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Can't upload maps anymore with the new update 8.4


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Hi, I Can't upload any custom map anymore with the new update Version 8.4, I get "failed to upload map to cncnet database" or something like that.....no one can see my custom maps. when they try to download some tell me they get download failed or no load.

[What I tried]:-

-Uninstalling Anti Virus.

-Allowing CNCNET through firewall.

-Using VPN.

-Running Client As Administrator.

-Changing Tunnel Server.

-Changing Renderer.

-Reopening a custom map with Final Alert 2 and saving a new copy of it then using it instead of using the original copy.

-Uninstalling and Reinstalling the game and cncnet.

-In properties of the game folder, Deselecting "Read-only".

-Yes my maps are .map format.

-Yes I have good internet.

-Yes I can play normal and modded maps with people.

-Yes I can download Custom Maps from others.

what do I do to fix that problem please? (unable to upload custom maps).

Thank You.


EDIT: same thread but in "Support" Forum with a  Fix  https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/11919-cant-upload-maps-anymore-with-the-new-update-84/#comment-84425


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