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I was the winner of the EA Red Alert 2 Boris coloring contest


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I just stumbled in on this site. Just wanted to share some nostalgia news. Back when Red Alert 2 was still new EA had a coloring contest, you download the Boris image and send in your coloring. I was the 1st place winner and 800 x 600 px revolution was the most common because, I think CRT tube monitors were still being used at the time. Anyways they sent me a T-shirt which I lost and I think they sent me a copy of the game which I already had, or maybe they sent me the Yuri's Revenge expansion pack, not too sure now. Here's the winning image.

boris colored.jpg

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Back than I was heavily into Photoshop back when it wasn't as well known, here's some of my work from back in those days, I stopped a long time ago, 14 hour work days and car projects that never end is what happened. I Don't live with my parents any more and I have way more money, but those times were pretty nostalgic. this is some of my earlier works at the time. remember this was like 2002- 2006 so 3D at this level was not too bad, not professional level, but better than average. the interface is pure photoshop, no 3D, it was animated using flash so it was interactive with actionscript

pulsecannon psd.jpg

recon droid.jpg


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Amazing work dude! You're a living piece of history! Too bad about the T-shirt though! I bet you would have framed it had you have realised what you were getting into!  Call Ea and ask for another one? Don't forget to update them with the new size as you've probably grown a bit lol

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