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Nintendo DSi port of Tiberian Dawn


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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the first beta of C&C1 ported to the Nintendo DSi. It is based on Vanilla-Conquer, the source port of C&C Remastered aimed to run on the classic engine.

Supported features:

Full campaign support: all 15 GDI missions, all 13 Nod missions.
Covert Operations expansion.
All FMV content is available. Are you picking this up?
Sound and Music. Every track is available, and every sound effect too.
Skirmish game.

Unsupported Features:

x Multiplayer game.
x Dual Screen support. Only the bottom screen is used in game.
x Nintendo DS phat and Nintendo DS Lite: Not enough RAM.

Download and How to play: HERE!

Screenshots in attachment.

Please report bugs on the GitHub page.
Happy Conquering!


Screenshot from 2021-10-08 20-32-15.png

Screenshot from 2021-10-10 17-27-54.png


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New ROM available for download! Major changes:

- Better performance

- Fixed tickling sound on music

- Fixed VQA audio cutting out

- Many bugfixes submit to Vanilla-Conquer sourceport incorporated.

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