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  1. That's a very silly statement am one of the best players at anti air normally it's my ally's that resign Your missing the point of this post mad tank is also over powered yes you can just learn to fight off mad tank but that don't change how much it change the game for the worse The problem with air is its a stupid mechanic and it forces the gameplay to get stuck into a endless loop of air attack and anti air rebuilding base for hours What am saying is there is no place in red alert 1 for air to play a big role in battles The problem is one trick pony's without any real skill love op units that they can spam red alert 1 is rather broken game because this problem the game no fun if air exists and plays a role in the game
  2. Ive been Wanting too know if a q fight happen on p4 and the players just build one type of tank what tank win ? light medium or heavy ?
  3. Good question it takes a good of skill soviet Tesla walkers are hard too beat as allies however tesla are good for attack but tesla are weak and not good for defense and on top use a lot of power 2 tanks with q are as strong as 1 tesla Things you can do vs Soviet a base builder allies are better in tanking so u want too tank You need good scouting too a good infinity attack can be u can try use it in combo with tanks just about come after tank rush a base builder one quick knock out attack if attack with 5 light tanks one way another is make mid tanks send waves of attacks have too do more damage then they can repair using a apc might work one time or so keeping heavy pressure attacking with tanks is needed if this all falls then game lasts longer later in game its gets a lot harder u are too late unless the map has sea then just build ships level there base it be very hard too win now well lets not give up you can still try using tanks or artillery you need time your attacks right kill as many v2 as u can then rush in with turret and pillbox building you need too attack weak spots of base also use chrono too get behind there base then attack the longer the game gos on the harder it is too win
  4. Am a all out max out all my war factorys build tanks q them specialist that plays classic and unlimited ore
  5. Q is used for way point yes get tanks move from one point too another yes it has a combat use too holding down q and clicking on other players tank then the on ground holding q down keep tank moving makes your tanks take damage slower and fire when moving when using q u need it q pressed when using q i think u can just press q i dont think q needs be hold down and it should work too
  6. What year is this from i think list is before i played red alert 1 online
  7. Am taking middle ground here on the topic i think i agree i do find it offensive i trained combined Q & gq for a year for it too be removed wasted practice ? i say i am a traditional player and i want the game stay the same forever For sure the games hotkeys should not change i agree the hotkeys worked this way since 1996 Am not OK with keybinding as that is cheating using the hotkey editor in order too keybind is still keybinding I done a long read of the anti cheating is listed keybinding was against the rules as well as micro or using any cheat software however the rules don't say anything against pressing buttoning 2 at time on keyboard or that tanks cant be in more then one state at a time as long as everything is done by hand and has its own button its not cheating Another one people get confused over because the rules are a little unclear is gaming mouse A lot of pros use a gaming mouse a gaming mouse has buttons on the side and use software make the buttons work [not cheat software} The mouse side button can be assigned too a keyboard button or mouse sens adjuster etc the main use of mouse button is have the mouse button that is the hotkey button u find the hardest too reach on your keyboard for example i use button 1 & 2 so i can call teams by pressing 1 on mouse just like i do on keyboard with button 1 DO not make micro buttons on gaming mouse or keybinds this is cheating for anyone who is reading this the problems is with the patch weirdness comes from if u hold g and q same time using your fingers holding 2 buttons on keyboard tanks refuse too move but in the old version of the game tanks can in more then one state at the same time The patch made it so u can only use one button at a time and tanks can only be in one state at a time so even if u press 2 buttons same time tanks only do one thing or the other pressing both makes tanks sit still i did many tests in a old copy of the game my findings are [no hotkey editor keybinding] in the past formation q used too work too how strong it can get is a unknown to me in 10 v 10 when i was mixing stuff up trying ideas i have no real practice using it another thing is when i start gq i can combine using q and gq together starting off with hold g then q but i find i don't need let go of g but i can also hold down q i have get the timings right bit rusty now but i was able too gq and q same time it might be a bug that makes this work but if am not wrong gq was a bug too I tested alt g and q something ive never tryed before it was very hard for me do this well the best i can do is q then pess both alt & g same time and i think maybe click on tank of my own i find i can make my tanks behave in a way that ive never seen they all shot same time at ai tanks however am not very skill or this methed not good or am missing something Just too make it clear here i never used keybinds or even tested them
