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  1. *looks at the title* Is that supposed to be "programmers" or "pro gamers"?
  2. Nyerguds

    Streaming Tiberium Dawn

    Hmm, shouldn't that be 480? Height adjustment is 5/6, so for a play resolution of 1920x1080 you would need a game resolution of 1920x900. Straight conversion of that to an in-game content width of 1024 (divide both by 1.875) gives 1024x480, not 1024x576.
  3. Nyerguds

    Streaming Tiberium Dawn

    If you want the game in its intended aspect ratio, use 1024 x 480 stretched to 1920x1080 😛
  4. Nyerguds


    Moved. The "Suggestions" forum is about the remasters, not about CnCNet...
  5. Nyerguds

    How to draw shadows

    Note that if you implement this correctly as described on the wiki page, you can actually define multiple filters to be applied on unit graphics. I tried doing that in the original game, but sadly the game only reserved 512 bytes for reading the file, so it could never store more than just the index block and the shadow remap table. The shroud edge shadows use this principle as well; the ?SHADOW.MRF file contains a whole bunch of filters, and has an index that assigns them to specific palette indices, and you can see in the shroud graphics SHP file that exactly those indices are used as gradual fade to black.
  6. Nyerguds

    How to draw shadows

    Well, that was the whole point of the filter creator tool... to recreate these mrf files for new theaters
  7. Nyerguds

    Fixing Out of Sync in CnCNet

    Not having it random should be enough; there is no difference between having it disabled and having it not set to random; as long as the playlist doesn't use up any random values that should be used by the game, it can't cause desyncs. Of course, everyone in the game will need to disable random music then.
  8. Nyerguds

    How to draw shadows

    @DummyMike You seem to be simplifying things. There's no such thing as a global mapping for shadow; it depends on the theater and palette, and is saved in the ?units.mrf file for its theater. I'm not sure why you would feel the need to recreate it, let alone try to reconstruct it manually from screenshots. You can just load the files, no? They're simple remapping tables; for all pixels covered by the shadow filter area of the SHP file, replace the found colour index X by the value at RemapTable[X], and you're done. http://www.shikadi.net/moddingwiki/Westwood_Fading_Table And if you don't want to use the mrf files, you could use the data from the mrp files in my tool to generate the remap table it on the fly when loading the game theater, the way Red Alert handles it. You can check the source code of the FilterCreator tool to see exactly how the included filters are applied. The game palettes indeed seem to reserve the last 16 colours on the palette, minus the very last one, for the shadow filter, though, yes. After applying the darkening filters, all colours are mapped to only use that set of 15 colours. Also of note (and specified in the mrp file) is that the shadow colours themselves are never darkened by the shadow filter; they are excluded from it and just map to themselves. This avoids double shadows applying double darkening. It also means the shadow colours are most likely not used by any of the other playing field graphics in the game, because if they were, these graphics would become "immune" to having shadow cast over them, which would look very odd.
  9. Why are people discussing tabs? There's no mention of tabs in the question, folks... keep it on topic.
  10. It's interesting how everyone is offering feature suggestions in a thread specifically asking what should not be changed... 😓
  11. There is a logic like that in the game, but it's completely broken and prevents spread of tiberium altogether, and I have no idea what to do to fix it.
  12. The bugs. Keep them in. Keep them ALL in. (damn, I'm turning into Myg )
  13. I got an interesting email today, from an oldskool fan who had been looking through some very old backups, and found two missions he had made some 17 years ago. He asked me to put them online, so, I guess this is a good place to do so I cleaned them up to standard Covert Ops format, and gave them a try. They're both pretty interesting combinations of bases and commando-style missions. Anyway, here they are: Land Sea Air - all kinds of weapons engaged (originally meant to replace GDI mission 6) Briefing: In preparation of a landing operation in this area, you have to destroy the airstrip of a NOD base located in the northern mountains. First take out all SAM sites at the shoreline to secure Orca attack aircraft support from a nearby island base against tanks and gun turrets. Nyer's notes: Sadly, it seems this one is literally impossible to lose, since you have an inaccessible air base island which Nod can't reach in a million years. However, once you lose one of your Orcas, it also becomes pretty much impossible to win, and you're usually forced to restart the mission. I wonder if an "all units lost" trigger for losing on this one wouldn't have been better, but the patrolling GDI gunboats probably make it hard to ever reach that, too. Get the mad scientist (originally meant to replace GDI mission 9) Briefing: The research facility of Dr. Moebius has been taken by NOD. Our first attempt to recapture it failed miserably, now it's your turn. Find Moebius and get him out by transport heli, then locate and destroy the enemy's bio-research center! Reinforcements are on their way. Nyer's notes: The first goal of getting to Moebius is actually fairly simple. However, fighting your way through to the bio lab... that's quite a different issue. And at the very end of the mission, there's a really interesting twist in the gameplay O_o ak9701_Land_Sea_Air.zip ak9702_mad_scientist.zip
  14. Nyerguds

    News from EA.

