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  1. Kikematamitos


    I read a post of Jason/ZiGZaG and i remember that i offer my help to teach him what i know about record gameplays and streaming, so we talk a little bit of that in Skype i want to share that conversations with the community because that was the last words he write to me, i attached the file and you can open in browser. Jason-Smith-111764.7z
  2. Kikematamitos

    R.I.P ZiGZaG

    I think a better homage is watch one of his victories.
  3. Kikematamitos

    Where is the Red Resurrection forum?

  4. Kikematamitos

    RaVaGe invisible MCV then makes game not count

    I saw many cheaters that build all kind of units and buildings with same MCV, also many toxic behavior this game with Counter Strike have ones of the most toxic community i ever see in games, people quitting and lagging game deliberately, join in a group of discord to plan how to fuck a match or helping the team mates from spectator position, team killers and trolls, this game is very old i think most of the people that play it are above 25 years and mature but seems like all are kids and haters, i have like 15 people that are in my social networks, forums and comments in my videos saying that hate me because i am a 40 years old man playing a game, the true is that i am 30 and well is my like, a healthy and better activity that get drunk with beer, smoke weed or watch series that don't put your brain to work and keep it sharp also Bryan post about me and break the forum rules and admins say nothing i reply to them and admins delete my comment because i was attacking another user, seems that Bryan not do that or maybe he have some privileges, maybe because he is rich and put a donation to cncnet.
  5. Kikematamitos

    What's the obsession with highest game speed?

    Is related to the APM of the players, hi APM player can make more in less of time so they not boring at slow speed.
  6. Kikematamitos

    Message to haters

    I gone a enjoy the game in my way and i don't care anymore what you think about me, maybe i am more important for you that you for me so tanks for make me an important part of your life and i am sorry for not make you a important part of my life.
  7. Kikematamitos

    YR Red-Resurrection has arrived!

    Thanks for update the miners now i see that visual when they run over the water, i also ask if i can put the mod in the same folder of YR because i copy-paste the YR folder in another one for install RR there, but i have to few space in my SSD and i see that RR have another folder inside YR, thanks for reply.
  8. Kikematamitos

    How much money is needed to support real ra2 ?

    They use many freeware tools so maybe not much but i wish Grand comment here, maybe the cost of time is more that money, but here is what they use for this forum.
  9. Kikematamitos

    My first map

    I mean 1 map for every teach building i know you guys are creative but sometimes simplicity is better, like the AK-47
  10. Kikematamitos

    My first map

    Hey guys i have a great idea, please respect the normal rules of the game, no modes and make maps like the Startube Oil in center original, but playable in 1080p screens, and make a version of this game with a single bunker, laboratory, Hospital and tech grand canon, remember that we have 4 players that can join against the winner of the X thing in the middle so is not OP. I put special attention in the hospital in center because can help to spam infantry (now more useful) and sure we need a bigger map because hospital needs more cells and hable to the player build defenses for protect him or use units arround the hospital. Just an idea i just love the old and simple oil in center. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc5yXOSzyZc
  11. Kikematamitos

    Where is the Red Resurrection forum?

    I can't find any topic of this mod and i need to say to devs that fix that tanks and miner water walk i like the mod so much but that is just hard to see it.
  12. Ok i just copy and paste the YR folder for install there RR, i notice that RR is in a standalone folder, the question is if i don't need to copy YR folder and i can have both games in the same YR folder? i have not much space in my SSD
  13. Kikematamitos

    My Antivirus deleted CnCnet Client

    Happen to me to but not actually with my windows defender.
  14. Kikematamitos

    This is my BEST VIDEO EVER!

    I fix it now, thanks for the advice.
  15. Do you think is fun to watch? This is one with ones of the best players in CnCNet i make it extra fun to watch: This one was a epic fail-epic win match, i not usually play Yuri but you need to see what happen and put attention to the chat: I always gone a post my best videos here so wait for more, or also you can