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  1. Kikematamitos

    I am tired of this life

    I hope this ends soon, thanks for the good plays
  2. Kikematamitos

    Just another guy

    I help you, teaching you how i do my job in YouTube and what i spend time chatting and teaching you about metadata, thumbnails and saying in my live streams how good you are playing this game, i invite you to play wit me, but seems like you support comments from people that hate me, is true i am not the best player and you also are not the best player, but i never say that i am a pro player, i am average and i can't play many hours every day for be good in a game, i am 31 Years old i need to work for my wife and pay my house were i live, yes, i have a life, things that 20 years students don't know and have a lot of free time for memorize every build in every map, actually i play for enjoy the game every sunday in my live stream, so i not warm before the live stream or before record, i start my live stream without playing in a week, so you pretend to be my friend, ha-ha-ha
  3. I play Death Resurrection mode from Red Resurrection mod for Yuri's Revenge and i like it so much but they are not much people playing the mod and i wish to see that game mod in Yuri's Revenge. Can be posible? Maybe for celebrate the resurrection of Jesus?
  4. Kikematamitos

    Buying a new copy of Yuris

    The complete C&C collection is to cheap and you get a lot of great games
  5. Kikematamitos

    Please Remove Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) option

    I am agree, looks like was made for somebody that don't know how to control Yuri units, for example for a long time i think that in small maps soviets win 100% but they are allied players that show me that a good lateral thinking can win in small maps, at the end depends of the player, bad players that don't know howt to play it need more there and less there, the unique true is that tesla units, destroyer tank, apocalypse tank, need a change for be useful Frequenzy make a pro balance that i like it in that units, like increase the tesla trooper range of fire, tesla tank and apocalypse can turn the turret in motion, and more armor and range of fire of the destroyer tank. Is not about be an optional setting is about be a bad balance.
  6. Kikematamitos

    Who play Red Alert 3?

    LOL, you miss the RA2 tanks spamming?
  7. Kikematamitos

    A top player's YouTube channel

    Negative, no one is better that Bryan Vahey because he beat me many times.
  8. Kikematamitos

    Can i play with NAT connection?

    I gone a live in a far away town were not exit internet connection, but i gone a use a modem that use celular network but that don't give me a public ip because is NAT.
  9. Kikematamitos

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    Looks like Yuri is more powerful in early game now, so is more easy to grow to late game.
  10. Let's say to EA what the community wants: https://goo.gl/forms/qEjPOhZknB33LeD82
  11. Kikematamitos

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    Exist people that build early flack canon vs soviets, people that know a bit the estándar build order in the maps that they know (this are average) and exist the no life people that only think in increase the APM and memorize build order in every official map, say that exist only 2 kind of people is a bad idea, i wish we can see the win-lose ratio of every player like an ELO of Age of Empires III were every player has a number and rank level so you know how good is it, and in AoE3 they are like 10 ranks of players.
  12. Kikematamitos

    Who play Red Alert 3?

    Yes i like it because is not just a tanks spamming and every unit can be very versatile if you use it correctly
  13. Kikematamitos

    Who is the best player ever?

    I need to say this is ones of the best reply i read in this topic, at some point in the popular games were top players memorize every map and the best strategy for every side, the difference of lose and win can be very influenced by the hardware and that is why people needs 1ms keyboard, mouse and monitor, and also this StarCraft players and also Red Alert 2 and YR or Age of Empires series, top players make like 3 to 5 clicks for every simple action just for make the best timing. Maybe the curve of more players-more competitive vs time to learn the game is the most interesting comment because maybe you try to say that old school players from WOL can be better that actual players. I need to ask if this is true and you know about alting or this one: https://youtu.be/5DwBQZpbvPs or the soviet miner early rush in small maps vs allies?
  14. Kikematamitos

    Command & Conquer Remasters have been announced!

    Affirmative, i never play RA 1 but i will try the remaster of this for sure: https://youtu.be/MlMLEIDdIn0
  15. Kikematamitos

    Who play Red Alert 3?

    That gif is older that me