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  1. Hello I'm doing some video stuff with Yuri's Revenge and every time I try to open the XCC Sound Editor that comes inside the XCC Mixer, the program just closes itself and won't let me do anything. I only need to extract some audios from langmd.mix\audiomd.mix\audio.bag as wave files to put them into a video. I'm using XCC Utilities 1.47 and surprisingly with older versions like 1.12 or 1.40 the issue won't happen, but I can't read Yuris Revenge, only Red Alert 2. Any idea of what could be causing this and any solution? Thanks in advance.
  2. I've been playing a few games online and I've noticed that the Scroll Speed is way too fast even when it's set at 0, and when I say too fast I mean near to be uncontrollable. I don't have this issue playing the vanilla games Ra2 / YR and/or the CNC Net client on Skirmish mode, I usually set it as fast, but in online games I'm forced to set it to slowest / 0 and still is too fast. Anyone knows what could be causing this problem and any possible solution? Any help is apreciated.
  3. Try this: Do right click on the Ra2 or YR icon on your desktop and see what is the .exe file it has associated to it. If it's game.exe or gamemd.exe change it to ra2.exe or ra2md.exe. (The md extension is for YR) Then click on the 'compatibility' box and run the compatibility problems solver or manager which is the first button of the window, follow the steps and leave it to recommended configuration that is probably going to be 'windows sp3'. Test the game and see if it works. Good luck.
  4. This SS you posted is Ra2 original or the CnCNet client? Have you tried changing the graphic renderer by another one? Anyway if you changed the OS I would try to re-install the game and the client and see what happens.
  5. AI player Tanks usually don't run back or have tank control like a human. Apocalypse Tank is a very complete unit which can be used on certain situations as suporting unit to other teams or to be placed on a hill for base defense. It's an 'all in one' tank as they have anti air fire and they are extremely damaging vs buildings, defenses and vehicles, very heavy armor and they recover their health by themselves. Apocalypse has everything a war tank should have, except speed... and that makes them vulnerable in tank fights where a good player with faster tanks just would hit and run, time after time, and the Apocalypse Tank wouldn't success a single shot, and plus if you are targeting their tanks so they would do targeting move which makes them even slower. The best thing to do with a group of Apocalypse on a tank fight if the other guy runs is CTRL+Shift/Attack Move and DON'T target, so they will have automatic fire just like Rhinos without losing speed but most times it's not enought. So I would stick to Rhino as the most versatile Soviet unit, and if you need anti air then build flak which are fast too. Greetings.
  6. Simply not. Apocalypse = Slow Slow moving Slow Building Slow Rate of Fire Slow targeting move Slow = Slowness Slowness = Disadvantage Disadvantage = Losing games 🙃
  7. Look at the game @ Cold War, Mr Zain has to appeal to Deso and SW to overcome Allied mass mirages even when his economy was so damaged from the start, and we all know Zain is a hard nut to crack who will attack you with the first tank. I don't say what he did is worthless but, what would have happened if: 1.- SW were just off? 2.- He picked other Sov country than Iraq? You know the answer bro. We all know Soviets are the strong faction in low Technology/Short game or whatever but if the Allied is good and hold the pressure and makes the game go late, he can turn the table and I'm talking about equal skilled players. You also forget pure naval maps like Depth Charge or Alaskan Oil, how would you overcome a good Allied on such maps?
  8. Clearly a good counter to BF's and Mirages other than Deso to re-balance every Soviet country and some air unit like the Mig planes they had in Red Alert 1 - Retaliation - Aftermath would be interesting. And on Naval maps a counter to Dolphins to re-balance naval war.
  9. Thats it, ppl complain about spaming rhinos as if the sov players had other options and the fact is that they really don't...
  10. Yuri is another movie, it was a faction intended to give continuity to the Ra2 history and designed to be played exclusively on campaigns, but clearly was NOT developed to be played on skirmish due to it's huge advantage and definitely should be forbidden in tournament games in my honest opinion.
  11. I'm agree with the guy who said Sovs is the weakest faction, maybe not in terms of armor/strenght of units and firepower but on posibilities. The proof is you need to pick Iraq and use Deso/DesoBombs on certain situations so if you are Sov, if no Deso no party while Allies can take a great profit of their special units on almost every country. So lucky in YR they still have the siege choppers because otherwise they would be useless (and I'm a Sov player) altough they still lack a Tech counter to BF's and don't tell me the Apocalypse Tanks fucking please 🤣 Soviet Tech units are usually useless vs a human player because of their speed and if you don't believe me try to beat a good Allied player not spaming rhinos and not using Deso, and see what are the chances that you get. And I'm not going to talk about naval maps because its just ridiculous... y'all know what I mean. Yet I read comments from people complaining about players spaming rhinos and doing early preassure and splits, oh man you're a rusher!! Ok dude, next time I'm going to sit there until you have 75 mirages, 17 BF's and 500 Roketeers, and I'ma try to beat you with a combination of Apoc/TeslaTanks/V3 and Drones and if the map is Naval I'ma build a combo of Squids/Typhoons to counter your 700 Dolphins 🤣 Excuse me for the laughts please 🤣🤣 I fucking love this game but on some aspects is clearly unbalanced.