    It depends largely on what "remastering the classic PC games" means... as far as I know they don't have the sources nor the original 3D resources of the classics anymore, so, what, would it be like a remake or something?
  15. Nyerguds

    C&c maps

    Umm... there isn't a single version of C&C1 without a "start new game" button. You just need to look on the actual main menu, and not inside the "New Missions" listing.
  16. Nyerguds

    carry over money in sp campaign

    I'm honestly not sure. I know it's determined by the following mission's ini file, and that the system is disabled when CarryOverMoney is set to 0, but I don't think anyone ever researched the specifics of how much can carry over. As far as I know it's unlimited, meaning the value in it would be a percentage of the previous mission's money or something like that. MattAttack did figure out that only "cash" money is carried over, and not tiberium: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/4074-campc95tiberian-dawn-carry-over-money-amp-credits-vs-tiberium/ Note that the musings of CarryOverCap in there are most likely incorrect; it's probably a cap on the amount that can be carried over. It's always disabled in the campaign though, and no one ever really tested it. But, feel free to do some testing of your own.
  17. Nyerguds

    C&C Rhapsody!! (Bohemian Rhapsody Parody)

    Haa, brilliant.
  18. The videos should be accepted by the patched game, as far as I know. The exes in there were never adapted for the other languages, sorry... and it's based on a much older exe that didn't have any of these fancy new features.
  19. Nyerguds

    C&C95 v1.06c revision 4?

    So, I've been thinking of releasing a new patch... apparently I've been sitting on a bunch of changes that never actually made it into a release because they weren't quite enough for a new version, and back then I was kind of holding out for going straight to 1.06d. That never happened, so, yea. I dug through my latest IDA database and identified all the changes I made in the exe file since the last released version. I'll probably have to communicate with the cncnet team on this to keep their version synced and to avoid conflicts, but anyway, here's an overview of the stuff it would contain: Commando bomb voice fix: removes the duplicate response of the commando when giving a bomb command. He'll actually respond with "I got a present for you" now, and the map-wide sound of him yelling that is suppressed for the player giving the command. Fixed tank death sequence for engineers, so they no longer get ragdolled around after death. Added sound to MP messages. A beep is played when receiving a message in multiplay. (I can't believe this never made it into a release) Mouse wheel sidebar scrolling. This is probably already in cncnet, but never made it to a 1.06 release. Mod and language system expansion, allowing the replacement of C&C strings files by ini files. Advanced Comm Center nearby stealth detection (like guard towers). The normal Comm Center building has always had that, so I'm fairly sure it's a bug that the Advanced Comm Center is less advanced in that aspect. Some improved checks on tooltips. WW had the tendency to ignore multiplayer when checking tooltips they only deemed necessary in early game (like "unrevealed terrain") meaning those things also show in multiplay depending on the internally set mission number at that moment. I cleaned that up. Disabling of the funpark command line parameter. Since the missions are migrated to the New Missions, the only thing this messy mode can still do is cause bugs. Fix for "join" side of LAN games, to properly show the 4 game modes. (Bases On, Bases Off, Capture The Flag, Mobile HQ) Disable house Special in LAN games. It is currently possible to edit that into the conquer.ini directly and set the player house to Special to get full GDI+Nod tech in LAN games. I'm fairly sure such things are now tightly checked on cncnet, but in the original MP modes in the game it's still possible. Extra checks showing the side as "???" when the aforementioned House Special cheat is detected in LAN. AI taunt fix - some taunts in the German version were larger than the available text buffer (and, in fact, the screen). I'm not sure if this was ever fixed. I'll need to do a few side fixes (like the messing up of the multiplayer stats ini), but that's it. Expanded sidebar is probably high on the list of requests, but that code needs some serious fixing before I want to add it; the animation you get when the available power level changes looks really wrong at the moment.
  20. Nyerguds

    Modding tools

    I added my new Engie File Converter to this. It supports reading and writing all types of SHP files, including the Dune II type, and also has full writing support for both CPS and WSA
  21. Nyerguds

    [TD] Replacing the dinos with tanks...

