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Is it possible to cheat?


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I have been playing RedAlert on the CnC portal for years now, and learning strategies for fast build speeds as well as understanding the relative strengths and weaknesses of all units and buildings. I would consider myself to have improvede to a level of 'good average' but I am still beaten by excellent players. 

There are, however, some players whose ability to churn out buildings and units seems to defy possibility. I know that many MCV's let you build other structures faster, and many war factories let you build tanks faster etc., but some players are seemingly achieving the impossible. Am I imagining this, or are there cheats that enable this unfair gameplay? In a recent conversation, one player seemed to alude to the possibility of lower resolution settings resulting in faster build times. Does this make any sense, and is it possible?

Any comments on cheating loopholes in the CNC Red Alert will be appreciated. 

Take care y'all. 




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I know what you mean, many called this as 'speed cheat' back in the days, but, such thing never really existed althoug some, let's call them 'average' players, were convinced otherwise.

C&C games are peer to peer games which means, the same exact simulation of the game is happening on both computers, and no computer could tell the other how the game should run without causing and internal or reconnection error. A build speed cheat would cause an 'unsync' (don't know if this is the exact word but I'm sure you understand) between both game simulations on each computer and the game would crash.

Some players do other kind of cheatings without using trainers throught INI editing that could give them a free radar or unblock some units without causing crash but CnCNet clients actually detect when someone has edited INI files or simply if their setup files in game folder are different as they should be.

On the other hand think that C&C is an old game and there's players who have been there for years and have sick micro skills hard to understand and execute for a beginner but, if I could give you some tips...

1.- Good build order

2.- Use keyboard hotkeys

3.- Miner control

These would be the basics, the rest should be practice, patience and watch youtube videos of pros 🤪

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