  12. I'm sure some of you remember him guys, especially if you were playing at the first stage WOL times during 2001 - 2005. I knew a few days ago through his Facebook page and by some close familiars of him, that he has died on June 12. They did not give any detail but I know he had serious heart issues and suffered two strokes four years ago. Problems with drugs and/or alcohol? I don't really know. I met him in 2004, he wasn't one of the best players but he was real GG player, fun to talk to and play. He was always kidding and making fun of anything (or anyone) and thats maybe why he had many haters too and a very charismatic personality. In that sense he was a true rebel. Some of his nicks were APiTBuLL, Stimens, BeaT2KiLL, AGoNyPiTT, AGoNyBuLL and how not... MrNastY4u. For some reason that I don't know, he liked me alot, we played many FFG's and talked alot on MSN too, and that's were I knew about his political ideas which I don't share but were his ideas. Last time we talked was at about 2012 or so, just after I begun to work at a car spare parts shop, I stopped playing Ra2 because I had no time and we lost contact. From here, I would like to dedicate a memory for him. My condolences and prayers for all his family and I'm not a believer but, may God have him in his glory and thanks for your friendship, Jesse Stimens. Thanks for reading this.
  13. I've just noticed mine are Edifiers R1280T too 😂 I'm not a big fan of Hi-Fi but I've always liked to have a good sound. These sound very good and clear, have powerful and deep bass sounds, not bad for the size of the woofer, and the treble sounds very good too. Some how the most similar to studio monitors without spending that much. Cheers!
  14. Yeah man, I can't stand shitty plastic PC speakers, no need to explain why 😆
  15. Ok guys, finally I've spent 63€ on a Logitech G703 Lightspeed and by now, I don't feel I wasted a single euro. Pros: - It can work both ways, you plug the cable and is a wired mouse, you unplug it and is a wireless mouse. - It has a cable and a USB-C adapter so you can keep the signal receiver near to your mouse minimizing so loss of signal (if you have a on desktop USB Ports Hub you can put it there too) -It has a very good optic sensor (Hero) that comes from the known Pixart PWM sensors. - Brand is good and reliable. - Rechargeable internal battery (not common batterys) - Very good price for what it offers - Easy and simple design with very good quality (including RGB light) Cons: - I'll tell you soon... Since I'm playing Ra2 with this mouse I have the absolute feeling that I do everything faster (always within my skills) even adjusting the cursor speed faster than I had it with the chinese mouse. It feels very smooth, fine and accurate. Does this means the chinese mouse is scum and unplayable? Absolutly not, just you can't expect to reach your maximum level of playing while you use it but it's very good If you don't mind these things or you play only for fun. As for the G703 Lightspeed, I recommend it 100%. It's a value for sure. Greetings commanders.
  16. For gods shake!! A classical of the time specific Red Alert mouse!! Even with it's serial port conection! I wonder how many DPI's it must have... xD but I believe it should be equivalent to a generic office mouse ball. Never ever knew that even existed... Later I'm goin to show you which one I've bought and why
  17. Logitech G502? I've read this model has some doble click issues, I hope it's not your case.
  18. Could be... but I believe it's more related to a not very good sensor or some dirty on the mouse mat. I haven't notice any weird smell 😆
  19. No man, I actually like because that means I don't have to spend 100 or 150 on a High Quality product that probably woulnd't do any difference. I only was curious because lask week I was watching a video about what mouse were using the World Top 25 Fortnite players, and in the Top 10 I only saw expensive mouses from 100 onwards, except one guy who was ranked 6 or 7 using a generic gaming 30€ mouse lol. I think the one I've bought and is posted upthere is chinese for real, like it came into a brown paperboard box only with chinese letters and not a single latin english or spanish character 😂 BTW wired may be better for gaming, but the feeling of not being attached to a cable that may touch the table or hook to anything, is priceless. Nowadays there are no noticeable latencys and the batterys are rechargeable, last hundreds of hours, and if the battery is low just connect the cable. Cheers!!
  20. Ye thats the point buddy, I've got some shitty mouses too and it's too pissing to lose a game because of missclicking a target due in turn to a non reliable mouse, but from what I've read I guess any medium price Logitech or even another brand gaming mouse not too cheap would do the job. 20 years ago all this fashion about gaming and RGB 2.4G stuff did not exist and I know for sure many Top players became pro's using cheap wired office mouses lol Playing Ra2 at a high level is like playing an instrument, it comes calm and natural 🤣 Cheers mate
  21. Hi Sam, we all know that the most important part is the player, but that's not the point of this topic. You actually need a good connection between the player and the computer wich is done by peripherals, and you can play with a cheap screen, a cheap keyboard and even a cheap computer. Myself played with a 14 inches tube screen and a AMD 900mhz , 20 years ago. But if I give you a 10$ mouse wich feels rough and randomly loses signal and/or sensor fails and does small strange things/moves, you will probably get nervous in the best of cases, and in the worst it may ruin you a whole game and you won't be able to do Top10 anymore. Mouse is the MOST important part to connect the skill of a good player to a computer game, like the tires are to a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V 😆 And that's why I wanted to know wich mouse would use anyone who can't allow himself to lose a game because of having bad peripherals. A good mouse won't make you win more games, but a bad mouse may ruin a whole game, and will NEVER allow you to be the best player that you can be Thanks fot the answer and sorry for my extended post 🤦‍♂️
  22. If one thing I know for sure is everytime I've had a problem with a mouse, Logitech saved my ass even with a 10€ mouse 🤣 Any support and/or opinions are welcome 😉 Thats a good one, not expensive, wired, maybe too many buttons...
  23. Sadly it doesn't seem to do anything. The file I've edited is ra2md.ini Any other clues?
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