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  1. I think mappers and modders in general should make it clear who did what. If this is a remake, the name should be something like this: Original Concept: ____________ Remake By: ____________ or Original Map By: ____________ Remake By: ____________
  2. Poggers, nice work, I will have to dust off my DS and try this one out : )
  3. I think he means SFJ, a drop in map mod code that works with vanilla ra2. Having Ares run as default without new assets, is still beneficial as we can do more with what already exists, add new mechanics, new weapons, etc. It would be a whole new age of fun mod maps for CNCNet. Plus we can use it to fix existing vanilla bugs. Personally I have been working on a drop in map code of my own, that tries to make use of all the left over / unused assets in the game to create a fresh new faction, that looks different, and has new and unique looking weapons. Working on this mod had me working around a ton of game limitations, dont get me wrong its fun working within the limitations but it would have been really nice to have Ares code at my finger tips to make some of my unit ideas a reality. As for all the existing amazing Ares mods that had a ton of work put into them, its unfortuantly too much for unexperienced players to set those up to try them out.
  4. My idea was to either have Ares run as a base game or have monthly addon assets from CnCNet in the form of updates, just a couple of usable Cameos, Sounds, Art, Voxels (plus a usable tag in the map files that lets us use any cameo on any unit ID without cloning). And yes of course checked and free from copyright. Just to freshen up existing mod maps, and future pool of map creations. Or have both ares and monthly or quarterly assets pushed out in the form of clients updates. The idea of a separate mods tab to apply to existing maps can have the mod code + a section inside said mod code that has a list of approved maps that will auto filter accordingly. Another idea is have the CnCNet map DB accessable via ingame client to download maps with out having to download it from someone or manually installing and restarting. It would also have been nice if we can hide our work in progrsss code from being displayed in the DB before its ready. Just some dreams of mine : |
  5. Keep dreaming, its never going to happen lol
  6. I think this is a nice option to have for sure
  7. Unique Colored Cameos On CnCNet Would Make Life That Much Easier OR Cameos that just have clean looking text saying AA, Tank, Laser, Etc
  8. It would be really helpful if we could spectate an 8p map that you are working on
  9. I have noticed this too as well on my map Thanks for sharing this fix
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