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What are the best pro build orders for p4?

Thunder Bolt

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How many war factories before you go to a repair bay? If you are going for tesla spam

How many war factors before a repair bay if you are tanking?

I know there's alot of plasticity about it reaction to the opponents etc but also I noticed the pros do it more one way than another and there seems to be a set pattern its not totally free and dynamic 

Any help on OPTIMAL builds would be good


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Wow nobody has replied to your message yet?  I think RA players are missing out on their opportunities to grow the game as they so hypocritically proclaim, by not interacting with their community.  (mini rant directed at the RA "pro" scene)

Anyways to answer your question:
There are two types of builds, that are either "tanking" or "building" strategies

Tanking is simple, you just need to build war factories until you reach the maximum speed for your tank.  Building can be done at any time, either at the start of the game, at max wars or anywhere in between.  Usually when you are not confident that you can properly attack the enemy, or the enemy is playing too passive and you think that extra CYs will give you a tempo advantage.

For tanking, you will build up to 6 or 7 War Factories depending on whether you are Allied or Soviet, respectively.  When you make your 3rd War Factory, you will also build another truck and a silo to maintain production without going broke.  You can place two silos in the corners of your Refinery to stop your trucks from looping around the Refinery for the most part.

 - If you are switching from tanking to building, making 9 MCVs right away will leave you vulnerable since you arent making tanks.  Try to limit the MCVs you make at any one time to be 3-4

 - Do not waste all your tanks before making MCVs, as you will literally be paralyzed and leave your teammate to 1vs2

For building: To build at the start of the match, you will create a War Factory, Depot then a 2nd War Factory, then some advanced powers and Tesla Coils to defend against tank rushes.  Obviously you will make MCVs.  If there is no risk of a tank rush, you can make an extra War Factory to create MCVs even faster.



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