  8. Air is over powered in red alert 1 also anti air is under powered in red alert 1 This has been a problem for long time but has become more clear too me over time when i changed from being a base builder too a tanker In the game red alert 1 we have many maps and 2 main play styles Tanker players and base builder players i get straight to the point and explain everything air units are by far the best in the game also there the most hated least fun and only take away good games from players air only good for trolling or for being a one trick pony or cheap wins air dumb the game down a lot why is air so over what makes it this way its because unlike any other units in the game air can go any where on the map fly over any defense and kill any building but army stuck on the land and navy stuck in sea the next thing i need point out is only few units can even defend them self vs air ok sure what about run away wait cant to that air faster too how about kill mcv power it only air air units kill a mcv no matter where it is on the map no range limit too air that is are strongest building a tanker player cant rebuild mcv after this ive been on both sides of this many 2v2 games one sided because cheap win or get teamed up on by 2 pros when am trying do right thing but lose because ally trolls 3v3 games often turn into 2v3 games for long time because this too base builders even they are not safe a few good hotkeys with air and bookmarks and spam that build button u can take out up too 10 mcv at a time full base gets leveled ever 3-5 mins even with huge anti air all one type building dead mcv or ore ref most the time i played few games op air players they built about 300-400 places in 30-50 mins i looked at stats after game also it didnt matter how many sams rocket soldiers i made waves of air can attack with out it mattering how many die they just build x2 more most game aways turn into this mcv death rebuild build sams rocket soldiers war tank players out right ban air from there games but air also just op on all maps also tanker base builds dont want because of air i was used not mind till too many players used air and how op it is but the fact that too many players spam air attack become stuck at this level of play poor play style don't learn better skills u can learn play the game any way u want in your own room this post not shame air players say there not pro there some good players that only play custom mod maps that got good at this am even ok with rigged games as long as the players are open with what they are doing do so in the room they are the host off just playing for fun of it I want some kind of fix too this air problem The best fix i think is add a button so players can just turn air on or off in room host settings that way the mod maps in red alert 1 that need stats too stay the same will not get messed up by any fix is made another fix just weaken air [by a lot] and make stronger anti air stronger [by a lot too as well also units need be able fight back vs air not be helpless} maybe build build limit be good i also think mod maps hurt less by this kinda change if it was too happen or even range limit but a air on or off button be by far the best for everone not doing anything about this me anti air players suffer in a game they don't like and just put up with and the players who aways use air on them i just want everone be able play the game how they want too it be so much easyer on everone if we can make it so both sides can have the game how they want it too be played in there rooms best done with settings just asking for no air players don't listen also no way stop them other then ban them from room after game players who like air should play with others who like air players who hate air like me should play others of are own kind be able have a clean air free game when is asked of the players guys be friendly its ok like air games just dont force it on me just because i don't like air u might or might not like air don't stop us from being friends everone has there point of view
  9. tiny_mario am glad the the cheaters are gone too am only unhappy with the way the game was patched i dont fully understand how a game patch works but i understand it at a basic level got the idea how it works From my understanding i don't understand why not patch the hotkey editer so players can assign 2 buttons too one key The way the game was patched is my problem not that the game was patched The good the patch stop cheating but keeps the player base with ex cheaters who used key binds something had too be done about cheaters and i think in some ways the admin has done a very good job likely not listing names too shame them or ban them with ban for cheating i think a soft way of dealing with it is better for everone and the player base that loves the game the patch did stop cheaters Before the patch there was many many styles of tanking out there no longer this point stands sadly there was 2 types of alt g q without key binds & sadly cheater version with key binds The bad Sadly no one talk too me about the topic in 2021 before the patch By the time i find out the game was patched and i only dislike the patch because it removed my q + gq that no longer work together The patch has removed gq + q same time too understand what this is is holding down 2 buttons on my keyboard g + q letting go of g then we holding on but also fire on tanks like you do by aim click on tank then guard denying that it was possable too do this without