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Having connect issues


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I've played TS for a long time on LAN. Due to sync issues and the game dropping players, we tried Online and it worked great. However, today I tried and no longer have an option to start a new game.  I'm wondering if I'm blacklisted or something.

Getting the following message : .

[08:45 PM] * *** Looking up your hostname
[08:45 PM] * *** Checking Ident
[08:45 PM] * *** Couldn't look up your hostname
[08:45 PM] * *** No ident response
 [08:45 PM] * Welcome to the GameSurge IRC Network via NFOServers.com, Z

Prothid.NY.US.GameSurge.net- Highest connection count: 2 (1 clients)

[08:45 PM] -Global- [users] Notice from ThiefMaster, posted 01:47 PM, 04/09/2015:
[08:45 PM] -Global- We've just started cloaking the IPs of all users on connect. This should improve your privacy and also lower the risk of being targeted by packet kiddies

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