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How to make more of 9 tanks invulnerable with iron curtain


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After suffering this annoying bug a lot of times, i discovery how to make it usefull and also how to make it deliberately, i show all the details in this video, i not use any mods just normal game: 

After uploading this, Green Elf have the idea how to make it even more usefull with Libya demolition trucks:

That also give me the idea that maybe we have the most powerfull super weapon in game (riskfull) but in for fun games was possible in this live stream: 


No warming that gone a be use it

Can destroy almost a entire base 

Can destroy super weapons and MCV (other SW can't)

Very hard to react and use force shield and no time for sell buildings


Have a lot of demolition trucks in base is very dangerous

Only can be use it in fun games

Need to be team game 1 Libya player and 1 Allied player or unholy alliance game mode (start with 3 factions MCV)

Anyway if you don't believe me i show it in a controled experiment here:


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