binding hotkeys has made any debate frustrating gq + q same time did exist alt g & q did also exist other combos of the buttons also my have existed Blitz did testing him self am sure with others pro I don't know what there finding are Ok lets move on next point but i can see how something as complex too do like alt g & q without using key binds be very hard too do by mistake I did testing for hours myself on old version of the game find out why alt is good also i learn alt g & q i need practice too get better at it tanks fire and strange but good way its a lot like gq but with its own traits alt g & q is another style of tanking how strong it can get is debate of its own but it does exist without using cheats maybe it can get nearly as strong i don't know so i can't answer this question what i do know crush way of doing it proves using key binds its very strong cheater way [keybinds} I have done many tests of my own learn as much as i can as a third party here i can say it does qg & q does exist so does exist out side of key binding but without cheats its very hard too understand the timing complex hotkeys and what buttons too press when learned how too alt g & q in old version of red alert 1 i need a lot of practice at it get it as strong as my q alt g + q has gotton a bad name for its self because it is nick named by crush Steroid Tanking its a cool name but don't help people understand it sadly 95% of players who used it learn it the cheating way only and so people think its only for cheating that on worsen the topic for the very few who did in fact use it without cheats i don't know the numbers for sure it might be 97% cheaters or real players or maybe 90% cheaters 10% real players I just don't know This is a pure estimate I Strongly disagree both Ford & NDiaz They both don't fully understand alt g q is and that it was removed there was 2 types a cheating used by most and a way use without cheats used by a few I wish at least they not deny that it exists or used too without key binds before the update and patch made Clearly they don't take my word for what am saying that is a real shame Am a red alert 1 couch do lesson free ask for 0 money in return i never teach players too use cheats of any kind or use cheats for myself Off topic a little What you said about the game it help me feel better ford thanks i don't share all the same problems as u with the game I agree the game has gotten worse for me mostly for me because of air spam and the update patch I disagree with the solution if change is what you have in mind Unlike any other rts game red alert 1 can't follow there foot steps red alert 1 is very unique as well as its player base is very special everone knows each other the play style is also unique very high level at the pro level red alert 1 is the asymmetrical in gameplay unlike any other rts game all the rules in making game design go out the windows for red alert 1 Game Balance has no place in red alert 1 it can't exist with a player base that want the game too be this way change for red alert 1 will aways been seen as bad In red alert 1 most the time u have fight fire with fire Myself i never want this game too change. The game is good because it's a clearly broken game its one of the great paradoxs out there red alert 1 works this way loved so much as a game and for all its unfairness clear lack of Balance of any kind but its turns out this has made a great game At the pro level red alert 1 is a very fun game and mastering it is fun too red alert 1 has a bigger player base then command & conquer or tiberian sun or dune 2000 The remaster may have more players but red alert 1 has all the out school pros hardcore players and higher quality of players { the remaster is a good game but its not worth 20 pound for a free game if the price was 5 pound like ford said in past should cost my point still stand but at least that way it not be a rip off ) openRA got less players then us also its in need of a better lobby the game tried too Balance but it was not pretty does have some good maps that no longer work too because of updates { but its still a good game } my point is understand the player base we have this game is a very special gem in many ways new players do join and get into the game just not in huge numbers just we got understand old school players are the main player base there here too stay Anyways huge thanks too funky for making the game the game it is today we have a great chat lobby in the game we all share we not even be able play online together if it was not for funky
  10. This is my very favorite for playing vs the ai all the main problems with the ai not being smart are fixed on this map There is no choke point with small opening for attack unlike other defense maps where players just block path ai get stuck tanks Ai tanks don't get stuck also ai has been tricked into working as a team that i really like a lot Ai plays much like a tank rusher attacks ore trucks or base most often good rush attacks happen and timings of the attacks are not all the same making the ai play more fun I challange tanja beat This map here are the videos i have also beaten the map vs 2 hard ai same pro settings but blind without specs had 0 help sadly i didn't video it got a few wins but its rare i win Anyways tanja gameplay was very high level and just as impressive my advice too tanja was too tank as tanja very good at muti tasking and has good q I know how good tanja was from the games replayed tanja was maybe the best player of 2020 in the world it's very hard to win often lose so a few trys too win is needed unlike other defense maps this map great for practice too each game is different ai don't aways rush same place or at same time learning too tank rush the ai is hard then defend the tank rush the ai does back is need react fast have and have quick thinking at all times q blocking and q-ing the ai tanks slow them down for defense too hold has a high skill ceiling anyways for any normal players / pros might be best play with team vs team of ai number too your own level Thanks for the maps FunkyFr3sh
