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  1. How about that your PC can run't it? that is why RA3 aren't popular and because change to much maybe RA2 is the best inversion for EA but people never support my survey.
  2. I donate all what i have in my paypal:
  3. At the end some people are just faster i think most of time new players are slow because not use hotkeys, for example me when i warm for 2 horus playing i know what to do but Zhasulan is just faster that me for react, use hotkeys only and always here a video where you can learn basics.
  4. No, is just multiplayer but AI is very hard to beat.
  5. Very nice i see many minecraft about RA2 before.
  6. I wish to met a real McBurger Kong
  7. Kikov reporting with a new video of experiments, bugs and glitches (or features?) that you never see it before! Clic in the picture to watch the video: Watch amazing videos in my YouTube channel
  8. I never use it but i remember you my last try of tournament in RA2 if you think about use it.
  9. I forgot to say that there is another systems not only that, like a league, the picture is a link to the web site.
  10. Yes like, use a web site for tournaments like this one:
  11. We can talk in Skype or another site for explain you my ideas.
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