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  1. Increase the price of boomer or time of build that is all
  2. DFQ i swear that works last time i try it
  3. You can post the vides here just copy the share link here: youtu.be/DMbXVLBUclA
  4. I was playing extra small in RA2 mode and i see that cuban terrorist has no explosion animation and less power i never see somebody saying that Cuba is OP or also playing as Cuba like a choice. https://youtu.be/H5FWSryW4h8
  5. You can't see the result until you answer the survey. You are just in love and i not say that other games are bad or good i say who is the most popular game and what you say about RA2 is totally false only noob complain about Yuri that is very vulnerable in early game and units cost to much and slaves die to easy, only in late game without super weapons is op, in RA2 in every map changes the strategy to, the problem is that official maps all are very similar and that is why use the same tank spamming and that is why i prefer custom maps because make useless units more useful.
  6. I call to share the survey and i share it in all the forums, another that support the survey is counting the post in every forum RA2 has more that double of the second one with more posts. The survey still open for share it.
  7. That company is actually rich selling games like FIFA, BTF, etc. and also is not years of work when you have a lot of employers, come one community do a great job with mods like Mental Omega and also do you see global crisis mod? a single guy in home make it: https://youtu.be/hs70fv_Y3zw?t=858
  8. Is not necessary think to much to know what is the most popular and best C&C game but EA start from the beginning just for earn more money and leave the best to the end if they start from RA2 less people gone a buy the rest.
  9. For be honest i not play star craft but i see videos and play style and i think is the number 1 for me followed by Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, because they are hard to master and have tinny lines between units, also Age of Empires II was a great one but is not frenetic for be a really good electronic sport that is why i think Age of Empires III is better that 2. But you need to make a difference between, real time strategy videogames and strategy per turns videogames.
  10. And gone a fail again just for listen internal workers and not the consumer: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe-q4JbGtamK09AAKblMR7qvOctlHl7hoPEE7z3XDN0Qmp4PA/alreadyresponded
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