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  1. I use order to guar a cliff or a stone and starts to moving like that.
  2. Can i use that picture as thumbnail in my live stream?
  3. Thanks i hope this clean the hate from the community
  4. [youtube]6b2qkOragzs[/youtube] [youtube]E1n1gR5eDBw[/YouTube]
  5. The spirit of this map is to make a balanced Free For All match were you don't have any MCV so you need to grow your army with things that you find in the map just like PUBG videogame, you need to be smart to use diplomacy and political strategy to win this, this is ones of those maps were can happen many things and need to play it for know it. Also i think that another map without snow and better light with simple crates without mcv in it and paratroopers can be a better PUBG or battle royal mode in RA2, without that camping and crate farming that make games longer that 30 minutes doing nothing, because in this map you can be defeated with the starting units because you don't know were the opponents place the paratroopers, Boggle04 say that is imposible to start with a single or infinite paratroopers becaue crash, but can be very funny to play it if are posible, you can say that Allies gone a be OP for the GI but in a FFA nobody knows what gone a happen and maybe the first crate give you a soviet or Yuri miner or sentry gun that make the difference, also can be good if we have like 8 crates every time and not that lots of them that make players just keep farming them. make the player fight nor farming anything for a frenetic and good gameplay.
  6. I see this phenomenon in all gaming communities, when somebody gets popular start to hate it and many people think that i take a lot of benefit doing nothing, i need to tell you something: I think that people hate me because they think that i am popular but the true is that i am not popular my subscribers not coming from RA2 videos, my channel exist since 2009 and i get most of them before upload RA2, people that suscribe and never watch again so i am a small YT channel were around 2000 people follow me and the rest of views come from suggested videos not from subscribers. I always get trolls in my games and is hard to play and live stream when people always trying to fuck it all.
  7. Well nobody are taking attention to this topic anyway
  8. Yes, Patric (the guy that teach me how to basic play) tool me that videos aren't impressive because he can know all just reading that.
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