    Ah. I generally use it to remove stuff for modding purposes. Specifically, removing a building's build-up animation makes the building unsellable; something I used in my patch to 'remove' the build-up of the hospital so I could make it unsellable (as it should be) without removing the official buildup graphics from the game files. Apparently DOS C&C had some kind of exception code for that, but that's missing from C&C95, and 'sellable' is not among the structure type variables that can be modded.
  22. Nyerguds

    single player with videos - how?

    Because the game includes four languages. I could put the game and the videos of all four languages in one pack too, but then you'd probably be wondering why on earth C&C1 was 5 gigabytes.
  23. Nyerguds

    single player with videos - how?

    True, the end is different... canonically GDI wins. But according to the briefing of the Covert Ops mission "Nod Death Squad", both the European defeat and the African expansion definitely happened.
  24. Nyerguds

    single player with videos - how?

    No. They run more or less parallel, but since they play on different continents they don't really influence each other.
  25. Current version: 1.10.6 (2017/09/27 10:15) The project is built on the .Net framework v3.5 Its code is licensed under the WTFPL. Download: Downloads folder Full readme Source code: (C#) Sources folder Full list of supported types / games: WWFont v1: Wargame Construction Set A Nightmare On Elm Street DragonStrike Circuit's Edge WWFont v2: (Note: the save routine for this type is currently set to optimise the size by removing duplicate image data, but I'm not sure if the games support this) BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Revenge Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon WWFont v3: The Legend of Kyrandia Dune II Lands of Lore The Throne of Chaos The Legend of Kyrandia Hand of Fate The Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge The Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge Installer Command & Conquer Command & Conquer Installer Command & Conquer Red Alert Command & Conquer Red Alert Installer Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny Installer Command & Conquer Sole Survivor Lands of Lore III WWFont v4: Tiberian Sun Tiberian Sun Installer Tiberian Sun Firestorm Tiberian Sun Firestorm Installer Lands of Lore III Installer IGFont (Dune 2000 was made by Intelligent Games, not by Westwood) Dune 2000 Original first post: As I sort of mentioned a while back, I got tired of the lack of font editor for C&C1, and even more tired of Siberian_GRemlin sitting on his (working) version for about 10 years now. So I've decided to make my own in c#. With the help of the RA++ team (Omniblade, CCHyper & Tomsons26, anyway) I figured out the font format itself, and managed to make code to read it and show it as image. Apparently this format is used for quite a bit more than C&C1 and RA1; we used fonts from Legend of Kyrandia as test material as well, and apparently this should support Dune II too. Fonts have no colour palette of their own. They are 4-bit (meaning, 16 colour) images that, much like SHP files, receive colours from the game at the moment they're drawn. So I started off by generating a simple black-to-white fade for the palette, with black as the background color. This version also already moved the character down according to the extra Y-offset in the file. Next step: making an actual editor. I already had a zooming pixel image viewer from a little C&C-N64 project I worked on in the past few weeks, so that part was no problem (as already seen in the previous image). So the next step: drawing an editing grid on it. Well, I say "on it", but actually I needed three extra image layers positioned both behind and in front of the original image to pull it off, lol. Transparency is a strange thing in .Net controls. Next was getting a pixel drawn on that to indicate your editing position. That was easier than expected, really, and now I had a nifty giant pixel following my mouse around. Also note the fancy program icon; Tomsons26 made that I decided, around this time, to switch to a more colourful palette that would let you easily distinguish the different indices when editing. I just basically went over all hue values and made a nice little rainbow. I also coded in some extra behaviour to allow disabling the grid, and the red frame that shows you which part of it is actually editable. Of course, an editor is utterly useless if it can't actually save files, a little detail Siberian_GRemlin seemed to forget when he released a "demo" of his editor... eight years ago now. So after editing worked, I went into the mess of trying to save the image data back to palette. It took a few tries to get it right. But, finally, I managed to get a saved file! No, wait, crap, that's one of the failed ones. Ahem. Anyway. The pic I linked before shows the final successful attempt. There's a little pixel I made transparent, in the middle, to prove it was actually edited. Trust me, it was orange originally Now, there's just one thing still missing from the editor... and that's, well, the actual editing, more or less. I could only change the colour to one specific one with the left mouse button, and to background (transparency) with the right mouse button. So I dug up another nice control I had lying around for one of my older projects, namely a palette-loading colour selector. Took some time to adapt it, since the original was meant for 256 colours, but, I'm happy with the final result! It's starting to look good, no? At this moment, it's still missing some vital features, though; you can't change the size of the images or their Y-offset, and you can't add new character images to a font. These will come later, but at this moment, I do actually have a working editor. It's obviously still beta at the moment, but to anyone who wants to mess around with it, here it is: Westwood Font Editor v0.4 The source code is in the folder too, for those who are interested.