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  1. Kikematamitos

    Mistakes in RA2 mode

    And can capture buildings if he is near of that.
  2. Kikematamitos

    nonName Youtube Channel [Videos Topic]

    Somebody say YouTube?
  3. Kikematamitos

    BOLO: Notorious Game Ruiner

    Just ban him the next time or block user
  4. Kikematamitos

    How to beat yuri?

    Desolator in slaves
  5. Kikematamitos

    What other strategic games do you play?

    This is REBORN
  6. Kikematamitos

    What other strategic games do you play?

    Ok i play Age of Empires 2 and 3, Red Alert 3 and Uprising, Reborn, Mental Omega and Red Resurrection mods for RA2 and a little bit of Rise of Nations.
  7. Kikematamitos

    [2] Border patrol -Updated 1.2.2019

    For me is a camping map Why not make destructible walls instead that gorges?
  8. Kikematamitos

    I've opened a new Youtube Channel

    Make sure you don't play the same official maps all time, play mods, etc. i think that is the reason why pro players aren't success in YouTube they are monotonous.
  9. Kikematamitos

    troll games and wasted matches

    I was in Discord once and they are a lot of trolls, not mature people.
  10. Kikematamitos

    troll games and wasted matches

    DON'T JOIN THAT DISCORD! Also i forgot to tell you, in a challenge you can play first one of his maps if you lose you choice a map and loser choice a map again, that is the best way to play, if you lose in one of your maps he is just better that you and that is all.
  11. Kikematamitos

    Top 10 Things CNCNET YR needs

    Who pay that?
  12. Kikematamitos

    Be honest what do you think about me? ☮

    Thanks i exercise every day, this is an old video of me doing 350 abs not stopping, i stop that because crunch is unhealthy and i actually use ab well with other kind of exercises.
  13. Kikematamitos

    troll games and wasted matches

    Be honest with you, this is a Real Time Strategy Game not a Strategy per turns, all rushes are ok and only work vs unexperienced players but i am agree with FFA, people don't know how to play it to win, they think is a chaos game but good FFA players balance the attack between all players and usually attack the strong current player to win, but sometimes unexperienced players play FFA like it was 1v1 focused on a single player (usually nemesis or YouTuber) and ignore a player that mass army and win just camping and doing nothing.
  14. Like player level, contend in my YouTube Channel , attitude, etc. Please don't comment if you don't know me, people that critic people that don't know say more about him that the guy he critics. I fell bad because my contend is not recognized and i invert a lot of money and time, i don't have donations like Bryan, except for around 10 donations in history of my livestream, were Dylan (monitor) and a guy from Great Britain give me around 90% of the money, so if my knowledge in YT business are not working for me, maybe i can teach real pro players, so they can recibe somethin for all the time and love inverted in Red Alert 2, so you are free to add me in Skype if you wan to ask something in private. I recibe around 300 dollars from advertisements, per month.