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MrMaDTanKs RA2 Mission Maps [VIDEOS INSIDE]

XMaDTanKX aka T-90

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Hi guys, in this topic I will be posting everytime I make a video about my own made mission maps, I hope this is the right section in the forum to post this.

Maybe you remember me for the [Heck with Brutal AI] I've posted on XWiS years ago https://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/107503-defeat-7-brutals-on-this-map/

I called this first one Soviet Invasion Confirmed (making honours to General Carville ?), I made it in late 2001 early 2002 and it was my very first Mission Map. I used the terrain of a multiplayer map I had made weeks before and I've started with all this adventure of creating AI Triggers, Taskforces, INI editing and many things more. Clearly it's NOT my best map but it was very special for being the first one and the one that introduced me into the Mission Maps creating world when I only was 24.

After a little testing and revision I decided to make a video and share it with the C&C community. It has some errors to fix but I didn't want to touch it so much to keep it's original essence of the noob map creator (and player) I was. If you like it I could make a 2.0 version in the future which is gonna be alot harder o_-

Download the map here!!?https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pvvyae0bhBk_DaarkMx7A7qNY6qX_AX1/view?usp=sharing

Copy the file located into SinglePlayerMission folder to your Ra2YR folder,  rename it as all01t.map and start an Allied Campaign as usual.

The file also includes Multiplayer Versions that you only have to copy to your Ra2YR instalation folder and an edit to play online on the CnCNet client.

I hope you like it guys.


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This second one was made some time after the Soviet Invasion map. I was still on an early learning stage making Ra2 mission maps by that time. 

It's based on a Red Alert 1 skirmish map that was originaly called 'Arena Valley Extreme' and apeared in The Aftermath original expansion for PC and in Retaliation (it's counterpart for Playstation) of wich I was a big fan despite the poor performance of the game on this platform. That's probably why I called this mission 'Soviet Retaliation' xD.

So I decided to use this big terrain that I've made before as a Ra1 Multiplayer map for Ra2, BUT with a fully custom AI and a big sized pre-built base for the enemy.

The result was sick XD but it's not as hard as it looks actually altough it may take you a few trys.

Download the map here !!?https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zUb5SF4O8z6P_etmH_VLMMkmZ1vzGeQy/view?usp=sharing

Copy the file located in SinglePlayerMission to your Ra2YR instalation path and rename it as sov01t.map. Then start a Soviet Campaign as normal. Hope you really enjoy it.

The file also includes Multiplayer Versions that you only have to copy to your Ra2YR instalation folder and an edit to play online on the CnCNet client.

Have fun! ??


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Hello people, today is a great day, and not for getting married and/or win the lottery ?

Today is the day I am going to release what probably is my BEST Red Alert 2 Mission Map. It's a very special map for me, both for the time and big effort put on it and for the history behind.

I started to create this on 2003 when I had the original idea and wanted to make a real serious Ra2 mission. In early 2004 I had the first beta version which had a very good approach but something was missing. I have made some evolved versions over the years and, it was in year 2012 when I thought I had something worth to release but sadly one of my computers suffered an overheat in August of that year and I lost the hard disk where I had all of my latest work related to Ra2, kepping only and luckily a very early version of the map with an unfinished terrain and only a few triggers, so I had to remade almost everything and not remembering what I did exactly to that 2012 version that I lost forever. Date of this file is March 2004 and it was into a very scratched CD. And that is the version I've been working lately to make this video and give you this great mission map that you are going to love.

The mission itself is a 'sneaking infiltrate' mission where you will have to rescue the prisoners and find the way to the captured Allied Base to stop the Nuclear Threath that is brewing somewhere at the KSSR (Soviet Socialist Republic of Kazakhstan) and avoid a potential global disaster. You start with Tanya, three veteran Gi Soldiers and two Spys of recognized prestige in the USA. With only these units on the battlefield, you will need to look for the prisoners location, rescue them and find the way to the Allied base to stop the nuclear disaster. On the video you'll find a more detailed briefing.

To play the map just click on the link I'll leave below and extract the files 'all01t.map' and 'ra2.csf' to your Ra2 folder, launch original Ra2 and start an Allied campaign as normal, preferably on hard level. To restore the game to normal, just delete these two files.

DOWNLOAD the Map here ? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qs6yPEuxCT9RpykC4V-UAOo5eU9Dh6la/view?usp=sharing



I hope you like it guys and gurls, GL & HF










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There goes my last Mission Map, call it as you like, Survival Mission, alternative Allied Final Mission, myself don't even know why I've made this map but I think is quite good and fun to play, and it's from my 2004 vintage ^^

All you got to do is to establish a base, destroy the Psychic Amplifier before it comes online and affects your team and the whole world, and finally assault the Kremlin with Tanya, no big deal. As expected, there is a contdown for the Psychic Amplifier which once is over, the Mission will be a failure, and just here's the handicap of this Mission. I hope you like it.

DOWNLOAD the Map here ? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e3wVLLm1oHmf_93AC3ulBrGtM9KfnY_j/view








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