  11. Is fun maps for base walking fights I solo the hard ai in 1v1 Myself at speed 7 schmuudi's coop [2.0] TANK Mega HARD schmuudi's coop [2.0] V2 Mega HARD map The 2 maps i best it did take me a few hours too win Most the time its best have a team of pros beat maps like this For me this kind of map plays too nearly all my strengths and none of my weakness
  12. I Like the the dog wall a lot its great for teaching shift also on lost team of shift i know by tanks getting stuck meaning no longer in team 1 hotkey mistake happened learning q in real time i think is what matters and too learn the right way The old gold medal is very hard map too very hard to beat however its beatable without using shift and there no way no if players who beat it use shift or not gold medal V2 as a map is way too hard for me am still trying beat it for the last year still working on it for hours a day I do also have days relax all my focus is on q practice maps and not other parts of the game anyways am still a far cry from beating gold medal v2 even beating v1 i only win 1 out of 100 games this is without specs as with specs maps are even harder because of lag imput delay also shifting takes away from time too q my tanks time leads too weaker q so does even moving tanks from one side the map too the other also got speed time on the other side of map anyways getting faster at shifting tanks will make this time less long and sending tanks too the front in team as fast as u can shifting tanks 1 at a time is the right way too shift u want spend as much time on front of the map and as little as u can looking at the back of the map Its likely some players will never be able beat this map no matter how much they practice it is extreme hard map too beat its the cold hard truth hopefully what I said helps new players trying get better at q & shifting helps hotkeys are very complex need be done at extreme speeds too win u also got have extreme good aim as well only perfect play can win
  13. for me unit movements from the patch are weird now game hotkeys like gq & q are weird as there can both can't co exist in the same group of tanks at the same time i don't use hotkey binds both q and g have there own button in my setttings gq or q still works on its own I hate the update because of this not because they removed keybinding
  14. I use standard pro hotkeys if u go too the hotkey editer change too pro hotkeys u are using same as me I don't even use custom hotkeys unlike other pros who set bottons too a better place on keyboard for them self 0 keybind used by me I never use key binds so my hotkeys for q & g both have there own buttons crush point out cheaters used keybinding use Steroid Tanking that is alt g + q and yeah am sure there are cheaters out there but Steroid Tanking don't need keybinds too work something players don't understand I think Steroid Tanking got removed because its overpowered and lack of understanding of what it is and is not I think most likely pros who used sgq where unable understand why they lose tank fights too ALT G & Q because they think the other player is using sgq most players just don't understand what was used be going on GQ for me also still works for me too on its own its only when I try q on top of of GQ the GQ stops working It was used be possable both GQ and q same time most players don't know this so its very hard for them understand what is missing In this video here I used both gq and q the sametime i was didn't want others know it existed because if they learned how to use it too I lose my advantages over other pros I didn't go out my way hide it i didn't need too only 1 of many games of this day I made video of the other pros beg me video it i won ever game on this day in short time as well If u watch closely u be able see the tanks are getting weakned before I even q them by gq { how clear it too see am unsure } my problem is this no longer works something others never had in the first place alt g + q was used be a thing too I heard it no longer works after the update too for the players who used it myself as many others keep it secret are ways of tanking that it existed we use something other then q or gq or sgq I didnt know others know of ALT G + Q or that it was Possable For me removing stuff from a game is what I don't like and its good they stopped keybinding but they removed stuff maybe they didn't know was there in the first place there is likely even more ways tank out there or at least used be before the update I talk a pros about it The player base is very good for me we have a lot active players good players and good friends I wish ph0n0n atom1 & zizou still played but there gone forever ? yeah people do Complain too much too admins as well as report others over things that should not as big of a deal as there made out too be its most likely very stressful for funky & other admins on the gameplay side I like the tank rushs q battles and base walking v3 and tesla there my favorite ports of the game The problem i