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  1. @Grant SanHolo player continues down the game speed in multiplayer for trolling, you should disable that option in the next patch or people gone a continue doing that all time for trolling, also is hard to block and ban trolls from games, please fix this.
  2. Sunny because not cry for multiengineer
  3. Yup i think nobody make this ever in a real multiplayer game.
  4. I just wan to share my best combo ever made in a online multiplayer gameplay with super weapons in Eifel tower in center custom map:
  5. I not see the animation of explosion in Red Alert 2 mode i mean not Yuri's Revenge.
  6. I finish some maps 2019 maps crash less specially if you play without crates, crates make crashes
  7. Yes they was an option for change it but is not there anymore.
  8. Yes but without that is just farming tanks that are fun to play but boring to watch that is the reason why i use it for break the monotony, is like Counter Strike at some point people think that are fun to play awp_india but boring to watch.
  9. Same: https://youtu.be/gAprIci4vOw Is a waste of time and money and nobody gone a wall the war factory dude conyard is not the only one objetive: https://youtu.be/1iks_-b_sbY
  10. They stop for not recibing donations?
  11. We not play vs AI dude Breznob (Sunny), ic0, and Zhasulan another guys that not remember and all of them are agree with engi rush, and know how to counter so if you fail is your fault not game broke there.
  12. LOL who are good for you? i think i play wit all the good players that play actually
  13. I see many good player crying when i use engineer + terror drone in a flak track and also i see many good players countering that with a single terror drone or IFV with engineers. I think is legal to do it but painful if are success.
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