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  1. Hi sorry for the long delay in replying. Yes it is a Win 10 and/or EA Origin issue that seems to have screwed the use of the batch file launcher system. Its why I added and updated the file to the ModDB site so the mod can still be made playable until a fix is found.
  2. He was more than likely your introduction to C&C. Sadly this man died today. R.I.P. Eric Martin. AKA General Sheppard From Frank Klepacki's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/frankklepacki/photos/a.10152270147338730/10156135467323730/?type=3&theater;
  3. Glad to hear that fan projects will be unaffected by EA.
  4. Incredibly unexpected news! Though I cannot help but be cautiously optimistic.
  5. If you have all the shortcuts on your desktop from the mod, run the repair utility. Then try to re-launch the mod thru the launchers. In the (non quick launch) launcher shortcut there is a force enable option. Select that and if the mod still cannot run, then your files have somehow been corrupted or moved.
  6. Heh was watching some new playthru videos online that have been popping up recently and I have noticed in a couple of these how the Harvester AI does the same stupid stuff just like they do in the original. It was my intent to thoughtfully emulate the original C&C but I never expected the bugs and AI glitches to get replicated as well. lol You can see the harvesters start moving to the NW to harvest Tiberium about 14:00 in. https://youtu.be/o1uQOcqkacc?t=840
  7. This will apply for any remaster or future C&C game but I also wish to add and request no over saturated cartoonish themes and graphics that turns a gritty semi-realistic military strategy game and its units and factions into a bunch of toys or an anime cartoon. (looking at you, RA3 & C&C4) What was appealing to me about C&C1, RA1, and Generals was the aspect of it being realistic gritty warfare with a touch of sci-fi. This is C&C, not Warcraft or Starcraft. I will be fair to say EA did in fact do a decent job keeping that atmosphere with C&C3. Speaking of this topic, here was my guidelines I submitted back when EA announced C&C Generals 2. Heck, how about reviving that game while we are at it?
  8. I just hope they aren't getting jealous of the fan/mod community and pull a CBS and start shutting down fan projects like what was done to the Star Trek community. If anyone hasn't followed that debacle, you should look it up to understand my fears. Projects like Renegade X, & Generals Evolution and even Tiberian Sun Rising are ones that stick out in my mind the most for being at risk. And of course with me being the creator of the Tiberian Dawn Redux mod, it would be fair to assume that it could also be on their radar as well which rightfully gives me cause for concern.
  9. Hey it was recently brought to my attention from someone who recently played the Mod that somehow in the GDI campaign when you play thru it all the way it apparently skips mission 13 (Destroy the Bio Lab) after you Rescue Mobeius and destroy the SAM sites (AKA GDI 12) and takes you to mission 14 where you cut off the fleeing Nod forces. Did anyone else ever experience this? I have never in all my years of modding experience with Generals see a bug like this as it should be impossible in the Generals campaign system due to the way it is coded. I downloaded and checked the code contained in campaign.ini from v1.44 and it seems to check out ok!? I am nearly to the point of calling BS on this unless someone else can come forward and also confirm this from their downloaded version of the mod. I have also been told that people have encountered severe framerate issues (due to the busy AI pathfinding behavior which is a known defect in the generals SAGE engine) in the final GDI campaign missions which I am aware of and will address soon in another patch. I know this was an issue in the final Nod mission which is why the map was greatly modified from the original by adding land bridges and whatnot to the map. If anyone else knows of any mission maps that are particularly bad with the above issue that I missed, please leave a reply with your experiences and input.
  10. IIRC this "General Discussion" section was generated when the forums were migrated from the old CNC Communications Center site forums. The thread categories screenshotted above were the carryover categories that have mostly remained active since the merge as they had most of the original topic discussions that were getting posted in regularly. Granted this section should probably be merged with the general mod discussion threads.
  11. Permissions must be messed up again. You guys cannot see these categories? That would explain a lot of the inactivity as of late.
  12. Sorry haven't been on here in a while. Updates to the Mod has been on a Hiatus since February as real life has been quite turbulent for me lately. I have been made aware that a lot of Mods have been broken due to the Origin updates and also due to some Win10 user control issues. Correct me if I am wrong as I have been out of the loop but the person that was making the special launchers that enabled mods on Origin has stopped developing updates last I checked, no? However, I am uploading an unreleased version of the mod in a raw "open file format" to my Dropbox account due to the lack of updates as it is nowhere near being compiled for an "official" release and I don't want to risk the latest build getting lost like the old v1.4 did back in 2012. I can provide download links to the files on said account as a last resort measure or if you simply want to fiddle around with the latest build. DOING THIS WILL BREAK YOUR ZH INSTALLATION! As this will permanently override the ZH game data files unless you delete the entire game folder and reinstall if you wish to play ZH again. You can see screenshots on ModDB of the latest unreleased build HERE Dropbox Folder for TDR: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x2vly8rj1yx81ep/AAD4FvwJ38lhtTWM5_xHGflHa?dl=0
  13. Sorry haven't been in here in a while. I have been made aware that a lot of Mods have been broken due to the Origin updates and also due to some Win10 user control issues. I am uploading an unreleased version of the mod in a raw "open file format" to my Dropbox account. I can provide download links to the files on said account as a last resort measure. DOING THIS WILL BREAK YOUR ZH INSTALLATION! As this will permanently override the ZH game data files unless you delete the entire game folder and reinstall if you wish to play ZH again.
