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  1. Both are true but usually a bad map is never play it again but some people can cheat in custom maps were thy know how to get advantage by triggers.
  2. I wish that can be a filter and data can be save it encrypted in game folder of every player so we can use a filter for noob player, amateur, hard core and elite players. This 4 levels can englobe all the players for me.
  3. Everybody knows that without SW Yuri is op, but in sea maps is very op for me
  4. I use Windows 10 and i can run it all, just seach fix in YouTube, but the big problem for me is that i don't know how to fic the resolution in generals to my native resolution
  5. Also you can try to use the spy plane that is free hahahaha
  6. BF slowly that rhinos, also need laboratory and rhinos not, play early game if you are soviet and they never get money for a BF, use rhinos for distraction and try to drone it, split rhinos and flank it.
  7. People still using my name and doing crap behavior for damage my reputation, that make that other players kick me and i wan to use my name, i wish that cncnet team can help me with this.
  8. Why not choice the ELO system for rank the players?
  9. I think you make maps faster that i can play hahaha, but that is very nice, like i say it before this concept of map works fun in all RTS videogames like you see in Age of Empires 2 and in Age of Empires 3 we have another concept called wolloseum were every player have options for load waves but maybe that is imposible here, search wolloseum in YouTube
  10. Just a geography fail, most of the map is México and is located in north America, a proper central America map have just central America and caribean maybe, look that we almost see California there!.
  11. I will paly this map this saturday in live stream looks very good
  12. People i love to play this map, very hard for unexperienced players but inclusive when i win the map still fun to keep playing it, so this is a sugestión, please make more versions of this map, maybe some with more waves or instead to put more HP, put more units maybe you can quit a half of hit points in the final version and make *2 of units in the wave, also use more kind of defenses; MISSING version is very good but i with to play it without OP unit just defenses and build oils in the small space with high cost defenses, i think that is the spirit of the map.
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