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  1. Kikematamitos

    Update advice every moment

  2. Kikematamitos

    Update advice every moment

    I recibe an update advice every moment and my client is updated, also sometimes people quits and the match crash for the rest, ¿How to fix this?
  3. Kikematamitos

    Player uboat deliberately lagging games

    That happen to me all time, people that lag that lag the game because is not fast to play.
  4. I think is good idea because: But i thin Germany still the worst, i don't know how good you are for play the game but @FReQuEnZy make some maps whit a pro modification that balance the factions and he is a good player so he know what he is doing, i see many mods that looks like was made by noobs that don't know how to deal some situations playing vs an AI, but is good idea to balance the game and make some useless factions like Russia and Germany better.
  5. Dude, dude, come one? nobody use them like that, we use flak tracks and the dogs was just a joke.
  6. Kikematamitos

    alt allowed?

    I can show you how to counter that here, and also in this match we countered many times easy, so alting is worst for the executor, but you can try it and maybe if your opponent are distracted you can do a lot of damage, also i do this experiment where a simple walls stop the alting.
  7. Kikematamitos

    How to counter the "Alting"

    Yes, a tank can be better anyway is not about the genuine alting is about that the purple player (in text) say that bunquers can't attack the ground he is skilled player i don't know why he not save my WF and nobody was agree with me also Sonny not was alting just put the miner there and if i build a tank this moves and tank kill him.
  8. Kikematamitos

    How to counter the "Alting"

    This is what i do but some people don't understand me.
  9. Kikematamitos

    Clan mate

    I just can't change my name i know that some clans put a "[LL]" before the name
  10. Kikematamitos

    Tutorial Videos

    Noobs need to watch, learn and practice vs same level or above average players, they need to love frustration first before enjoy the challenge and the victory
  11. Kikematamitos

    😮 WTF is that?

    Ha ha ha in one of my last live streams happen this!!! 😂
  12. Kikematamitos

    Tutorial Videos

    Well you need do things for me, like Start Tube he make many intros to my channel and play with me in custom maps and we are friends beyond the game in Facebook, RSG is my friend beyond the game in Skype and he teach me to play, i start to playing this game thanks to RSG because i search for a "Real Strategy Gamer" (i was Age of Empires III player and Reborn mod offline until then) i am his fanboy, we play together in the past, Bryan was another friend but i had a bad experience with him, i am not sure if that gone a happen with you because i don't know you and the name "Kikematamitos" is a brand so you need be my friend for use it like RSG or Star Tube, you want that me give you something, what you gone a give to me?
  13. Kikematamitos

    Join Me on Steam

    I never use Discord before, that program tell you if some of your friends are playing a game like steam? also i dislike to use calls for play in skype or Discord because that is cheat, because the death guys (in FPS games) say to his friends what the enemy does is like spy and is a way to cheat the game, but if you think that i gone a use Discord, never, sorry i am tired for have friends in many platforms like Skype, Steam, Facebook, VK, 3 email accounts, hangouts and WhatsApp, i don't want another program in my life
  14. Kikematamitos

    Just a warning on playing custom maps

    Extra Small, oil in center, Naval Extra Small and some section for the functional survival and tower walking (no crash) maps
  15. Kikematamitos

    1v1 Tournament. Are you interested?

    I want see it and recorded in hi quality with comment just like E-Sports