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Can't control units


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I literally don't know what the fuck happened to the game but I literally can't control most of my units.

The moment I deploy my MCV at the start of the game (which I can move around just fine) the cursor animation stops (no flickering anymore) and I can't control any unit anymore apart from engineers and harvesters it seems. I can select them. I can scatter them. Mouse clicks won't register tho.

I thought it's me because I reinstalled windows so I tried defaultiong the config, choose different renderes and shit but no success. Decided I try the game on another client but can't even start a game there.

I mean, all I know is that you wanted to fix double hotkeys. Apparently you fucked the game up completely.

I want to play :(

EDIT: The Issue was on my side, just leaving this thread up if anyone might ever have the same problem. Apparently the "escort key" was stuck (not physically, maybe due to alt tabbing) which made only those units controllable, that can't fight. A simply restart fixed the issue for me.

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for me unit movements from the patch are weird now game hotkeys like gq & q are weird as there can both can't co exist in the same group of tanks at the same time 

i don't use hotkey binds both q and g have there own button in my setttings gq or q still works on its own 

I hate the update because of this not because they removed keybinding 

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Am taking middle ground here on the topic i think 


i agree i do find it offensive i trained combined Q & gq for a year for it too be removed wasted practice ?

 i say i am a traditional player and i want the game stay the same forever 


For sure the games hotkeys should not change i agree  the hotkeys worked this way since 1996 



Am not OK with keybinding as that is cheating using the hotkey editor in order too keybind is still keybinding 

I done a long read of the anti cheating is listed keybinding was against the rules as well as micro or using any cheat software

however the rules don't say anything against pressing buttoning 2 at time on keyboard or that tanks cant be in more then one state at a time 

as long as everything is done by hand and has its own button its not cheating 


Another one people get confused over because the rules are a little unclear is gaming mouse 

A lot of pros use a gaming mouse a gaming mouse has buttons on the side and use software make the buttons work [not cheat software}

The mouse side button can be assigned too a keyboard button or mouse sens adjuster etc

the main use of mouse button is have the mouse button that is the hotkey button u find the hardest too reach on your keyboard

for example i use button 1 & 2 so i can call teams by pressing 1 on mouse just like i do on keyboard with button 1 


DO not make micro buttons on gaming mouse or keybinds this is cheating for anyone who is reading this 


the problems is with the patch 

weirdness comes from if u hold g and q same time using your fingers holding 2 buttons on keyboard tanks refuse too move but in the old version of the game tanks can in more then one state at the same time 


The patch made it so u can only use one button at a time and tanks can only be in one state at a time 

so even if u press 2 buttons same time tanks only do one thing or the other pressing both makes tanks sit still 


i did many tests in a old copy of the game my findings are [no hotkey editor keybinding]

in the past formation q  used too work too how strong it can get is a unknown to me  in 10 v 10 when i was mixing stuff up trying ideas 

i have no real practice using it 

another thing is when i start gq i can combine using q and gq together starting off with hold g then q but i find i don't need let go of g but i can also hold down q i have get the timings right bit rusty now but i was able too gq and q same time 

it might be a bug that makes this work but if am not wrong gq was a bug too 

I tested alt g and q something ive never tryed before it was very hard for me do this well the best i can do is q then pess both alt & g same time and i think maybe click on tank of my own i find i can make my tanks behave in a way that ive never seen they all shot same time at ai tanks however am not very skill or this methed not good or am missing something 


Just too make it clear here i never used keybinds or even tested them 


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