83: 80 3D ?? ?? ?? ?? 00 0F 85 F0 00 00 00 EB 0A As I said, though, I dunno how you make your checkboxes and how you communicate that to the game. You'll have to save your config value somewhere and then insert the address in the code above. (Ideally, the whole thing could be rewritten to actually choose to spawn either nothing, visceroids or dinosaurs, but I'm betting whoever ends up in the north will strongly disagree with me on that ) Note that according to this code, visceroids only appear if you are playing on Tech level 7. This rule does not apply to the dinosaurs.
  21. Well, I have no idea how cncnet makes its checkboxes... but I can look up where the spawning code is located in the exe. I remember that when I experimented with adding new units I originally used the dinosaurs, which required me to change the unit IDs of the dinosaurs... and through that, when checking where the game used those IDs, I discovered that when Funpark mode is enabled, the game randomly spawns dinosaurs in multiplayer, just like visceroids. So I'm fairly sure I found the code that handles that spawning for both of them.
  22. Y'know, I'm fairly sure I know where the visceroid spawning happens. Can probably just disable that outright.
  23. Um. Infantry are SHP files, not voxels...
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