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  1. Could be... but I believe it's more related to a not very good sensor or some dirty on the mouse mat. I haven't notice any weird smell 😆
  2. No man, I actually like because that means I don't have to spend 100 or 150 on a High Quality product that probably woulnd't do any difference. I only was curious because lask week I was watching a video about what mouse were using the World Top 25 Fortnite players, and in the Top 10 I only saw expensive mouses from 100 onwards, except one guy who was ranked 6 or 7 using a generic gaming 30€ mouse lol. I think the one I've bought and is posted upthere is chinese for real, like it came into a brown paperboard box only with chinese letters and not a single latin english or spanish character 😂 BTW wired may be better for gaming, but the feeling of not being attached to a cable that may touch the table or hook to anything, is priceless. Nowadays there are no noticeable latencys and the batterys are rechargeable, last hundreds of hours, and if the battery is low just connect the cable. Cheers!!
  3. Ye thats the point buddy, I've got some shitty mouses too and it's too pissing to lose a game because of missclicking a target due in turn to a non reliable mouse, but from what I've read I guess any medium price Logitech or even another brand gaming mouse not too cheap would do the job. 20 years ago all this fashion about gaming and RGB 2.4G stuff did not exist and I know for sure many Top players became pro's using cheap wired office mouses lol Playing Ra2 at a high level is like playing an instrument, it comes calm and natural 🤣 Cheers mate
  4. Hi Sam, we all know that the most important part is the player, but that's not the point of this topic. You actually need a good connection between the player and the computer wich is done by peripherals, and you can play with a cheap screen, a cheap keyboard and even a cheap computer. Myself played with a 14 inches tube screen and a AMD 900mhz , 20 years ago. But if I give you a 10$ mouse wich feels rough and randomly loses signal and/or sensor fails and does small strange things/moves, you will probably get nervous in the best of cases, and in the worst it may ruin you a whole game and you won't be able to do Top10 anymore. Mouse is the MOST important part to connect the skill of a good player to a computer game, like the tires are to a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V 😆 And that's why I wanted to know wich mouse would use anyone who can't allow himself to lose a game because of having bad peripherals. A good mouse won't make you win more games, but a bad mouse may ruin a whole game, and will NEVER allow you to be the best player that you can be Thanks fot the answer and sorry for my extended post 🤦‍♂️
  5. If one thing I know for sure is everytime I've had a problem with a mouse, Logitech saved my ass even with a 10€ mouse 🤣 Any support and/or opinions are welcome 😉 Thats a good one, not expensive, wired, maybe too many buttons...
  6. Sadly it doesn't seem to do anything. The file I've edited is ra2md.ini Any other clues?
  7. It may seem a noob question, but I'm now using a Key/Mouse wireless gaming pack made in China and it works fantastic for the price I've paid, but the mouse somehow doesn't convince me. Starting with I feel it a bit heavy (110 gr), the performance is correct, but sometimes I've noticed a bit of jittering specially on clicking single units some times I cant success, or dragging the cursor to a sidebar button sometimes (not always) looks weird and unprecise. I don't know if due to the sensor or to a loss of signal, but anyway... The question is: Is it worth spending more than 100€ on an expensive mouse such as Logitech G-Pro to have a precise mouse or there are any more cheaper options? What mouses do pro players use (specially in Ra2/YR)? By pro I don't mean HOF or Top 10 but competitive players. Let's have discussion 😆
  8. That command is used in Ra2 to tell the AI to leave more space between buildings and it has as result a more spreaded and bigger base. I used it on my Heck with Brutal AI map, i suppose it should work the same way in other CnC games, just check rules.ini and ai.ini to see if the command is there and change the number to see what happens ^^
  9. Hello guys When I play original Yuri's Revenge (not the CnCNet client), I get a black screen wich occurs between the loading screen and the beginning of the game, when the game changes the resolution of the screen. During this time lapse I can hear EVA voice establishiing battlefield control but I see all black for 1 or 2 seconds and then the image comes up, I'm sure many of you know what I am talking about. Is there any way, trick, ini editing or setting wich can avoid this issue? I'm recording the YR campaigns and when this happens it looks VERY ugly. I've seen other youtubers won't seem to get this issue or they have patched it in any way. The only thing wich worked for me is setting game reso to 800x600 like it was originally but its not likely I'm gonna record on this reso. My screen is a Benq GL2780E 1920 x 1080 and my grafics card a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 TI, both HDMi connected, and I use OBS Studio for the recording. Any help would be apreciated, thanks in advance.
  10. Hi guys: First off i'd like to congratulate all the ppl from this site, especially admins and developers for doing this great job, but also members/players for helping to keep this game alive for so many years. There is no doubt that Covid19 has been a key factor to have these activity graphics, but, in fact, I've been for years believing that this game was dead and it was a great and beautiful surprise when I installed the CnC client and I found out that there were almost 1200 players conected to Ra2 YR. This is just so marvelous. I know for a fact that many players have left due to XWiS death and incompatibility problems with latest versions of Windows so finding out this server and community being so active is just great!! Congratulations for such a great job and for putting all this effort to maintain these great CnC games alive, and keep it on please!! Thank you very much guys!!
  11. To be honest, never seen anyone winning a game vs a equal skilled player and using tank destroyers, and even less when you can have mirages wich are very much better, too much I would say, and they only cost 100$ more. I'm not telling they cant be useful well managed but, are they worth the cost and the risk you take?
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