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  1. This second one was made some time after the Soviet Invasion map. I was still on an early learning stage making Ra2 mission maps by that time. It's based on a Red Alert 1 skirmish map that was originaly called 'Arena Valley Extreme' and apeared in The Aftermath original expansion for PC and in Retaliation (it's counterpart for Playstation) of wich I was a big fan despite the poor performance of the game on this platform. That's probably why I called this mission 'Soviet Retaliation' xD. So I decided to use this big terrain that I've made before as a Ra1 Multiplayer map for Ra2, BUT with a fully custom AI and a big sized pre-built base for the enemy. The result was sick XD but it's not as hard as it looks actually altough it may take you a few trys. Download the map here !!👉https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zUb5SF4O8z6P_etmH_VLMMkmZ1vzGeQy/view?usp=sharing Copy the file located in SinglePlayerMission to your Ra2YR instalation path and rename it as sov01t.map. Then start a Soviet Campaign as normal. Hope you really enjoy it. The file also includes Multiplayer Versions that you only have to copy to your Ra2YR instalation folder and an edit to play online on the CnCNet client. Have fun! 😄🤪
  2. Hi guys, in this topic I will be posting everytime I make a video about my own made mission maps, I hope this is the right section in the forum to post this. Maybe you remember me for the [Heck with Brutal AI] I've posted on XWiS years ago https://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/107503-defeat-7-brutals-on-this-map/ I called this first one Soviet Invasion Confirmed (making honours to General Carville 😆), I made it in late 2001 early 2002 and it was my very first Mission Map. I used the terrain of a multiplayer map I had made weeks before and I've started with all this adventure of creating AI Triggers, Taskforces, INI editing and many things more. Clearly it's NOT my best map but it was very special for being the first one and the one that introduced me into the Mission Maps creating world when I only was 24. After a little testing and revision I decided to make a video and share it with the C&C community. It has some errors to fix but I didn't want to touch it so much to keep it's original essence of the noob map creator (and player) I was. If you like it I could make a 2.0 version in the future which is gonna be alot harder o_- Download the map here!!👉https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pvvyae0bhBk_DaarkMx7A7qNY6qX_AX1/view?usp=sharing Copy the file located into SinglePlayerMission folder to your Ra2YR folder, rename it as all01t.map and start an Allied Campaign as usual. The file also includes Multiplayer Versions that you only have to copy to your Ra2YR instalation folder and an edit to play online on the CnCNet client. I hope you like it guys.
  3. It's been said over the years that these two units are kinda unbalanced especially by allied players who claim their tanks are 'plastic' and Soviet Rhinos are overpowered but, what's hidding behind this statement? It's quite known that in balanced human tank battles the victory goes usually for the Rhinos, (and by balanced I mean money spent on tanks, not amount of them), Rhino always seem to win easier if there's not other units around like Gi's or Rockies but... after looking for some info and/or videos I couldn't find anything clear so I decided to make an analysis and video myself. There you go... I make clear I'm Soviet player (not pro but decent) and I've been as neutral and impartial as I could. Let's discuss people!!
  4. I think he means where active players arrange their games nowadays with each others they already know from years. Almost everybody is on Discord now, Discord and social networks in general seems to have absorbed any activity on the forums overall.
  5. It looks like a way to prevent cheating in online games? Have you tried tu run the game from the original ra2md.exe file to see if the problem persists?
  6. Good! I've been watching some games from RA2cashGames YT channel and looks a very simple and fun map where you don't have to care of the stupidity of miners 😄😆 Also good for fast games and quite interesting for FFA 4 players 😁
  7. Hello I'm doing some video stuff with Yuri's Revenge and every time I try to open the XCC Sound Editor that comes inside the XCC Mixer, the program just closes itself and won't let me do anything. I only need to extract some audios from langmd.mix\audiomd.mix\audio.bag as wave files to put them into a video. I'm using XCC Utilities 1.47 and surprisingly with older versions like 1.12 or 1.40 the issue won't happen, but I can't read Yuris Revenge, only Red Alert 2. Any idea of what could be causing this and any solution? Thanks in advance.
  8. I've been playing a few games online and I've noticed that the Scroll Speed is way too fast even when it's set at 0, and when I say too fast I mean near to be uncontrollable. I don't have this issue playing the vanilla games Ra2 / YR and/or the CNC Net client on Skirmish mode, I usually set it as fast, but in online games I'm forced to set it to slowest / 0 and still is too fast. Anyone knows what could be causing this problem and any possible solution? Any help is apreciated.
  9. Try this: Do right click on the Ra2 or YR icon on your desktop and see what is the .exe file it has associated to it. If it's game.exe or gamemd.exe change it to ra2.exe or ra2md.exe. (The md extension is for YR) Then click on the 'compatibility' box and run the compatibility problems solver or manager which is the first button of the window, follow the steps and leave it to recommended configuration that is probably going to be 'windows sp3'. Test the game and see if it works. Good luck.
  10. This SS you posted is Ra2 original or the CnCNet client? Have you tried changing the graphic renderer by another one? Anyway if you changed the OS I would try to re-install the game and the client and see what happens.
  11. AI player Tanks usually don't run back or have tank control like a human. Apocalypse Tank is a very complete unit which can be used on certain situations as suporting unit to other teams or to be placed on a hill for base defense. It's an 'all in one' tank as they have anti air fire and they are extremely damaging vs buildings, defenses and vehicles, very heavy armor and they recover their health by themselves. Apocalypse has everything a war tank should have, except speed... and that makes them vulnerable in tank fights where a good player with faster tanks just would hit and run, time after time, and the Apocalypse Tank wouldn't success a single shot, and plus if you are targeting their tanks so they would do targeting move which makes them even slower. The best thing to do with a group of Apocalypse on a tank fight if the other guy runs is CTRL+Shift/Attack Move and DON'T target, so they will have automatic fire just like Rhinos without losing speed but most times it's not enought. So I would stick to Rhino as the most versatile Soviet unit, and if you need anti air then build flak which are fast too. Greetings.
  12. Simply not. Apocalypse = Slow Slow moving Slow Building Slow Rate of Fire Slow targeting move Slow = Slowness Slowness = Disadvantage Disadvantage = Losing games 🙃
  13. Look at the game @ Cold War, Mr Zain has to appeal to Deso and SW to overcome Allied mass mirages even when his economy was so damaged from the start, and we all know Zain is a hard nut to crack who will attack you with the first tank. I don't say what he did is worthless but, what would have happened if: 1.- SW were just off? 2.- He picked other Sov country than Iraq? You know the answer bro. We all know Soviets are the strong faction in low Technology/Short game or whatever but if the Allied is good and hold the pressure and makes the game go late, he can turn the table and I'm talking about equal skilled players. You also forget pure naval maps like Depth Charge or Alaskan Oil, how would you overcome a good Allied on such maps?
  14. Clearly a good counter to BF's and Mirages other than Deso to re-balance every Soviet country and some air unit like the Mig planes they had in Red Alert 1 - Retaliation - Aftermath would be interesting. And on Naval maps a counter to Dolphins to re-balance naval war.
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