  14. "Due to an Origin update the launchers are no longer functional." AFWIK the guy who was applying these "fixes" for using mods on Origin has stopped.
  15. Also while I never used them, for added authenticity it is also possible to have popup dialog boxes for mission info text (remember the training mission in Generals) and video clips to play in the radar screen via scripts versus the scrolling type text you were using that was also commonly used in the Generals missions, there is so much you can do with WB that most people fail to give it credit for.
  16. Sorry for the long delay, been busy with real life, looks like I am the only one still active on this section of the forums. FANTASTIC! Its awesome to see other fan made work! When I originally designed the Mod I did it with the full intent on making assets easily accessible as I would love to see what other people could come up with for missions and such. A very well made effort on your part so please by all means continue your work. * A couple notes: I included all the SP mission scripting templates in the CCTDRDXAI.tdr file if you wish to extract them... If you want to further streamline your efforts in map making and scripting the missions. Trust me on this. lol * The visual effects and special nature props (such as waterfalls) are located in the CIVILIAN+MISC_NATURAL section in the object menu in Worldbuilder. (if you haven't found them already) It would give your maps and missions that extra polish and less barren appearance. I would also refrain as much as possible from reusing the old Generals tree props and ground textures. (I saw you already used the new desert cliff textures and it works very well) There are a lot of higher quality assets at your disposal now. (been meaning to either delete or overwrite the old Generals models/textures for some time now, maybe in a future release?) I will see if I can get the ModDB admins to properly link it to the profile. Otherwise I can probably grant you permission to do a secondary mini-mod profile like what that one guy did for Shockwave and you can host them there and simply linking the original mod page with credit to the original mod Dev Team should help as well. I can do the same if we go that route.
  17. A couple Mod addon files have been uploaded including a unit voice changing Mod along with a launcher rewrite that enables more custom resolutions and windowed mode. The former might upset some C&C purists which is why it is available as an "addon" and not an official release. However, they actually fit in quite well. See for yourself and download it today: http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-tiberian-dawn-redux/addons Demo Videos: http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-tiberian-dawn-redux/videos
  18. Gameplay Demo Videos: Nod: https://youtu.be/q7r-Ay8xT2M GDI: https://youtu.be/PS4mw8MzT9A
  19. Recently, I got back in touch with an old Dev. team member BigCheese256 who presented to me a mini-mod of sorts for TDR v1.44. His words: He sent me his mini-mod and I fixed it up to address the issues mentioned above. I have added a private Beta of the fixed voice mod for use with public versions of TDR if anyone is still around and has any interest in trying it out. There is a good chance this will break multiplayer games if all users don't have this file installed. As for the voices "fitting in" with a TD themed mod, to my surprise it actually works better than you might think. With all that being said, from this new perspective it kinda makes me wonder if EA meant to sell C&C3 as a soft reboot of sorts for C&C95/Tiberian Dawn. http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-tiberian-dawn-redux/addons/cc-tiberian-dawn-to-tiberium-wars-voice-mod And make sure to install this for the full C&C3 "lite" experience lol http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-tiberian-dawn-redux/addons/cc-3-tiberium-wars-music-theme-mod And for you Tiberian Sun lovers: http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-tiberian-dawn-redux/addons/cc-tiberian-sun-music-theme-mod Feedback or bug reports is appreciated but again, the issues mentioned above should be fixed.
  20. Installation Tutorial Video I found on Social Media. (cannot edit the troubleshooting thread for some reason) https://youtu.be/FjT7qOl_CIk?list=PLrpzalZMayeh9UB5yIFhWfx130BfSAbqH
  21. Thank you for your feedback. Most of the issues you mentioned are indeed limitations with adapting the classic gameplay system to the somewhat problematic Generals SAGE engine. As for the other issues it will be forwarded to the beta testing team for further investigation.
  22. Has to be corrupt video card drivers or game/mod files. Never experienced this before. This might help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjT7qOl_CIk
  23. This might help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjT7qOl_CIk Also are you on Win 10? Been hearing Win 8.1 and 10 users have to take extra steps to get mods working properly. (I am still on 7 Pro x64)
  24. As for the launching issues you will need to disable UAC.
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