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Tiberian Dawn Redux is back and what to expect for v1.5!


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Welcome Back Commanders & Generals!

Since completing the original story campaign remaster back in 2017, C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux development did slow down during a hiatus period but the mod's development never truly ceased. Here is what to expect in the next release that will be coming soon for version 1.5!

Updated Airstrip and Tiberium Refinery


GDI Base Structure Model Updates

Over the past three and a half years the mod quietly underwent another visual overhaul with nearly all new terrain & shaders along with some updates to many of the models and textures with lots of extra details added to give more "final polish" to the mod.Updated Vehicle Models


Updated Comm Center and Silos

Some code changes and re-balancing work was done during this time based upon your feedback from the last release and work was also put forward to port the visual updates with the terrain and environment into the stock unmodded Generals/Zero Hour game maps as well.

(release To Be Announced at a later date)

USA03 remastered from C&C Generals


Remastered Main Menu Shell Map

A couple new upgrades will be in v1.5 such as the Mammoth Tank RailGuns along with adding
and converting several additional Skirmish/Multiplayer & Community Maps.

Mammoth Tank RailGun Upgrade

Skirmish/Multiplayer Map UpdatesSkirmish/Multiplayer Map Updates

Skirmish/Multiplayer Map UpdatesSkirmish/Multiplayer Map Updates

And lastly, while it is still a work in progress for AI implementation, the mod has added Naval Warfare!
Nearly two dozen maps with islands or lots of water will be modified to have this feature enabled!
This includes the original Generals/Zero Hour maps!

(ZH Bombardment Beach Map Featured Below)

Tech Naval Yard

This is the Tech Naval Yard that can build either a GDI GunBoat, Nod Missile Submarine, or an Amphibious Transport Hovercraft.
This is all prototype content that will also be used in the future for the newly launched C&C Red Alert Redux mod!

sshot001 1

While GDI already has the missile equipped GunBoat with AA guns, Nod now has a stealthy submarine equipped with missiles
to take out land and air targets along with torpedoes to take on other naval units.The unit is leftover from Nod's involvement with
the former Soviet Union. (based on the Red Alert 1 Soviet victory)

sshot074 1

New Heal & Repair Radius Decals used as a visual aid for the APC's and Engineer's auto heal/repair ability previously introduced in v1.4.

sshot073 2


And lastly here is the new visual aid decals for the ConYard Build Radius.

ConYard Build Radius Demo Clip - Mod DB

With all this being said, we appreciate your continued support

for this this mod and the new Red Alert Redux mod project.

Until then, stay tuned for the next release!






©2021 sgtmyers88 & the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Development Team

Edited by sgtmyers88
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