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TSinstaller fails at downloading dotnefx.exe.


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As in the title, I'm trying to install Tiberium Sun but it fails to download dotnetfx.exe with 404 error. That unfortunately makes the whole installation process to fail. Is there workaround to this? Any help would be much appreciated.

PS: It worked just find around a month or so ago.



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I got the same issue, so I ran a packet capture and found the URL that the installer is looking for:



This URL must have been moved. The file appears to be this one:



I think this file is not used. The workaround is to create a local HTTP server that will serve the file (or any file with the filename dotnetfx.exe). Then set an entry for "download.microsoft.com" in your /etc/hosts.


You can do this easily with a few shell commands:


# append the following line to your /etc/hosts file, but use your own LAN IP address 
# download.microsoft.com 

# create the expected directory path
mkdir -p download/5/6/7/567758a3-759e-473e-bf8f-52154438565a/

# create an empty file that the installer is looking for
touch download/5/6/7/567758a3-759e-473e-bf8f-52154438565a/dotnetfx.exe

# run an HTTP server (must be root to bind to port 80)
sudo python3 -m http.server 80


With this workaround I was able to install and run Tiberian Sun.

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Microsoft seems to have removed the .NET Framework version 2.0 from their servers. I'll update the installer with a new link when I get the time. Or simply remove it as it is only really neccessary for Windows Vista and older if I remember correctly.

In the mean time if someone needs .NET Framework 2.0 it seems to be still available from Lenovo's site:


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