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Invisible Mammoth Tank


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Maybe it's the ARDA mod I download that's causing this one. Anyways, here's a preview of an invisible Mammoth Tank. I even tried changing its render to Tiberian Dawn Mammoth Tank and it still didn't help me :S. Recall: Here are the ff. things I've downloaded/done before this.


1. ROB's Mod

2. ConquerorRhino's campaigns

3. Solve RAED problems


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When you changed to the Tiberian Dawn Mammoth Tank somthing is not right. Off hand make sure that it is saved in SHP format and not SHP (TS) format. If a SHP (TS) format is used in RA it will give you a Invisible unit/building.


Also check the name of the .shp. Some times when you mean to type 4TNK.shp you may have done 4TANK.shp...

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