have is i dislike air spam attacks its a part the game I don't like that exists this a full topic of its own I make a post in detail about it war tank players also hate air for me red alert 1 is all about tanks rush and base walking that i like about the game there are other tactics too yes but air is not fun one too use or be on the other end off for me its the changes too the game that make it worse like how the remaster changed so much side bar the building are not where they used too be I want the game too never change so everthing just where I need it its why i never change my game res or hotkeys I know where everthing is like the back of my hand I don't dislike change the remaster is a good game but red alert 1 is a better game and is also free unlike the remaster openRA is also fun in its own way but without q existing in it again red alert 1 a better game openRA did update too often too that load old maps no longer being working some the best defense maps lost forever but for red alert 1 i don't want anything ever change i like the game the way it is only way make it better game is add more room host settings and make more maps for the game maybe make silver medal a medal players can win anyway even if i do retire most likely i still play the older version i have many copy of the game i still try make maps for the game in my free time as well join the lobby get new maps for myself I been asked so many times by players make a blog about my self so i try make this happen too am lazy so stuff takes time also a tier list of pros is a plans and players want my video teaching others how to play come out i sure have my work cut out for me red alert 1 too me is like a job too me now I have turn up too ever day I like chat in the lobby more then i like playing the game its self I know I ended up writing a lot more then i had plan too a long read sorry
  15. The new update the game has made this game a far worse game for me I have been doing much Research of my own hours of testing This is a complex topic that have too sides i understand this nicknamed Steroid Tanking by crush, many alternative ways of tanking turned out too exist the known ways of tanking are q tanking gq tanking & sgq tanking the crush video link cheat methed to used here ,,,> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7Qhj9Nqtx8 alt & g & q tanking worked before the update for some pros it no longer works I don^t fully understand the buttons used or the timing needed also gq & q together sametime I used myself mostly in mini q master games vs others pros noobs & the ai no longer works too understand what this is dual q & gq marge into one gq-ing your tanks & q-ing your tanks at the same time has the traits of both q & gq is powerfull tanks auto fire like in gq but by also q-ing u also fire kill more tanks by aiming your self as well The topic cheating come up on Steroid Tanking yes many players used the hotkey editer too bind keys into one button yes I agree this is cheating but Steroid Tanking its self is not cheating and should not be considerd as cheating it was used be possable hold down 2 buttons on your keyboard same time tank this way do the same kind of thing without cheating of any kind at least with my way of using it Steroid Tanking was a closely guarded secret by many pros who used it myself too i didn't know other pros had there own ways of using it but also I know there was lot more out there then what meets the eye In a black & white world of q gq & sgq its turns out colour existed too i wish only too preserve game mechanics from being lost forever I have many online friends on cncnet i don't want lose my friend ships and the game used to the best game in the world to me there never be a game as this one was however am looking for a new game get into now. red alert 1 was good in its day i don't want to cause a butterfly effect but i know philly retire too if I do a lot players be upset too petersky cloutiers return not go well 13clan members be upset many others friends of mine too but the fun in the game is gone for me becouse this patch and update has set the game on the wrong path what am asking for is fix the patch so hotkeys work without using cheats too gq & q same time is a tanking style where tanks can be in a q & gq state at the same time and i wish safe as many other ways of tanking as possable but i dont want players using key binding as this is cheating but there is a differences holding down many buttons with fingers on keyboard and using the hotkey editer to do this The level of play in red alert 1 has gone up over the years for many years players didn't know gq existed only use q ehy used gq as well he know of it before many others its what made him so powerful in tank batties sadly my understanding of far past is limited but I been here for a long time about 7 years online back then updates didn't hurt the game in any way i know of at least ehy was skilled at making super tesla too ended up getting a update that got super tesla added bug fix settings i think another fix is just add Steroid Tanking as a setting players room host can turn on or off same way super tesla works it make both sides happy red alert 1 is a very unique game hotkeys & base walking being able too q & gq simultaneously 1 group of tanks is what made game fun for me my decision too retire or not is not set in stone all options are on the table its not too late yet its depends on if this update patch gets fixed or not and the responses too my posts
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