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  1. im making interior map too darkven so funny ore inside the building and building inside the building
  2. well looking for coop right, i make some coop maps too you can get some in here [http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=1957.0
  3. Or have you used the waypoints? and in triggers use zone entry by or enter by put the cell triggers of the struggler team then set the enter by for event at defend base then action timer set **** (* is the number you want) then action 2 timer start then to reinforcement another trigger Event:mission timer expired Action:Reinforment team there and jacko why your not online at RA lobby c'mon have you read my messages?
  4. why are you not going online again in ra jacko wa happen?
  5. yeh the map has own rules, how can i make that map? i am only good at multiplayer campaign map and RPG maps.
  6. Well, ok just one question, how to make extreme maps?
  7. extreme maps are annoying there are civilians are with demo charge and something more weird!
  8. youll be cheated if you dont have counter strike expansion, because if you dont have it youll found invisible giant ants
  9. it wont break the game ants are free no requirements only war factory
  10. well, why wont you try the model file like this on the .ini file: mammoth tank (4tnk) <<<---------------that 4tnk must be named just like in the mix file of its model strenght=600 armor=heavy ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
  11. that's my experience too when I delete mods in my RA. so I reinstall my RA.
  12. the problem in you scenario jacko is your triggers i download the file and try it at the begining of the mission it will crash!!! then i scramble the triggers. i advise you to remake the scenario, jacko. jacko lets chat at cncnet
  13. well my friends ask about those ants to play with so i made this. the difference is the ants are free!
  14. no, i play it online with loser one,ramo,mr.qwert,splash,clarke it works, well i improve the d-day map
  15. why wont you just get red alert 1 at redalert1.com it also contain raed
  16. many peole asked playing with those ants so i made this rules, if you want to play using those ants you'll need counter strike expansion ,coz if you dont have that expasion youll found invisible ants. also there is also the queen ant but the problem is the nest...but.....nevermind that. get your ants now! ants.rar
  17. ok then sorry i didnt mean to use the cap button it was an accident
  18. i am the only guy on the red alert online that making multiplay campaign maps so i decide to distribute it some people thinks i am stupid map maker they just dont realize how to make a multiplay campaign maps ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ i am the guy made the first multiplay interior type map they some guys hate it and liked it they hate it because of no base rule,they liked it because of thats the most differant map they saw online so guys get one now!!! thanks multiplaycamps.zip
  19. mr.qwerty why since last i found you , you dont go online?
  20. why is mr.qwerty dont play online ra?
  21. you dont understand what i post right? there are guard and area guard
  22. ok i made a fan page at facebook about the CNCs i named it command and conquers:the classics.i am the admin of it there are CNCs pages onlyfew people only liked it, i really want to show them the CNC classics.the CNC calls!!! add me guys http://www.facebook.com/rhino.tank.5 thats Facebook i hope everybody will like it! i will wait for you guys!!! the link in facebook is: http://www.facebook.com/cncclassic
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